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i need a very stable driver. ive went thru firebirds teerexs maxs destroyers im haveing a hard time finding something that can handle the snap i put on it. i can consisntanlty throw 400 ft anny but im having trouble finding something i can throw straight with alot of power and snap. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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Is the discs breaking left too quickly or are you turning the disc over?
perfectly said
RocIsMyBuddy said:
I have this problem too sometimes. Unless the disc is wore in and beat up, you are the problem. You need to work on your form. A disc is not going to fix this.
i was kind of in the same boat as you and went out and bought a t-rex, but the flight just wasn't as consistent. i would have to throw a turnover S shot to get my maximum distance. so i started hyzering my heavy star T-bird and have experienced much more length and a much straighter, predictable flight. (i guess there is a reason Kenny prefers it)
but there's always a X-cal if you're stubborn on your form.

also, is this a sidearm throw or a backhand?
Have you tried the Innova Star Max.
It comes in one weight HEAVY.
Made for sidearms and into the wind.
Haven't found anything more stable.
Discraft Elite Z Predator (max weight)
Monster by Innova is pretty darn overstable but trying to S a disc on a straight shot may not always be the best approach. Sounds like you have some power to turn over overstable discs and get decent distance but maybe it might be time to start experimenting with throwing flat and with hyzer and letting the disc do the rest of the work.
Its cool that everyone is saying what disc this and that to use, but from what Im reading between the lines is someone who is turning over, overstable disc. Anyone can turn over an overstable disc. Thats just bad form. Before you go buying alot of disc I would go back and check my form. I would take what you have add a very slight hyzer with the nose pointing down just a hair and throw. If that disc goes straight or straighter then before, you know its your form and not the disc. If that disc goes from that slight hyzer nose down to more then a 25-30 degree anhyzer then you know its the disc.

I recommend watching Discraft Disc Golf Clinic: Long Distance Drives . Watch how they hold the disc and try to mimick what they are doing.

You say you can consistanlty throw 400ft but with an anyhyzer. I can consisntanlty throw 400ft using a Surge. My suggestion, check your form. If you have any other questions, let me know. I would be more then glad to do what I can to help straighten out your form.

Have you tried Innova's Excaliber, or Discrafts Force?
Form is the first issue, on a flat release I can push a Xcaliber over 400 with a righthanded forehand throw, with little to no walk to the left at all. It just flies flat and straight before the hard fade. The Max is a tick behind, and the first run proto star destroyer will exceed that distance but will walk to the left a bit before the fade. Those discs will absolutely go that far without complete turnover provided you aren't facing a hefty headwind, and the Xcal will do so even with some off axis torque due to form flaw.

You could also have encountered a mutant, try as any disc manufacturer might there are some mutants that just don't fly like another disc of the same mold. Its why I prefer the first run proto destroyers to the regular subsequent star runs, I have two Xcals in Eco plastic one first run stamp, one normal and the proto has much higher HSS than the regular star. But it sounds as though you may have some wrist roll on your release if all those overstable pigs are turning over. Nose angle is huge as well with the higher speed drivers, try a Tee Bird which is true stable, or a firebird, scale the power back a little, if You are still turning those over at less power I'd look at how you hand is oriented at release.
I wouldn't say it is bad form. If you can throw it as far as you claim, and the disc isn't going father up then out I say keep up what you are doing. I naturally throw the disc at a slight anhyzer but it works for me and I adjusted my game accordingly.
go with a epic and watch it go... ;)
Gabriel said:
go with a epic and watch it go... ;)

Your not talking the Aerobie Epic are you?

Sorry that made me laugh real hard.
Add inconsistant form to the most unpredictable disc ever created and your going to make this guy wanna stop playin.

Like I said before, just check your form. Slow down. Stand still if you have to when you throw. There's nothing wrong with it. But then again everyone has there own way to learn, so use what works best for you. If you are looking for any help, I would be more then happy to do what I can.


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