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does anyone have specs on a xclone and does anybody use one

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i used to throw one exclusively for sidearm shots, loved them !!! then heard they were going to discontinue them so i quit throwing them and wouldn't you know it, i don't think they ever did discontinue them !! plus i was a little frustrated that they never came out with a z plastic version, anyone know why ? cause if they ever did i would be back using them in a heartbeat

as far as specs they were a more over stable version of a cyclone, if memory serves me aprx a + 2 stability
Don't get too excited, 'cause I may not have time to check until May, but I think I have a Z-Xclone.
I also used the X-clone for sidearm shots... years ago. As for spec's, I believe that their diameter allowed for a max weight of 176 grams, and that the underside displayed the text/name of "Cyclone" rather than "X-clone", as they were of the same mold but had their edges pressed. I still have one or two in plastic (with writing) from 1997.
wow terry if you had one of those and would be interested in selling it i would be very interested, as i mentioned for years that was my goto sidearm disc, would love to add a z plastic one to my bag, i just left a msg for mark ellis asking him if he had any info on z exclones
Yeah, the memories. When I started that was like the most overstable disc on the market. The funny thing is I cannot throw the thing as far now as I used to 10 years ago. You would think it would be the opposite. I found one last summer and picked it up. Amazing the difference in drivers now from then.
update - i was right they did apparently discontinue the exclone, i do remember when i threw them i was the odd man out at the time, shame though, i thought i just new something everyone else was missing out on, cause i could get some great sidearm distance out them, over three hundred feet easy, for me that was good at the time, always wondered and still wonder what a z exclone would have been like, sigh !! guess ill never know
hey, mark ellis whos part of team discraft just left me a msg that he has a box of exclones he would like to sell, not sure if there d plastic or elite x plastic might be a mixture of both, just in case anyone is interested and in the need of, i myself emailed him i would like some, probably use them for sacrificials for pond shots and or for those heavily wooded courses that i might want to spare some of my good plastic
The X-Clone was a broken Cyclone mold. It was funny-looking with the very thin rim, but it was the best disc for forehand shots from the time it came out in '95 until the Banshee came out in '98. It was also the distance record holder for a few years. Scott Stokely could throw them a mile on lines I couldn't even imagine until I saw him do it. The problem with them was durability. That thin wing could not take a beating, so you went through them quickly. They were discontinued quite a few years ago, and I never saw one in anything but tournament (or Cyclone) plastic. It would have been interesting to try one in Z, as it may have helped the durability factor somewhat.
However, discs have advanced so much since '95. The X-Clone competed against Vipers and Whippets in the overstable driver market of the 90's. You don't see many Vipers or Whippets on the course anymore, and I'm sure that would be the case with the X-Clone if it was still in production.
Man, it's so depressing to love a disc so much, and not have it around anymore. I am also a sidearm thrower. X-Clone was basically my first disc. I've strayed from it and always gone back. Suckers are hard to find. I use one- i can give you more specific info if you need it. I'm just curious why such a favorite disc was discontinued. Is there anything that works nearly as well? I think the lip makes the disc-

I remember the X-Clone. Think it was a Cyclone with the Shadow or Shadow Xtra rim indention? Made them more overstable than a Cyclone. Knew some people that threw overhand with them. Boy, I really liked those early run Cyclones that were less domy.

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