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Hi All,

Just wondering what your most disappointing moment in Disc Golf has been so far? We've all seen the bloopers reels, where one of the pros takes five shots to get to a basket perched on a hill, and the disc keeps rolling back down the hill and stopping in a water hazard.... whats your "hard luck" story?

It might be watching your favourite disc sink to the bottom in the middle of a lake, it might be hitting the chains on your drive, only to see the disc cut through and drop out the other side, who knows. Looking forward to some tragic (and potentially funny) stories!

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I was playing in a king of the hill tournament last fall. I was playing against one of the best players in our area. I shot my best ever round on that course. but still only tied him there. Later we played another course and he trounced me! At least I made it into the money! Sure would have been good to have won though!
One of our friends had a beat-up old blue DX Archangel, which was his favourite disc. We were playing a new nine holes on a course in the country, and this particular hole was crossing a paddock with grass about 2 foot high. Anyway, the drive on the previous hole, he had looked away after driving, and it took us a good 15 minutes to find his disc. On the next hole, he did the same thing. We searched and searched for his disc, but it was nowhere to be found. After making us all search for about 40 minutes, he finally gave up. The disc was never recovered, but we sometimes joke with the field owner that if he is ever mowing that paddock and he hears a noise and sees some blue plastic chips come out of the blades, to try and save them for the owner! Just glad it wasn't my favorite disc.

PS He's since bought another 5 DX Archangels in roughly the same weight, but swears that none of them fly the same for him!
Nice Post Hootie,
So this happened in either late 2005 or early 2006 as I was getting into disc golf. I was with my friend Terry. I was at Firefighters Park in Troy, Michigan (near Detroit) on hole 13. This 207 foot hole has a gauntlet of trees, and a narrow alley which curves to the right. I will never forget it. I threw an XS forehand which somehow made it through all the trees, it turned to the right and was headed toward the basket, but the flight path was a good 5 feet over the basket. Then my disc hit a tree branch, deflecting the disc straight at the basket. It landed on the rim of the basket. Now the rim of the basket for some inexplicable reason was not firmly attached. So there lays my disc teetering on the basket, figuring out if it wants to jump in or out. Within a second, the entire basket rim slid down about 6 inches and out went my disc...and my heart. I still don't have a single ace!
lol, yep thats a heart-breaker!!
I would have given you that one Dave! your not responsible for park equipment failure!
My biggest heartbreaker was when i was playing down my local (cockman park) and i was on the 109m(i think) 9th hole with a slight tail wind and my brand new star destroyer, i set up to throw and put a little angle on it to make sure i would get a right to left fade. As soon as i let go of the disc i knew it was going to be close to the basket and it did what i wanted it to do, i stood there and watched it as it glided right then started turning back left going straight for the pin felt like slow motion, then all of a sudden i heard the CHING my arms went up in the air cause i had finally hit an ace at this course little did i know that it was coming in to fast and would hit the centre pole and bounce out spewing!!!
The worst was a B tier at my local last Oct and finally putting together a decent round on the 2nd day, par is a good score for me on this course and I was flirting with it and some short easy birdie holes coming up. Well, I bounce off tree into creek from my drive, but have an open line to the basket from the drop location. Grabbing my trusty never-fail upshot star Coyote I proceed to line one uphill on a rope right at the basket-- I'm thinking par if that hits and I might be able to show my face around the course IF it goes, if not, at least I only lost a stroke and can hopefully make it up. BANG!! right into the side of the basket and off rolling 50 feet down the hill and off into the creek again for what ended up being a double-circle 8. I managed not to cry but it was close...
last hole of my second-to-last round of 2001 am worlds in nashville:

it's super hot and my super soft omega was super-duper-silly-dilly-gooey melted. a perfect 20 ft. putt hit center chains, fell to the bottom of the cage on it's edge, stood there for about a full second, and then oozed through the bottom. there was nothing wrong with the basket.

the pdga comish, pat govang saw the whole thing, but i couldn't beg and plead my way into having it count
I turned a putt for 2 into an 8 on the first hole of a tournament. Just a simple basket area (Hole B-Kensington Tunnel), no hills or water or anything. Just couldn't get it in, freaked out. Two holes later I lost a 2nd-run Champion Valkyrie in some leaves on a stupid TEMP hole! Shot 17 strokes better the 2nd round. Stuff Happens.
All those tournaments I lost by one stroke, like the 2004 Southern Nationals Championship. Just last weekend at our Ice Bowl, missed a 20 footer for the win and $60. Finished in a tie for first and $30. Not as disappointing as losing, but you get the point. But a bad day playing disc golf is better than work. rWc3523
Fairfield Open 2006. Thats my home course at fairfield U. After having a mediocre front 9, string 7 deuces in a row to shoot to tie for first with brinster, and BS ( the real one). Birdie the first hole, third hole, and am sticking right with brinster. After a few not so great hole I am down 2 to him on a tough tough par 3. Put it 10ft short and the putt cuts through the back. Two holes later my drive hits a tree near the basket and rolls ob 35 ftinto the water. Hole after birdie cutts through the dead center. Last hole putt does the same thing. 3 cut throughs and an unlikely ob and I lose by 2 strokes. Still havent won, but couldnt believe I lost then.
One year at the Southern National Professional Championships I was leading by two strokes with two holes to go and Dan Smith from somewhere in Florida tied me on the last hole at Greenwood Park. We were on eighteen and I hit early wood and he parked it. I got nervous and missed my par and he birdied. We were tied and had a playoff. We started on hole 1 which is predominantly a right handed hole, and of course I am left handed. He threw first and he skipped about 65 feet past the basket and had many branches between his lie and the basket. I parked it. He made a 65 footer between the branches and birdied so we are still tied. Now we move on to number 2. In practice round and twice during the tournament I threw my putter and each time it left me 45 feet short, so I decided I would throw a midrange disc and get to the pin. Of course I went 30 feet beyond the pin and into the OB water. His lie was about 60 feet away. I missed my circle three putt and he said" Your going to make a four?" and I said "Yes". He then lays up and takes the par, I bogey and the rest is history.

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