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So, IYO, whats the best innova disc for

driver: star destroyer
multi-midrange: DX roc
putter: star aviar

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Well, it seems like an old thread, but I'll bite.

Driver - Valyrie, Groove, and Boss
Mid - Roc
Approach - Aero
Putter - I don't like or use Innova Putters Gateway Wizard is where it's at.
I use a bunch of Innove discs but right now my fav's are:

Driver backhand: Star Destroyer, Pro Wraith, Star Valk
Driver forehand: Star XCaliber
Midrange: KC Pro Roc, Star Skeeter, Star Stingray (although the Buzzz has replaced both stingray and skeeter lately)
Approach/Short drives/midrange: DX Aviar, KC Pro Aviar
Putter: R-Pro Dart (although I mostly putt with a Soft Magnet)
Groove bahaha
Laugh about the Groove, but I can throw it a good 50' further than any disc in my bag. And do it with accuracy that I don't have with any other disc.
Thats what I hear from some people but mine was twice as stable as my boss then all the sudden went super flippy. I see it as no more than another gimmic disc innova put out
Good question, My smart a&$ answer would be the one you launch 300 plus. I love my DX Spider for striaght but tight shots, champion Monarch and Leopards for drives, Tee-bird for second shot KC- Avair to finish.
driver: flat top glow champion destroyers
fairway: flat top champion eagles preferbly 11x
midrange: shark dx
putter: pro pig
The best Innova discs made are as follows: Drivers: Champion Beast/Champion Orc, Fairway: Teebird, Putter: KC Pro Aviar, and they dont have a solid midrange in my opinion because I dont like the Roc

Try the New Roc !!!
I've been enjoying the Star Boss for forehands and the R-Pro for backhands. Forehand, I'm getting 30+ more feet than before, which was with a Star Destroyer.

My #1 backhand driver is still the ESP Avenger SS, but I found our today that the R-Pro Boss is "tune-able." I may be able to throw it past the Avenger, if so.

I want to be buried with a ROC when I croak. Drive it, upshot, putt it.. You name it the ROC can do it. IMO the best single disc ever made. This is my reply for best innova disC.

Drivers i throw Pro/Star Wraiths and Champion Orcs... fairway KC Gazelle and Teebird
Mid ROCS... old San Marinos and KC 8x's are my favs. But all molds have a place.
Putter.. Glo Aviar bought a bunch of these way back when and still use them. love the feel of that plastic.
If you like the roc , try the glow roc it is a touch more supple and flies truer.


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