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I'm very happy to be a part of this group! I was curious as to what some of you conciously try to do in order to be a positive influence on the disc golf community? I'm a disc vendor, and while some of it may go completely unnoticed - I try to do thing like this: I refuse to sell anything that references 4:20 on it, has a marajuana leaf (or leaves on it), I don't put out anything that references Jerry Garcia or deadheads on it. I try to be encouraging when standing behind the merch table. You won't hear me swearing on or off the course, and you won't hear me tearing another person down.

I'm not a big fan of some of the disc names that I carry, but there's not a whole lot I can do about that (Wraith, Wizard, Warlock, Banshee, and I hear there's one called the Voodoo coming out this year). I could refuse to sell those items, but I try to concentrate more on the stuff other than the disc name (like the stuff I mentioned above). One thing that I regret having was at a tournament for middle schoolers I had two Star Wraiths in a tub that I forgot had a bowling green hot stamp on it. One of their big sponsors (I think that's how they are related) is for Budweiser Select. There was a big budweiser stamp on these discs, and when a couple of the kids found it, they thought it was the coolest thing ever. Do I want to support that? Not at all! Thankfully the kid didn't have enough money and didn't win, so he wasn't able to buy the disc and I got rid of it elsewhere... but what would that say about me if I let a 11-12 year old buy a disc because he thought it was cool that it had a beer logo on it? What would his parents think?

I'd love to hear other's thoughts!

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Nice idea Mike
getting dgers together on sunday morning would be a challenge, maybe you could hand out flyers for a pizza get together early after the saturday round with a short devotional
Hey. Jumping in VERY late to the discussion.

I've always subscribed to the idea of "in the world, but not of the world." However, what I've learned is that if I make a big deal out of things such as drinking, smoking or ??? with the other players around me, I won't be revered for me stance, but rather reviled. And if they won't want to hang around with me or talk with me, I won't be very effective related to evangelism.

That's not to say that I don't go out of my way to try and be very positive and loving towards others I encounter! That's just saying that if I come off as too judgmental or "wee bit superior to thee," I'll be a pariah in the disc golf community I hang with.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I pick and choose my battles. Players getting drunk or smoking pot on the disc golf course? Try to discourage it as politely yet firmly as I possibly can. Having a beer company logo on a disc, banner or mini, or putting with a Wizard? Don't sweat the small stuff. Players cursing like sailors in public parks around kids or families? Try to discourage it as politely yet firmly as I possibly can. A player enjoying one beer on the "19th hole" after their round? Don't sweat the small stuff. After all, is alcohol/drinking a sin...or is the ABUSE of alcohol the sin? I was always taught the former in church growing up, but have come to believe the latter over time.

Some of my best friends in the disc golf community are recovering drug users. They've gone through N.A., and they've stayed clean and sober for years...thanks in no small part to their new-found passion for disc golf. If I focused on their former habits and substance abuse, instead of doing what I currently do (celebrate their being sober and not being judgmental or preachy towards them in any way...yet showing them that there's at least one other player out there who doesn't need drugs and alcohol for a buzz), what are the odds that they would give me even five more minutes of their time?

Long story short: it's not the name or a beer logo on a disc that we need to concern ourselves with. It's treating other people as we would want to be treated...not passing judgment on them for their shortcomings (a la Matthew 7:1-2). I've got a list of flaws and sins in my life that could probably roll out the door, down the hall and down the stairs! 3-4 columns, 5-6 pt. type, single-spaced. I trust we all do...which is what makes taking a public stand over something like a Budweiser logo on a disc so potentially dangerous.

It's great to stand up for what we all believe in! It's just a VERY slippery-slope between standing up for what we believe in and passing judgment on others...and if we're doing the latter, we're probably doing more harm than good when it comes to evangelism. FWIW.
Not that I get a chance to play much any more but when I do I alway have a christian shirt on so people are less incline to lite up in front of me, plus it sends a suttle message about the Lord.If someone see's my shirt and wants to ask me question then I am more then happy to share with them, I never judge anyone for there habits as I used to be a big pot smoking beer drinking dger myself. I have found that if you don't beat people over the head with your bible they are more acceptive to your being a christian and even show you rspect by not smoking while your around. I've been given nicknames such as the preacher man or rev. jack by other dgers I use to get high with after they got over the fact that I became a christian, I find that most dgers will accept the fact that your a christian as long as you don't stand on a soap box and look down on them...judge not less you be judged.


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