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How many juniors do you guys get at your tournaments?
Because I'm the only one who comes to our tournaments.
I'm quite tired of playing by myself.
No competition, just win back what I put in.
And how do you get kids to come to tournaments (not the hoodlum ones)

Leading up to the real question;
Is disc golf more fun when you're by yourself, or when you competing against someone else, any why?

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I feel your frustation man. Kids comming to tournaments will unfortunately not change until there is a greater push to pay more than lip service to the concept that the future of the game lies with its youth.
Take it from me, as I have a 5 year old who just broke the world distance record a few months ago. He's tired of playing in tournaments in divisions of one. Sure he wins, but he's freakin' bored with it. We are in Houston, and the junior division consists of a pool of 5 kids spread out in age between 5 and 15. It's pathetic, and this leads up to your "real question", because we haven't even gotten the stinkin' EDGE program into our schools, and yet we several people who are the tops of the game around here. Yet we continue to see the same kids with no push to grow the number. I think disc golf is more fun when competing against someone else.
The reason is simple. When you play by yourself, you play the course and learn your game. But when you play against someone else you aim to do your best because you want to see how it stacks up against others at their best. That's why I play tournaments period. If you play for recognition, then you chose the wrong sport, but if you play for the thrill of competition, then there IS NO BETTER GAME!
If you do like the competition and want to spice it up a little, go get yourself a deck of RIPT cards. What blast to add to the competitive spirit of the game. Anyways, all I can tell you is to stick with it, and you will meet the people you want. Remember, no better junior field will be found than next year at Kansas City. Aim for that.
we normally have 1 or 2 as well. the way the sport is right now, You got to get the word out to your friends. I never even thought about the sport but one of my buddies convinced me to go one day, and I was hooked. I inturn invited alot of my other friends and they did the same and it just filters down to where you have more members and more fun. When you play by yourself, you learn. when you play with others, there is compitition and fun times to be had, so its always better to play with other people. Good luck and keep throwin' plastic!
Mr. Blue what are RIPT cards?

And whats EDGE...?

Tino; I've got "friends" that play, but they're all kinda hoodlum-ish

and I don't think they would cough up the tournament fees
I don't wanna steal Mr. Blue's thunder but just in case he doesn't see your question...RIPT is a card game that is played while playing disc golf. The cards say such things as "force your opponent to throw with his opposite hand" or "move your opponents lie ten paces in any direction" There's a whole bunch of them. It's quite fun and really fun when there's a group rather than just two players.

For more information on RIPT, you can visit this link:

EDGE, I believe, stands for Educational Disc Golf Experience. It's a program that was developed for schools to get kids involved with disc golf. There are lessons and math problems and all sorts of stuff that relate disc golf to school making it fun and educational. It has done a good job of getting kids involved with the sport.

I am a second year middle school teacher and friend and I had a disc golf club last year. We did not use the EDGE curriculum but I was discouraged because by the end of the year we only had about 3 or 4 kids that continued to come to our club. I even went out with some of them on Saturdays to play at real courses instead of in the back of our school with a Skillshot like we did for the regular club. EDGE is a great program but it definitely takes some time and effort to implement. I think it would work best in a P.E. setting.

For more information on EDGE, you can visit this link:

Kyle Jacob Smalling said:
Mr. Blue what are RIPT cards?

And whats EDGE...?

Tino; I've got "friends" that play, but they're all kinda hoodlum-ish

and I don't think they would cough up the tournament fees
I think I'll try to introduce this edge thing at our school..

They have money to throw at things.

And we can practice on my m-14.
EDGE is fundamentally flawed as it attempts to integrate education with the sport. While a great idea, it just isn't practical unless you are in a progressive school system. I think that he focus should be in P.E. program that focuses on the fundamentals of the game in such a way that it allows kids to enjoy the sport. Let's face it, there are more and more kids that don't play the traditional three or four sports (if you include soccer), and THOSE are the kids you MUST target. I think we miss the boat on the exercise value of the sport in an obese society. It is appeal like this that drives parents to get the kids involved.
As for RIPT, MAN YOU MUST PLAY IT AT LEAST ONCE. Matter of fact, I'm going to a RIPT tournament here in a few hours. Lots of fun.
My school is big on education and test scores. So they'll love this edge idea of integrating education and a sport. And out of the 4 middle schools in my district, we are also the most athletically talented. So I should be able to push this idea on them.

The RIPT cards sound really sweet.
Let me know how the "Push for EDGE" goes. I'm eager to see if you get it in your schools and how it turns out.

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