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How come when I practice I can shoot decent but when I try to play compeditive my game goes to the birds and I shoot 3-7 strokes worse?

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nature of the beast my friend.

people generally do worse when the pressure is on.
Your letting the presure get to you. I am the opposite I play better in most sports when i have a little compitition . seems the better they play the better I play. Best thing to alway do is play your game as smart as you can. Don't let the other players deside what your going to throw by what they throw. Make your own disc selection, and chose your own line. Just because you see some one in your group throw a mid range or a putter off the pad on a hole thats 250-300 feet doesnt meen you have to throw one also. throw that driver if that what you would do if you were playing alone. Throw the anhyser shot around the tree in the middle of the fairway if thats what you would do if you were playing alone . and always go for that safe par if the birdie is out of the question. better to get the par than to take a risk shot at a birdie and end up to far away for a come back shot ending with a bogie.
Good post William. Along those lines when I start to play crappy especially in a tournament I try something I call "smile therapy" I am naturally an upbeat type person but if I am playing poorly it is easy to get a bit down on myself and to lose that positive attitude and that really hurts your confidence and game. Anyway, when I am having a tough time of it I make a conscious effort to keep my body language super upbeat and positive and actually start smiling, might seem kind of goofy but it has worked for me. Also along those lines never give up others will have problems too just keep on keeping on and with a smile.
Why is it when a group says "go ahead and play through man" I toss into the nearest tree? It's the pressure. Play more minis.
Sometimes that happens, don't stress over it too much. My son has the same problem, he can whoop up on me during practice, but when it comes to tourneys he's got issues. BUT, just keep practicing, with every tournament your in-it will be time well spent, because eventually it will line out. I know first hand. Keep your chin up and your eye on the basket!!
Because your not holding your tounge right. :P
I would say practice taking each shot for what it is stay positive for each one. Try to create positive atmosphere in your group keep it light and up beat and say nice shot for the nice ones cheer on your group so to speak. You can also feed off of good golf the guy who is usually shooting the best is smooth relaxed and Happy . Try to fall in that zone.
Nice fish.
I've noticed this even when its league day.
I can completley relate to your problem .I usually play pretty solid until tournament time ,my biggest thing are mental errors like not throwing what i would normally throw on a that hole, for some reason i will change my shot with disasterous results and before i know it ive given my already tough competition 3 or more strokes .then the quicksand sets in .i try harder to come back instead of relaxing and finding my flow or groove.I have gotten better about relaxing ,taking deep breaths and throwing the holes with discs i know work for the shot i need.i know i still have a long way to go but im getting better .the last tournament i was in, on the second day there was only 4 strokes between 5th and 1st .so i go out and start strong i am making up strokes and feel if i keep it together i have a good chance of pulling it off .so 3 hole left on our 18 i decide to try a different way of getting past these guardian tree's ( a big anhyser ) instead of the steady solid hyser shot.i let the shot rip and the damn disc went thru almost 20 trees and sails unimpeded out of bounds,so now im throwing 3 i then proceed to hit every tree on the way to the basket.after every shot i would take a deep breath and try to let the last shot go ,so as i approach what is shot 8 i turn to the group and smile and say i think im clear of all the trees and laugh and finish the hole with a round crushing 9 .i then let the hole go to finish the last 2 holes with a 4 and a 3 respectivley.all i can say is sometimes there is nothing you can do but just laugh at yourself and go on.as far as tournament jitters all i can say is play leagues and pickup games for some money to get yourself used to driving and putting under pressure. it's helped me alot but im still a student of golf and have a long ways to go..have confidence in your game and ability and let luck handle the rest.
thats called the gallery affect .
I can only speak for myself. I tend to compete against the person or persons. Instead of playing against the course. As far as the mental aspect. I now try to concentrate on my game and beating the course. Oh ya, Beta Blockers help as well. They keep your heart rate and blood pressure down lol!!

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