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I am curious how many people out there have added this disc to the bag. I am also curious how many have seen the "top dogs" in their area adding them to their bags. Any Star Destroyer sightings please comment here, also comment if you like, dislike and why. Thanks in advance and happy huking!!!!

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at first I was very skeptical... I got one and threw it a bit. didn't like it.

now I have three. :)
I've been experimenting with a Pro Destroyer. It is super fast and super overstable. Not sure if I really like them as of now. Maybe I will like it more once I get it beat in a little more.
I have one beat in, but I cant get the 400-500 I hear player pulling them, however it does great work for my drives that need to dive left at the end, like for going around trees. Been using it for my skip shots as well. For me its been a great distance hyzer bomb.
the 3 greatest drives ever made
the dest you have to put some arm into it (cant do with wraith or rex it will flip)
but it will go far and get there fast

im lovin my new pro wraith tho =)
I really like them a lot. I am in southest Michigan( ie. heart of discraft land) and I have seen a lot of players with the destroyer in their bags. Mostly top and mid level ams. Most of the pros I know in the area are discraft-sponsered therefore don't see it in their bags.

I have a first run star 169 that is probably one of my fav drivers. Perfect for max D s-shots. Been playing with a 175 CFR champion destroyer for head winds and max D forehands. definately the longest disc. Gonna pickup another soon!
I just got my first one yesterday and I can't wait to finally throw one of these pigs. I love the Wraith and TeeRex and it will be nice to have a new disc that even goes farther than those 2.
i agree and would now have to add the Xcalibur for this bi#$% is a headwind hoss...
i use my pro d for hyzer flicks ,long turn flats out at end, nice for getting around trees etc.
i have a star destroyer and its the bomb !!! especially for forehand shots and backhand shots that i need the extra stability for, its definately found a spot in my bag for awhile, used to be the wraith was my go to disc, now its the destroyer, would like a champion one though, hopefully it will be like the wraith and they will come out with a standard run of them in the champion plastic, gotta say innova has it figured out, they come out with all their discs in cheap plastic first and get you to buy them, then they come out with the star plastic, and finally then after a couple years if its deamed that its popular enough, they come out with it in the champion plastic, they realize if you like the disc your atleast buying three of them, now thats some darn good marketing, lol
i bought a star destroyer at australian champs and didn't pull it out of my bag untill i lost my two fav drivers in the lake and ever since then the star and pro destroyer is the only disc i use on the long drive
i have a max weight star, and a 170 champion CFR destroyer. they are both my longest and most used drivers. gotta love the destroyer....nice job innova!
Yepp have added both Star and Champion D´s to the bag, I have a feeling that the champs may kick the "Stars" out of the bag very soon ;-)!!


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