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Who else gets annoyed by those that don't count their drops, water, O.B., trees, all that stuff? Played with a guy recently who was obviously cheating; including throwing extra discs so you don't know which one he's supposed to be playing; then bragging at the end about how he couldn't believe he "beat me". It was news to me that there was even a competition going on! I asked him if he ended up at his score before or after all the fouls.... Cleared that one up real fast.

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tournament play or casual ?
Either. (There was no competition going on in my story.) :)

beatz said:
tournament play or casual ?
My advice is don't Cheat.
casual, im not playing against anyone but myself. Im working on shots so i will take a extra throw here and there or an extra putt.

Tournament play, call him. No one has the right to bitch unless they call someone on said violations and nothing happens.
I just let people like this do their thing and move on. They are only cheating them selfs and not really impressing anyone.

Casual I will throw extra discs but always play and count the first throw.
Right on, I do the same thing when it comes to practice rounds. It's just annoying to be heckled through an otherwise casual round.

Smokey said:
Casual I will throw extra discs but always play and count the first throw.
We're the same as some of the other responses, during a casual round we will sometimes throw another disc, but the first disc is ALWAYS the disc you play from.

Let him have the glory of his supposed win, you know that it was not the case. Or next time, put a bet on it and stipulate some rules before teeing off. You may be able to make some cash outta this guy!
I take extra shot's when I play I always go With my first shot it wouldn't help me improve if i went with my best shot and cheating only hurts the player doing it it gives them a false sense of skill that the don't have so really I wouldn't worry about it.
and for sandbaggers Lot's of people have a weird view on this ,my last tournament I was called a sandbagger by someone with almost the same rating and the other 2 in our group agreed with him well I'm a 923 rated player so I'm am2 the one guy was a 920 player and the other 2 were dreambaggers only rated 890 I find a lot of player play the sandbagging card when the lose to justify their lost not saying it doesn't happen but not as much as people say
I was in a PDGA sanctioned event where one of our foursome was so hammered by the end of the round he was either purposely shaving strokes or incapable of keeping track. We had to help him find his disc and point him in the right direction. One guy in the group finally got a TD over to deal with it because babysitting was not what we signed up for. Not exactly cheating I guess but still, if theres a question call the TD, its what they are there for.
As far as the cheating goes its almost like who give a f**k if the guy wants to think he won, its casual play, but with sandbaggers i think alot of people just get jealous that they arent quite as good as others. I feel like a bagger because i started playing golf in 3rd grade but in 7th grade i was hit by a car on my four wheeler and was paralyzed for 3 months, i didnt throw another disc until March on my senior year of highschool. So ive been throwing again for a year and 6months and my player rating is 932 so im not upset about it. You just gotta care about yourself, people that talk about other people are just jealous.
During casual play...I often throw extra discs, but always play the original disc. On putts I often stand to the side of my disc (with my foot touching and toe not protruding in front of the disc) instead of using a mini. But I always remember why I am doing this. I'm just playing casually and I know better during tournement play. I also do not count strokes or write them down. All holes are birdies, pars or bogies. I keep a loose running score in my head. Like..."I think I'm +2 right now".
I'm really out to have fun while trying to better myself. I like going after the shot. Like a drive that S'es out fine, a great up-shot or great putt. Not to mention that fantastic fairway ace. Also...if someone wants to cheat during casual play...fine But better not do it in front of me during tournement play. I'll call you on it.

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