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I wanted to know what everyone thought on this subject.

This Video
shows some golfers throwing discs of a cliff into the hellgate river and wilderness around it.
Hellgate River, OR

I feel this is BS... discs do not biodegrade, and is basically the same as dumping your trash bags into the river... yah, pretty funny.

it might be 'fun', but so is driving drunk - and neither are 'funny'

maybe Im alone though... besides the Oregon Forest Service.

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Well, this is entertaining . . . hope you've had fun. I'd like to say, "Thank you!", for the free advertising; I've received an amazing # of hits on this video. You're really starting to reach for an argument, though. lol
It seems as though there are mixed opinions about the video, but overall more on the positive side. It seems to be understood by most that the video is just a few guys showing there love and enthusiasm for the sport, a.k.a. a few guys who can't get enough of the greatest sport in the world!
you all miss the point..its never ok..certainly not ball golfers..thats the first thing I thought of was how stupidly they waste on purpose..my quirk is that I spit on people when I have the flu..but its ok its just my quirk
I think it is funny that in the original post it says "it might be 'fun', but so is driving drunk - and neither are 'funny'"

Driving drunk is fun? I did not know this. Might have to try it some time.

Biodegradable - Shotgun Shells? Arrows?

I'm sure there are more examples of people leaving garbage behind without intentionally littering. On two occasions I have actually done something very similar to what they were doing in that video. I must say at the time, I did not even think of it as littering, so much as I thought of it as, "holy crap, look at that thing fly".

I see your point and it is definitely littering. I think for every disc ever intentionally thrown off of a cliff, bridge, rooftop or whatever and not retrieved, there are probably 500 lost in the woods or in the water at a disc golf course somewhere. I get it too, it is the principal of the matter more than anything, because even if we all did what the guys in the video were doing once a week for the rest of our lives, your kids and grandkids will still be able to play disc golf.

Clubbing baby seals - that may be stretching it just a little bit.

Maybe not though, we'll have to wait and see if these 'hooligans' post any more videos before we are sure of that.
pump- wow, this has been fun.. more positive?? what thread are you reading, obviously not this one.

trav - please dont drive drunk.
shotgun shells and arrows - true, but that dosen't make it ok. They are supposed to pack those out with them.
most dont think about it being littering.. thats why i said something.

im gonna let this marinate for a while... till tomorrow - PEACE
Peace, Bob. I'll try and put more thought into future vids; I'll try and make 'em funnier! =)
P.S. Discgolforegon.com has this video and more!
Totally agree! I am not what I would call an environmentalist but this is littering to me. It is like throwing out your trash into the river canyon. What if everyone decided to stop in this same spot and throw 8-10 discs off this cliff. Hmmm, not so cool now when you look at what used to be a really nice view, seeing all these round colored discs littered all over the hillside.
Hey D.J., It is people with your attitude about these concerns that make DG'ers look bad. True DG'ers respect the land and rights that they get from different government entities around the country.
well i am who i am and no one is going to change that

honestle i think this is a huge over reaction and people just need to get over it
I understand that you want to be who you are. But, you have to realize that it is stuff like this that make it hard to shed this poor reputation we have. Here in Montana, almost all of our courses are on government land and we are losing our courses because of people acting this way. That is why Bob and myself feel so strongly about this topic. We are getting more and more bad press because of what happens in and around the courses by DG'ers who don't give a crap. The few bad apples make all DG'ers look bad and that is why we have this reputation problem. We need to band together as DG'ers to work on our reputation and shed our stigma. Thanks for listening.
not i think its stupid that they did that, the disc are not biodegradable like u said and also they make it an eye soar for anyone traveling the river. I think the kids who did that are a bunch of losers and i hope i never go to oregon and have to play a round of golf with them. the are disgusting.
I can recall my days in the Navy when every single thing we threw "away" (Ever wonder where "away" is?) got dumped off of the fantail of the ship right into the ocean. Hopefully that no longer happens.

It is true, in this day and age when we know so much more about the effects of what we throw "away," and when Ben takes the time to use scissors and cut the plastic loops that hold 6-packs of beverages together before he puts them in the garbage (So that they do not eventually risk choking birds.), that we're all being more careful about what we throw away, and how.

It's also true that the temptation to chuck a disc off of a bridge or a dam into a river is pretty strong - and is something we all share.

And it's true that, as green as disc golf is, there is are environmental costs involved: From the soil compacting of a fairway, which renders it less friendly to local flora, to the plastic in our discs and what ends up happening to them.

Should we throw discs off a bridge into a river? No, especially in a protected wildlife environment. The guys in the video have actually created evidence that could end up getting them fined, although that's unlikely.

Is someone who does so a bad person? No. Just a disc golfer engaged in less than optimal behavior.

Let's see, when is the last time that I engaged in less than optimal behavior, hmm.

I think what we need to do is:

(a) Create more holes with super elevation shots; and

(b) Figure out the best ways to re-use and recycle discs.

You can think about (a) with others so inclined at the Future Course Club; you can think about (b) with others so inclined in a new thread at The Discgolofological Society.


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