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So, IYO, whats the best innova disc for

driver: star destroyer
multi-midrange: DX roc
putter: star aviar

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Pro Boss
driver - champ valkyrie
mid-range - star skeeter
putter - star aero
Monarch Hands Down! That baby sails far and straight. In my area they are really the only one's you can find, but I prefer Lighting discs.
I throw entirely Innova, and I am no where near being sponsored. I guess it is mostly because that is what I learned with and that is what I feel comfortable with. I have thrown some discraft discs in my time, but nothing ever stuck.
The only disc that I can't ever seem to part with is my Valkyrie. I have had at least one Valkyrie in my bag since I first started, and it is the first thing I hand to a new player
The Valkyrie sails no doubt...I go back and forth between that one and the Monarch. I miss my Champion Valkyrie, I'm sure it has all sorts of new friends in the bottom of the pond. Does Innova make a floatie? I like Lightning discs for all their floaties.
all innova discs suck
Well they got the monopoly on Academy and in Chainville, USA there's not a lot of other options.
Putter- Rhyno (I use magnets to putt, rhynos to approach)
Mid-range- I don't use any innova mid-ranges
Driver- Beast, Destroyer, Eagle. I use them with the same amount of frequency.
Driver... TL: the star version is just amazing, you can use it on any line. The champ version resists turn a little more and doesn't have quite as much glide, I use it more on windy days.

Mid... Roc

Putter... D Challenger

Overstable Driver (had to create this category... Firebirdie I couldn't go without this disc now, it just gets used more and more.
I don't limit myself to one specific brand of discs. I use discraft for midrange, except a avenger ss, which is a rediculous killer driver, but i have to go with the monarch. Excellent glide, stays on line, and is just a great mid to long driver. My champion wraith is my go to driver though. I can do whatever I need with that. And it does vary from region to region. I'm the only person I know of in north central Kansas that mixes and matches alot. I am actually the only comet owner i know. And nothing compares to a buzzz or comet. I'd play a entire round with either if i had to. And I'd be lost without my champ rhyno and star aviar putters.

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