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I recently started throwing 150 Class discs in addition to traditional weights. I had noticed that some of the older guys (not that I am old...just 50) around my area were throwing them, and saw that Rick Voakes had won the Worlds with them.

I have a few....my favorites so far are the Champion Sidewinder for finesse drives, Champion Teebird for accuracy, and Champion Firebird for hyzers, spike hyzers and headwinds. I just bought a 150 class Z-Flick and was amazed at the amount of overstability.

How many of you use light discs.....which ones....and what situations?

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I went down in weight this past winter. I went from throwing max weight X Crushes to 165-68 X Crushes and I'm getting more distance. The Crush is my go to disc, I carry 5, four X that are from new to four years old, and one Z for more stability. Both my Preds are also in that 166-68 range. I did pick up a 150 Surge, but haven't had the chance to find the correct snap point yet, and I never really liked the Surge. Like you I am 50; that and the lower weights mean I can still beat guys in their 30;s lol. J
I've been throwing lower weights for a few years, ever since I tried them out while I was rehabing after abdominal surgery. In my bag I carry:
150g Gummy Champ Sidewinder - downwind drives and turnover drives
155g Gummy Champ Valkyrie - my most accurate long driver, good for slight turnovers and high flexes
154g Champ Orc - my longest driver
155g KCPro Teebird - pretty overstable for a Teebird, but it's a very dependable hyzer driver
160g Champ Sidewinder - straight into the wind or a good flex driver
162g Champ Starfire - headwind driver and big flex driver
150g Champ Firebird - hyzers and spikes, of course
162g Star Roc (USDGC X-out) - fantastic approach disc

Right now I'm waiting for a few new discs to try out that I bought from Vegan Ray - 150g DX Starfires and Destroyers. We'll see how they fit in.

My other midranges are mostly in the mid/high 160's with a few mids and my putters in the low 170s. My armspeed isn't as fast as it used to be, so I find that the lower weights allow me to get more carry and flights that don't die left too soon. I generate a lot of spin on my drives, so wind doesn't give me too much trouble with these lighter weights.

Saves my back a little grief too...
All my drivers are 150 class on normal days. I mostly use a Sidewinder. Unlike Rizbee, I have slow arm speed AND no spin, so I have to go up to high-160ish weights if it gets windy. It limits your selection, but Innova has what...26 drivers? You can find a disc in 150 to make your shots with. I stick with heavier mids and putters.

Funny story...I'm a bullheaded guy and always threw heavy, overstable discs. My 6-year-old wanted to go disc golfing with me, so I bought her a 150 Magnet, a 150 Shark and a 150 Cheetah and hit the park. I make her throw the Magnet most of the time, but I let her throw the Cheetah on a hole and she threw it maybe 15 feet. She asked me to show her how to throw it, so I threw it on that hole at about 70% and absolutely crushed it. It went long and straight and curled up right under the basket like I knew what I was doing. She looked at me with that look that only your kids can give you, that look like you are perfect and can do no wrong. Yeah..

That was last summer. I picked up a bunch of understable 150 class drivers and never looked back. Other than windy days, it's been all good. I'm getting longer, more accurate drives and my back and knees feel better.
I have been using 150 class drivers for about 4 years now. I got a 150 Beast at a Grateful Disc Tourney and was amazed at the extra distance I could get with it. I used that until they came out with the 150 orc, which then took over. When the 150 wraith came out, I found the 2nd love of my life (I am married after all).

Unfortunately, 150 discs usually only come out in DX plastic. They tend to get beat up after a while, so the go-to stable driver you start with, starts to require more hyzer to get it go correctly, then you have to break out a new 150 wraith. Innova also just released DX Destroyers, for a more over-stable 150 driver, and the 150 DX Starfire, which I have been having good luck with.

As far as Discraft 150 drivers, I tried the flick, but it does not get enough glide for me. I had used a 164g Flx Surge at Am Worlds because my wraiths were a little flippy at sealevel (live in Colorado), so I was really excited when they announced the 150 surge. Unfortunately, it is pretty understable, not just a lighter surge, but a lighter, more understable surge.

As far as 150 class goes, I only use them for driving. For mid-ranges and putters, I prefer the heavier weights, since I am more interested in accuracy than distance on those.
My 906 rated daughter throws 150 class plastic. She especially likes First Run 150 Flicks, but they are hard to find anymore. She throws a 150 Champion T-Bird for gentle turn overs and a 150 Z Talon for shots that need to hyzer or fade. In mids and putters she throws heavier plastic.

My wife likes the 150 Star Sidewinder for a turnover driver and the 150 Star Valkyrie for straight shots.

I've sold a lot of 150 Storms. If I were throwing 150 stuff, I'd definately be throwing the 150 Storm for mid-range shots.

I played around with 150 stuff when Discraft came out with their 150 Z line a few years ago. I found that I just couldn't get anything 150 out past 330 feet. When Discraft came out with the 150 Surge I found that downwind I could throw that farther than a 171 Surge. I think I was getting close to 400 with that.

I always keep 150 stuff in stock in the IOS merch. I may play around with 150 stuff some more this summer, but I'll probably keep my game bag in the 170s.
love my light discs:) If you like the sidewinder, enjoy the roadrunner. I find it's more accurate.
I run a 150 Archangel and a 150 Shark and they both rock for me.
That story is too cute! I know just that look you're talking about:) My boys think that sometimes when I play guitar hero with them. (as long as Dad's not around, because he's way better at it than I am:)

I recently picked up a 161 Star orc, and I think I'm in love... I ordered a 150 Star sidewinder... I think I'll have my stable and understable soon. I'm so excited. I think we have the same throw.
i cant throw 150s
im a forhand flicker so they just dont cut it for me
but i picked up a 150z storm
now i could use that for my mid
felt great flew great but i had to give it back to the guy i was playing with :( maybe ill go pick one up sometime
and finally learn my backhand shot =D
If you have the same throw as I do, you have my sincere condolences.
I really like 150 class and it is to find! It seems to me that I have less shoulder and elbow problems throwing it. Mind you I have only thrown for about 2 years off and on but it is a world of difference to me! I save the heavier stuff for my approach and putt! I can remember the day I got my first pdga disc in the mail and tried to throw it (170 or so wt) needless to say my right arm, elbow hurt for a week from just one throw! I may try heavier wts but if I do it will be a gradual intro!
go with discraft for 150 class discs
they have a whole line of Z plastic special for 150 class

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