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So, this dude from my club, clayton, said I need a heavier putter.

Apparently, if I throw 160-170g discs, a 150 putter won't work for me :(

And on that note.

If anyone has seen my putting style, what kind of putter should I get next?

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Try a heavier one and see what you think. I looked a lighter one for some time, but now after trying out practically a dozon putters I am down to just one and it is a max weight flx challenger.
How do you suggest "trying one out"?
I dunno mark...

I really think this time its the arrow..
There is a guy at my course that sells used ones. EIther buy some used ones, or ask to borrow a putter just to try it out.
It may not completely turn your game around, but usually the heavier ones feel more comfortable and that could help dramatically.
Not enough information to make an educated suggestion. Is it that the putter keeps flopping out or are you having a problem with keeping the putter on line or are you having a problem getting the right height consistently?

Not to direspect Mark Stephens he has good suggestions. In playing darts the "It is the bow not the arrow" analogy works well until the dart keeps falling out of the board. Spend some $$ and get better darts with technology built into them to stick better in the board. You can hit the bullseye all day long but if it does not stick then maybe its time to find another arrow.

I have not seen your putting style and if you feel that you really need more practice to be consistent then keep doing what you are doing.
It's all in our heads. I've been playing for about 3 years and one thing that struck me at first was how different the putters feel in my hand compared to drivers. I didn't really like that. My putts were all lobs at first, to keep the disk from going very far when I miss the basket. The most frustrating thing was that any wind could easily carry my throws away, regardless of the disc I used. When the guy who got me into Disc Golf (an awesome guy and a wealth of DG knowledge) mentioned that some players have a philosophy that you should just use one disc for every shot; that got my attention, because they would have to putt with it too. I'd found that a heavy Innova Firebird was one of the best discs (for me) in the wind, so I put 2 and 2 together and tried putting with my Firebird. He laughs at me for it now, but I've been putting with a Firebird or a Monster for the last 2 years. I know, some people think that is crazy, but they haven't tried it!!
If you are a scoffer, please do try it.
In still air, I pinch the middle of the disc between my thumb and middle finger, aim right at the chains (as opposed to aiming at an imaginary point to the right of then and hyzering in to the left) and as I lob it I twist my arm (Right handed backhand throw btw) clockwise a little, lifting the left side of the disc. It goes up and to the right, then the disc rotates the opposite way (it's left edge goes down and the right goes up), and it dives to the left. When the bow's working, it's in the basket and rarely hops out. When the bow's off, it hits the ground at an angle that prevents skipping, and the disc has backspin on it, so it tends not to go far from where it lands.
In wind, that throw will go all over the place, so I throw a line drive as level as I can get it, low in the chains. Using the same grip as I do for a long drive, I focus on pressing down on the top of the disc with my thumb and releasing from pinky to index finger. I try to throw it hard enough to get to the basket before it begins to hyzer. The downside is that misses tend to end up far from the basket, but that encourages me to practice putting in wind so either I don't miss, or I'm capable of shooting from wherever it does land.
In summary, just try putting with your favorite stable driver instead; you might like it.
Yes you need a new putter....about 100 new putters. Practice practice practice. Dude its all about muscle memory and repitition. If you like your putter stick with it. If you think the putter is the problem try something else. When I first started I used a light weight Discraft Rattler. Then moved onto a Putt'r, then the Challenger. As long as it feels right in your hand use it, learn it, become one with it.

I'm basically having trouble keeping the line since a few weeks ago.

Before then it was center chains everytime.

Now, the darned thing goes way off to the side in a crazy s curve, and thats on 10-15 feet
Experiment with different weights.
:P Haha mark

It must be my motion

My elbow has been gettin bad lately.
Your turning your wrist or droping your shoulder .
as mark said it's not your putter lot's of players make the mistake of getting a new putting when somethings wrong instead of taking the time to understand that there doing something wrong i did this for a while but understand that it only fixs the problem for a little while as does putting with a driver that only masks a bad putting form and hurts you in the long run .
if you haven't do the mark ellis clinc it helps a lot

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