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I don't really know what to look for as far as a driver turn over disc goes.
I know the stingray is a good one for me in the mids what is similar to that in drivers?

innova or discraft i would like positive or negative opinions

I was thinking about the sidewinder or the roadrunner maybe the leopard i don't like the stratus or the comet

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Pro (pre-Champion candy) Leopard.
The Leopard or Cheetah are good choices, I have a DX Beast that I've bent so badly against trees that it turns right like a champ
turnover drivers for me are a sidewinder, vaulkery and gummy beast, a regular champion beast is a little harder to turnover , and unfortunately the gummy ones go for ridiculous prices, i am assuming because of there flight pattern they seam to be sought after, for me the beast is the farthest flying disc i have found for my throwing style, as i am not a power thrower, my second choice would be the sidewinder which is easy to get and relatively easy to get a nice s pattern flight out of, and third is vaulkery, the vaulkery for me actually turns over to easy especially the older ones that i like to throw, so if getting a disc to turn over is a problem you might want to try a vaulkery poss in the dx plastic since they are even more under stable than the champion ones, and of course lighter weights can turn easier as well, just wont be of much use on windy days, i am sure there are good discraft comparables but this is what works for me
hope this helps
I have a champ leopard and an elite x xpress! anny real nice!
Yep yep leopard turns real nice for annys I have a CE one. Valkyries work good once beat in. sidewinder is what alot of my friends are using for the longer annys leopards are more fairway bit shorter than the sidewinder. Grab a DX Roc and beat it in that'll flip for you Champ Vals are great I have a old CE and it does what i want very flippy when thrown flat but great glide to them. If you have alot of snap I'd say the Val or Beast if you dont have alot of snap or power go with the leopard needs less to get it to flip and go with lighter weights
With the Sidewinder...I totally agree. but Im a predominantly Sidearm thrower (like 80% on drives and long up-shots, then midrange to putt I throw backhand unless it's a tricky shot.) All i got to say is I love the sidewinder...I don't use it on every drive but every course has a number of holes where the sidewinder fly pattern is deadly...I've never really experimented with it backhand though so it really depends on your style of driving and the type of plastic you use... because When I turn a disc over it goes left, most people are trying to turn theirs right.
I use a Roadrunner or an Avenger SS depending on the amount of anny and fade I need.
I use a Roadrunner for long turn over shots, and for shorter ones, I use a Beast. A Sidewinder is good as well, however, it doesnt turn over as hard as a Roadrunner.
I throw a ton of anhyzers and alway have a Stingray in the bag. The Roadrunner (Star) is my new favorite longer turn-over disc. It holds the line throughout the flight and is better in various wind conditions. I also throw a lot of late-turners that are mostly ol' school CE Tee-bird TL's or the new Pro Tee-bird TL's. The CE & Pro-Line Valkyrie's will turn late too. When the tragic day comes (the day when I lose that CE TB), I have to resort to the Pro-Line Tee-bird TL. Give 'em a little more zip, and half way through their flight (thrown flat), it'll take a right turn (RHBH). Sometimes you can even get the reversing double S, if you let it out slightly hyzer-ed and high enough, it'll flip up, turn right, and then glide out and maybe even finish left at the end.
Well put CE Johnson
Thanks Chilly!


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