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The description is pretty explanatory, Black Jax have released a nite light that somehow attaches to your discs that lasts for about tewnty five hours, and uses watch batteries, so it can be reused.

Apparently the whole thing weighs 10 grams?

Just wanted to know if anyone has used them, and how they went?

Also, how do the aeropods attach to the disc? It says something about not needing tape on the packaging, but most other ways may mean the disc is damaged, and possibly not PDGA legal if the disc has been altered to fit the aeropod?

Im a big fan of night golf, and a good product would make it a lot easier to play.

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During the 2007 Worlds tourney the discs sold for the night golf round were only legal at that event, don't know anymore about that. Wow, just found the disc and it happens to be made by Blackjax Sports.com, this disc I have has the battery and wires built into the center of the disc with the wires extending to the edges of the disc kinda y-shaped. Maybe you can look them up online and get a visual. I don't know, I may take a pic and try to upload it to my page, that is if I can figure out how to do it! Does look really cool flying at nite tho, but there is one problem with them, you have to tape the on off switch down or when it lands hard it sometimes snaps the light off, that was hell trying to find it, since they are clear! Good day, talk later..
I got all of them... the Driver, Mid and Putter... plus the Aeropod... but that Aeropod screws onto the discs with 4 small screws.. looks good but I don't know if I am willing to put a few holes in good plastic.

The discs are the sh*t! The are bright as hell and fly pretty good...
Yeah, Ive got an Axe and a Quest driver by Blackjax...... I was worried about the screws... bummer!

So the putters fly well?

I wasnt super impressed by their drivers, although I hear that they've retooled their AXE drivers to bring the weight down (some were closer to 200g!)
Yeah... the Putter does pretty good... well worth the price ($13.99 at Academy Sports and Outdoors). The Axe package was labled as a 180g... but that could be way off.

But I took them for what they were.... yeah know.... Light up discs that are really beginner friendly. They are not going to be in my bag during the daytime, but come sundown!!!!! 3 discs and some beer in the bag.... that's what I'm talking about!! Good, Fun Night Golf!

Hootie said:
Yeah, Ive got an Axe and a Quest driver by Blackjax...... I was worried about the screws... bummer!

So the putters fly well?

I wasnt super impressed by their drivers, although I hear that they've retooled their AXE drivers to bring the weight down (some were closer to 200g!)
I've tried all the Black Jax discs for their two generation's of release. First release was so poor I was ashamed for them. Second release made some BIG improvements. Flight characteristics much, much better. But remember this is coming from a disc that was so under-stable it flipped entirely over with a generous backhand huck. Their second generation discs (excluding the putter) are still very under-stable. They turn over way too fast and reliability on what you want from a distance and mid-range disc are just not there.

I attended a night disc golf event in SLC Utah. I watched the aeropods get ripped off discs when they hit the ground. Some blew up when impacting a tree. It was hilarious for the most part that this was a product that was being sold to function as a light for golf discs. It was a real bummer for the dozens of people that lost discs that night. Most of the regular players stuck with their glow-stick and bobber-light taping.

The difficulty I have with the whole lighted golf disc is that we are used to our quiver of discs. I've spent years trying out discs to determine what works best for my speed, strength and stability. I know exactly what my Beast, Wraith and even Orc are going to do. Then you want me to down-grade to some inferior piece of crud... it just isn't going to fly. Brings me full circle to where it all began with taping some illumination to the disc.

Lastly, I did try this Hole-in-one product from Flashflight. Primarily because I also like all disc sports and still play ultimate and frickets; Flashflight makes the best light up discs. I was apprehensive to punch a hole in my disc but I have a couple Champion plastic discs to spare and they still work really well after a year in my bag. Another post mentioned the hole punching apprehension and got over that as I had the extra discs. There will never be a PDGA approved lighted disc because the rules state that discs cannot be altered and have to meet dimensional specs. Well, that removes the ability to put a hole in one or attach anything to it. So the discs you use for night time are just that, night discs.

Maybe a bit too much coffee this morning as I ramble, but I wanted to be able to share my opinion about night disc golf and the available products for lighting. I'll stick with the discs I'm used to throwing and a few of the Flashflight Hole in One lights.

Hey whats up? We've tried all the light pods and everything and so far none of us have been very pleased with them. What we use are small LED lights that tape on to the top or bottom of the disc. The light makes the disc a little more understable but not very much. They are called disc golf night beacons. You can check them out at

The retooled axe is pretty stable, the rest fly like paper plates, they'll be bright enough you won't lose them, but the way they fly you might want them gone. To be fair I haven't tried the putter yet though.
we've got em on lsdiscs.net if you'd like to check em out
I just go to wal-mart in the fishing section and buy the led bobber lights and tape them on the bottom of a Z or Champion plastic disc. Guarenteed the most affordable disc light, and once your done you can take the tape off and use the disc the next day in a tournament.

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