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just want some thoughts on rolling the disc. some people believe its a make up shot because the person cant throw it that far, and others believe its just as good as throwing.
i believe rollers should be utilized in your game, but not as your first drive. everyone should have to throw the first drive then use what ever is in their arsenol for their upshots.
just my thought, whats your opinion?

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Like any thorw in your arsenal, if you got them, use them when you want. Off the tee or out of the woods shouldn't matter.
A roller is a legitimate throw, so you can throw it whenever you want, even if you choose to throw it for your first drive. I don't think its fair to limit the use of any throw that has been accepted by the disc golf community as a whole. I don't throw rollers much, but after seeing some of the pros and the distance they get with them, i'm practicing them to add another option to my arsenal.
If you can make a disc move then it can be your drive. If you want a disc to roll to its destination then so be it. If you want to go out of bounds on a water shot and have it skip over the water and land back in bounds on the grass (Actually saw this) then so be it. If you want to throw a putter on a drive (who hasn't) then so be it. Fact of the matter is some people are better at other shots. I have a friend that does nothing but roll off drives, because its hard for him to throw backhand or flick.

Just remember, (to most) the game is about fun and trying new things. Do what you want and have fun doing it.

There are often circumstances where a roller can get some added distance over an air shot and is unlikely to create problems if it goes bad. It's nice to have it in your throw selection. For me, I can get an additional 50-60 feet on the right hole, and with the right wind, by selecting my backhand roller.

A forehand roller can be long, too, but I can't do that yet. However, having a short one that can roll around obstacles, or through a picket fence of barrier trees is very useful.

If you're going to spend time on a new throw, however, I recommend adding the forehand if you are a backhand thrower, and a backhand if you are a forehand thrower. There's nothing like standing on that tee and having the right or the left choice available to you every single time!
I roll if the fairway /hole permits it . Doesnt matter were we are or whats going on , to me its the green conditions and the fairway conditions that dictates the throw I use . Im obviously not going to roll if the grass is high or not cut or if the fairway has a lot of debree on it / big sticks trash , stumps etc,etc.

One of my favorite shots is a air roller , this is where you will throw about 200plus feet then hit and roll. This works grate for getting over stuff or obsticles or OB to land inbounds or on the fairway to continue to the hole.

To me whats interesting about roller's is all the disc's you can use to roll with.
Everyone seems to prefer a certain disc. The bottom line is know your roller , everyone is different as far as strength and form so you may not need what the other guy is rolling with , you may need something different.

You obviously cannot roll on every hole in disc golf , but it is a shot that is a must to learn in the disc golf bag. Good luck on rolling shots there fun for me , I just dont use them all the time lol.

I want to learn Avery's hyzer-flick... that throw rocks!
Hootie said:
I want to learn Avery's hyzer-flick... that throw rocks!

Avery is just a freak thats been playing for 20+ years. Everything he does is amazing. Probably one of my more favorites to watch play this awsome sport. His flick style when he starts doesnt look like its going anywhere then in a blink of an eye its 350+ easy. Incredible stuff.

forehand cut rollers are simply magical if done by a skilled player. Watching Mike Raley (discraft pro) throw it from the pro tees on #17 at rolling hills is amazing.....Mark Ellis refers to it as "the raley roller" when excuted it rolls straight up a large hill and parks itself next to the basket is one of the coolest shots I've ever witnessed. If you have never played this course the tee consists of a right to left shot up a hill with large tree limbs making for a very tight window for a regular forehand or backhand tee shot. I have witnessed tons of good shots get knocked down by limbs.....but that roller is the coolest thing.....have tried to learn.....gonna take a ton of practice
as long as you get it out of your hand before you cross the line i dont think it matters if you roll or throw. some people just cant get the d from throwing and some just have a knack for rolling hell klimo rolls alot and is good at it its not like you just roll and hope for the best it dose take practice also,,if you got roll it..peace
I've used rollers on my drives many times. Who cares what anyone else says ... if it's the BEST shot for a hole, I'm gonna throw it.
For example, holes that have long flat fairways that go into and under trees. A high drive is just going to hit the trees, or end up short. A roller will mow down the fairway, under the trees and if thrown well, end up next to the basket.
If you want to get to the basket, you throw what works best.
Tino "SilverBack" Medina said:
Like any thorw in your arsenal, if you got them, use them when you want. Off the tee or out of the woods shouldn't matter.

I agree. It's a valid shot. Generally, I get more D with a backhand roller. Good way to stay out of the "velcro", I mean trees also. Big sky rollers are fun.
some might say that a roller is stupid but try to go play seneca creek in maryland and then come back and tell me that a roller is not necessary

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