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Hi All,

Just wondering what your most disappointing moment in Disc Golf has been so far? We've all seen the bloopers reels, where one of the pros takes five shots to get to a basket perched on a hill, and the disc keeps rolling back down the hill and stopping in a water hazard.... whats your "hard luck" story?

It might be watching your favourite disc sink to the bottom in the middle of a lake, it might be hitting the chains on your drive, only to see the disc cut through and drop out the other side, who knows. Looking forward to some tragic (and potentially funny) stories!

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i always bitch when it doesn't do what it want... just ask hootie.
now that is dedication.
Heartbreaking! that disc belongs on YOUR wall :-(
Small-potatoes, but here is my story. We opened our 12-hole course here in Springfield (MN) about 18 months ago. One of the better players in our area came over one afternoon and absolutely worked it over during his second round (-6). We subsequently moved a few tees and added 200+ feet of distance after that...to keep the "pro" scores down around -3 or -4.

I'm a glorified rec player....I play a LOT of disc golf, but Ken Climo I am not! :) I was playing a round on our course last summer where it finally all "clicked" though....and was sitting at -5 after ten holes (including the harder tee positions and added length). #11 is mean to lefties, but is short. #12 is the easiest hole on the course (I aced that 165 ft. hole a couple weeks earlier). I'm thinking to myself "just don't choke on 11 and you've got an excellent chance at tying the course record..."

What did I do?! I CHOKED my tee shot on 11 and ended up taking a bogey 4. Now at -4. I'm thinking "-5 would still be my personal best on this course, so let's giddy-up and tear #12 a new one." What did I do? I gunned it too hard left of the basket and wound up 35 feet behind the basket. Missed my deuce putt, for a par 3.

-4 is a good round on that course (especially for me!), but to be sitting at -5 after #10 with two holes where I should have shot par/deuce absolutely killed me inside. Not so much the mistakes (since mistakes happen), but the fact that I obviously lacked the mental toughness to get things done and finish-off that round.
nothin too heart breaking here.

1. Lost all of my drivers (4) in two days of winter disc at Kaposia Park in So. St. Paul, MN. I lost one and was frsutrated. I had a really bad migraine (get them often due to multiple concussions) so my mind wasn't all there the next day. I thought then that I should quit before I lost anymore. I continued to play, lost my favorite driver and really thought about quitting. I decided to try to work through the migraine and continue to play. Then on hole 17 I lost my last driver. That was a really crappy day. At least it ain't tournament season so I can work out some new plastic.

2. This was funny. I played an ice bowl this winter where you were only playing against your foursome. By 15, the game was sealed away (thanks to me blowing the lead against the guys by taking an 8 on a par 3). We played hole 15 with minis, and my drive went backwards. Haha. On 16, we decided to do tommies/thumbers all the way. It's about a 300 foot hole I would estimate. The pin is on top of a hill, and the snow had been packed into ice. We got to within about 20 feet of the pin in 2 or 3/ We all thew a few putts that hit metal and slid 20 feet back down the hill. We kept putting (tomahawk/ thumbers) until we hit about 15. At that point the guys behind us were pissed off so we picked up our discs and went to the next hole.
Being told I qualified for USDGC as an AM playing my first pro event, then recieving a call from Columbus telling me I wasn't. OUCH. Some knucklehead thought he qualified at another event but wasn't. (Keith Warren I think...)
Derek have you read Cubby's link to some sports psychologist's article? I think it was originally published for that other golf but what it basically says is don't tell yourself things like "Ok self, don't throw it in that water" because what your mind hears is "throw it in the water" because on a very basic level it does not comprehend the negative your inner voice has put in there. What you should be doing instead of saying not to do this or that is tell yourself what you SHOULD do, ie- park it under the basket. Easier said than done though, huh?
Thanks Bill!

This is gonna sound really funny/stupid, but the habit I've gotten into (since the end of last summer) almost as a pre-shot ritual is to stare a hole right through the middle of the basket (or down the fairway to where I want to throw to on a long drive) and think to myself: "Your a## is mine." Literally, LOL. If we're out on the course together and you're watching me stare-down a basket, those are the EXACT words that are probably going through my head! :-) Even if it's a hard hole/shot, even if there is 20+ MPH wind gusts hitting me in the face, etc., the mental act of telling myself that I'm going to make a good shot and take that hole behind the woodshed helps me tune-out any of the external distractions and simply focus on doing what my mind/body knows how to do. When I'm REALLY on my game, my hearing kind of tunes-out when I'm getting ready to take my shot and my vision really only sees the basket. Whether I make the shot is another story, but the act of focusing and telling myself I WILL make a good shot has definitely helped me make a higher percentage of the tougher shots over time.
State championships, I threw on a blind hole. My group and i could not find it after looking for quite sometime. We all thought it went way too deep. I re-tee after a few min. OB. Double circle six. As my group and i walked away the group behind asked did anyone leave a disc. it was my first toss, 15 feet from the basket......

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