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I am curious how many people out there have added this disc to the bag. I am also curious how many have seen the "top dogs" in their area adding them to their bags. Any Star Destroyer sightings please comment here, also comment if you like, dislike and why. Thanks in advance and happy huking!!!!

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my star monster is faster than the destroyer. The discraft force is slower than my destroyer.
Yep. My Star Destroyer is my headwind, hyzer bomb and/or skip shot disc now. Been out of disc golf for about 5 years so these new fat-rimmed discs take some getting used to. But, boy, you can really grip these things good! It also works well for uphill low ceiling shots. Lighter weights tend to flip some for me and if you overpower it with anhyzer it does not want to fade back enough but that is OK for me. Good headwind and overall a good distance driver.
How can you tell me that there is NO WAY my monster is faster. I guess you broke into my car one night, stole my monster and destroyer, threw them a few hundred times a piece like I have, then came up with a valid opinion.
seems like the wraith is faster out of the gate but the destroyer handles the wind much better with a little more distance and a better line
No hard feelings. It just seems that everybody (around my course at least) is always such a know it all about everyone elses discs. For example, I have a 172 surge in FLX plastic. From the get-go, it was flipping over extremely easy, like a beat up valkyre. So I mentioned on the t-box that I was going to throw a surge with hyzer so that it will flip to anhyzer 200 ft down the course. Thats when someone chimed in with "nobody can do that with a surge, they are way too stable to do that." So I did exactly that. It went hyzer for over 200 ft, then proceeded to flatten out and actually go anyhyzer until it landed 350 ft away. Needless to say, the douche that knew everything about surges had all kinds of excuses why it would do that, like the wind got it, the disc is old and beat to hell, its a minimum weight disc. Which none of those applied. So I just figured that I should get my girlfriend a 167g FLX surge for her main driver. I can not get that thing to turn or flip to save my life. Not every disc that comes out of the mold is identical to eachother. Basically, I just get really tired of a few guys that play my course and have to know exactly what disc and what weight you are throwing as soon as it comes out of the bag. And then, they always proceed to tell me that that is the wrong disc for the shot im about to take. It takes alot of the fun out of the game for me when I try something different, and someone gets concerned with my choice of shot. So I am sorry for barking at you like that, I really am, It's just hard to discern intonation in peoples text and the way people are saying it.

also, My monster is not WAYYYYYY faster than my destroyer, it just for some reason seems to get to the end of the fairway faster than the destroyer. I think that it could be an illusion because the destroyer stays in the air longer and the monster kindof drops like a rock. So maybe sunconciously, I feel the monster is faster because it comes to a stop way faster than the destroyer. I do think innova rated the monsters speed too slow though.

I pick up a pro destroyer tye die. looks great and throws far. This disc. is a winner.
the destoyer has definitely added some shizzle to my dizzle -- great for sidearms, too
yea, well my experience and backhand skills is a doubly lethal combo...
i agree and would now have to add the Xcalibur for this bi#$% is a headwind hoss...
I have one in my bag. Not sure that it is going to stay in there for long though. Although fast. It is very touchy. The slightest headwind turns it over. I have a red one.
Yes I went with the Flow of the Disc Golfers and added the Destroyer/Star Destroyer to
my several bags.
I do like to huk the disc and it is a good LD disc!
good job for making it go out to "Innova"
What does this mean, "LD disc"?

"good job for making it go out to 'Innova'"


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