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I am curious how many people out there have added this disc to the bag. I am also curious how many have seen the "top dogs" in their area adding them to their bags. Any Star Destroyer sightings please comment here, also comment if you like, dislike and why. Thanks in advance and happy huking!!!!

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had to laugh that everyone enjoys them but the gateway sponsored guy that swears they are crap and wizards are better than aviars....ha h ah ahha ha
The Star Destroyer is super cool. It just keep on flying. Easily beat my long time favorite Surge.
I have two of the one Dx from a tournament and One star plastic. However it's not adding super distance to my drives as I was expecting from what i've read and heard about the disc. The wriath and teerex are right there in distance for me. However if I throw side arm it's smooth as butter and probably would be my longest disc by far.
I have added a 172g Star Destroyer to my bag. At this point it fades out too quick for huge D for me, but it makes an awesome hyzer disc. I imagine that once it beats in it will be flying a lot longer than my 'Rex's and Wraiths. I have also seen local pro Christian Dietrich toting one in his bag. He almost hit an ace on our signature hole at Blue Mountain with it. About a 650 foot hole downhill, he bounced it right off the cage with a skip! Huge! I am also hoping to test out a Pro soon. Can't wait!
carry 2 in the bag
selling many of them,
Get a Shut Up & Throw Tour -08 Disc Now (Star Destroyer)!
over 80% of my courses active players have added a destroyer to their bag, and our top dog Marty Cook uses one, his son Brian Cook however is still sticking with his faithful Teerex
I still love my Star destroyer, but I have a new found respect for my cfr destroyer. thought it was way too overstable during the winter. Now that the tee pads are clear and I can get some leverage on it, it really cranks. I've thrown it over 400' 3 or 4 days in a row. a couple of times with a tail wind! It is still more stable than the star, but that helps it handle a bit of wind. The star does not like head wind at all. My best drive so far this early season is 411' just getting warmed up too!
I bought 3 CFRs as soon as they were relesed and have only used one of them. I took it to the park and launched it after I had several practice throws with my Wraiths and Tee Rexes and ... WOW. I noticed the speed right away. It didn't go much further than the others, but it sure got there faster.

I lost that CFR in the drink and around 3 months later it was returned to me. Some guy had been using it for 2 months and it was in pretty bad shape. He used it for everything, wooded holes and all. *cringe* Can't use it anymore but at least I have it back.

I now carry two star Destroyers in the bag. A used one and a new one. I HIGHLY recommend buying a DX Destroyer if you need to cross a lot of water. They are cheaper (duh) and they fly pretty much the same as the others.
I have had and lost 8 Destroyers since they have come on the market. Its like I cant keep them long enough to get the true flight out of them. I was always averaging 300-350 with them, and as it got older and flew farther, then they would end up getting lost.

So now I have gone back to my Star Max, because I never lost one of those. Plus I have an XCaliber coming, so I will see if that works. Said to be a faster Star Max, so lets see how long I can hang on to those longer.

So now I have two new Destroyers about to hit the excess box. LOL
I love the Star Destroyers! Ultra Stable and very Fast!!! Of course you can get a lighter weight and it will be easier to turn over, but they still seem to come back! I have attached a picture of my latest Star Destroyer that I have purchased recently. Thought it would be even more awesome to have Darth Vader at the helm... LOL! Enjoy!

I have 3 of them in my bag. Amax weight star stamp as well as a light one. A CFR max weight as well. I have not really thrown the CFR one much, but I like the star destroyers. They are very fast and fit in my hand great, allowing me to put a little more "oomph" in my throw without flipping the disc right away. The 169 in the bag is a great hyzer flip disc already and I have only had it a month.
I prefer Pro plastic to Star, and have a Pro Destroyer in my bag. Compared to my Pro Starfire, I can get about an extra 30 feet or so. The Star Destroyer is quite common among the people I normally play with.


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