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I've been trying to look up some key exercises to help improve my overall fitness and also help with better distance. I know proper form plays a big factor but I'm sure a solid core and some power behind my rips will help too. I already do pull ups.. push ups.. abdominal crunches. I've seen this "Powerball" device around the internet. I was just wondering from some of the owners of this device... Is this ball actually worth the $50.00. Would I be better off just sticking to the traditional cardio exercises?


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A personal Trainer recomended using bodybuilding.com to find good excercises for specific body parts. Below are links to the ones I thought would help





Back (often overlooked)

Whole Arm (also includes Tri's)

I hope this helps!
I use the powerball. I think it works well because it works an entire group of muscles. And you can be somewhat selective depending upon your stance or posture while using. Be sure to give both arms equal time though, as you will feel, "out of balance" otherwise.
For myself it has improved snap and power only to a small degree, however, Ive seen a great improvement on accuracy of 95-100% power-midrange shots. I use a fan grip on all but high speed distance drivers, and I feel the powerball has given me more control for power midrange shots. I believe it is because more wrist strength = more control over wrist-roll, and release angle.
sweeeeeet. Thanks westxchef, I can't wait to start using it. I have some difficulty getting power behind those 100-150 midrange shots as well.
Thanks DJ... I'll try it

And I like the articles from John too...
Mike, I found my Powerball at Amazon.com (with blue lights and rpm meter and memory for $33 free shipping). That was last year though; free shipping is a bit more scarce these days.
If your looking check here Powerball on Ebay

Powerballs work ... and you can get them cheaper than $50. My chiropractor sells them, and I think they're great. Any kind of forearm workout will help your grip, but the powerball is very effective for other muscles in the arm ...

Exercises for your biceps.
Exercises for your shoulder.
Exercises for your biceps.
I guess I don't completely understand.

When you start it spinning the action of twisting your wrist keeps it spinning? So as long as you keep twisting your wrist the ball inside will continue to provide resistance?
Used it yesterday, you feel it. It is a matter of how long (time) you keep the gyro spinning for resistance.
John Hodgkins said:
I guess I don't completely understand.

When you start it spinning the action of twisting your wrist keeps it spinning? So as long as you keep twisting your wrist the ball inside will continue to provide resistance?

You rotate your wrist in a circuliar motion in rhythm with the spinning wheel inside the gyro. It takes coordination as well as grip strength. The faster the wheel spins the greater the resistance and the harder it is to maintain the speed. If you get up to and maintain 10,000 rpms your forearm will be toast within 60 seconds. Even at 5,000 rpms very few people can withstand more than 5 minutes.

Gyro (Powerball) training has an advantage over wrist curls, squeeze balls and wrist rollers in that it promotes speed and coordination in addition to strength. Fast wrists and powerful forearms create snap and spin.

It is good to work abs to gain core stability and legs, glutes, lats and rear delts also. They will help you gain strength. However the powerball is a very portable piece of workout equipment that will deliver serious results in less than 5 minutes a day.

Beware of the knockoffs as they don't offer the resistance, smoothness or durability of the higher end Powerball or Dynaflex brands.
Thanks for the great explanation Roadkill!!

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