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I wanted to know what everyone thought on this subject.

This Video
shows some golfers throwing discs of a cliff into the hellgate river and wilderness around it.
Hellgate River, OR

I feel this is BS... discs do not biodegrade, and is basically the same as dumping your trash bags into the river... yah, pretty funny.

it might be 'fun', but so is driving drunk - and neither are 'funny'

maybe Im alone though... besides the Oregon Forest Service.

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No, it's not funny. It's very irresponsible, and video-taped evidence of littering. Those discs will be there as pollution for 10,000+ years now unless someone retrieves them. It's not a good image for the sport, either. I bet these guys also threw their cigarette butts on the ground, to be washed into the river by the next rainstorm. Probably drove 6 separate SUV's to get there, too.
Bob, you are lame. I spend countless hours picking up garbage off local and non local dg courses. I do not see how a disc resembles a "trash bag", but maybe my depth perception is off.
FYI, four of us carpooled in a Mazda Protege and no one drove drunk.
We were just having fun. If 3 or 4 frisbees make it in that river once this year it could no where, no how compare to how many discs daily land in my local N. Umpqua River that runs along side Riverfront DGC and Whistler's DGC.
Maybe we should start a national petition stating that DGC's can no longer be placed next to rivers, or, or wait how about no DGC's near any body of water. Ya know since "discs do not biodegrade, and is basically the same as dumping your trash bags into the river . . ."
Move on; find something else to rant about, because you are out of line. Once again, I apologize for having offended you with my video. I, in no way, intended to offend anyone.
players purposely throw discs in the river at your local course? didn't think so... keep your incredibly cool littering style out of Montana...

im pretty sure im not alone

lame bob

FYI - it is not smart to video tape illegal activities...
not funny
must be you on video, ah?
I actually thought it was funny when the guy tried to side-arm that Z-Glide and pretty much instantly flipped it nearly upside down. Other than that I don't think it was funny, was it supposed to be funny? I don't think it is a big deal what they did either. Discs litter parks waterways throughout the world, if throwing a few more (purposely or not) into a raging river is such a bad thing then I feel terrible for doing some of the things I've done in the past.
ok... straighten things out..

FIRST - I DONT THINK ITS A BIG DEAL, JUST NOT COOL.... But Myheartpumpsoil says, and i quote: "You have no sense of humor, bud." A sense of humor?? nothing to do with funny

Second- im glad you pick-up trash, and I dont think your a bad person for littering discs, JUST SAYING I DONT AGREE and its not cool

nickG- good for you, it really hurt too

btw- im not trying to make this personal, despite everyones attempts to
well i had fun doin it. and i cant wait to club a baby seal
sounds perfect,bob..its not a big deal or personal..but when someone does something like that its good to point It out and share ideas
I have to say, pretty stupid. I know a lot of little kids that want to get into the sport and can't afford discs. Why not rub your name off the back, and leave them in a basket at your local course. Someone will grab them. Leaving them in a area like you did they did is just dumb, but Karma will come around. Very unsportsmanlike and immature.
where does your logic come from? golf balls in international waters? umm..yah .....get your facts...
NYT article:
Hoping to preserve the pastime of hitting golf balls into the ocean off cruise ships, a California entrepreneur has invented a ball that dissolves in water and, he said, overcomes environmental problems that have caused the sport to be banned.

Until recently, some cruise ships sold thousands of golfballs every month to passengers who enjoyed the pleasure of driving them into the sea. The ships liked the game, too, because the balls sold for about $1 apiece.

But amid growing concern about threats to sealife, the International Maritime Organization in 1990 prohibited ships from dumping any plastic waste -- including golf balls.

END article - NewYork Times

pull water on courses?? If you noticed, they are not playing on a course... HELLO???

on a course, you are not trying to put your disc in the water.

poor taste is throwing garbage in a beautiful river.... and starting this thread I hope will keep some people from doing this.
I would NOT deny him this ritual, INFACT throw as many as he wants.... at $250-500 a pop (littering ticket) :)

I thought I was being constructive, and somewhat on the polite side... I am not trying to make enemies, just trying to help good ol' mother earth..... that way my kids and grandkids can Disc Golf too, one day.

not trying to be the ass


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