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I figured I'd move this discussion to this Category since there is a lot of good info and individual efforts going on!!!

Creation of a GPSr File for the course directory


I wanted to let you all know of an effort that I am undertaking to get the course directory into a customizable format for the Garmin’s NUVI, Tom Tom, or other Sat Nav units. I travel almost 100% for my job and I am use my Garmin 680 all the time..and I have built my own file over the past year or so and I wanted to make this available to the community and for everyone to use..So I have a few questions for you.

1. Do you own a Sat Nav? What brand and Model do you have? And do you think this file is of use?

2. This file would be free to anyone who wants it..the only charge for it would be to the retailers who want to be included in the file. So say if you were from out of town and needed to find the nearest store..all you would have to do was to look in the Disc Golf file. I am not sure of how much to charge yet…Clubs, courses and other not for profits would be totally free to be included.

3. I can include pictures, emails and web sites in the file so these can have as much info or as little as the Course Pro wants? Same with the Club info..I usually put the club into a neutral area around a course or center of a city such as The Mile High Disc Golf Club is located with the coordinates of the Denver Capital…The Phone numbers (if the unit is Bluetooth enabled) can auto dial the phone number in the file!

4. Would you be willing to help in getting some of the info and QA of the files for your areas?

A file already exists for free and for download but the only info it contains is the Location of the course and the Name of the course…I am working on a few test files and exactly what info I would need or want to be included besides the basic info such as Name, Lat/Long, Pro Name, Pro Phone, Email, web Site, description, and photo of the course..

1. The File has been created an resides on the POI factory Web site and is free for anyone to upload (this just contains the course info with no contact info)

2. Discussion Thread for other files such as Google Earth .kml file

I appreciate your thoughts and comments!


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Scott, I played the KC Wide Open this weekend and wanted to let you know the coordinates for Blue Valley Park are actually for Blue River Park. Once I get unpacked I'll send you the correct coordinates for Blue Valley.
Thanks...Hopefully I will have an update for you soon on how we are going to do this...

Trayputt - Hold on to those coordinates until I get going..I have put my individual effort on hold until we figure out how to get this effort going with everyones input and help!

All I wanted to give you and update and some discussion points to think about...here is what I have posted on the POI web site b/c other people besides disc golfer are interested in this file..


Please be patient with this process...Most of the board is in Japan for the Japan Open..A few things..

1. The coordinates on the PDGA are WRONG for the most part..they are for the first tee and may cause a Garmin etc to have arrive to the closest point to that 1st tee which may be on a highway etc...I have even seen one course in a lake...So I and they do not want multiple files out there..I am working with them to understand that the coordinates are wrong on the site such as the KC course correction above or on the Disc golfers RUS web site indicated.

2. The Privacy caution was my concern...and my concern was the fact that now I am taking coordinates off a web site that people actually have to look up on a web site and now make them available for anyone to download directly to their PC and do whatever they want to besides using the file for what it was intended...That to me it is a big issue and I wanted to make sure they understood what it means to have this data out there and how these files can and will be manipulated for personal use.

I am still waiting on the conference call that was supposed to happen this past week..I passed on the market research and have not heard back...but at this point if you are a member or not a memeber (of the PDGA) but are interested in this POI... I would ask that maybe you email the directory coordinator and ask about this project and how it is progressing..maybe that will move things along?


Thank you and I will really need allot of help once this get going to get this file QA and to adjust the coordinates from the 1st tee to the parking lots etc that is more appropriate for door to door directions!

WOW thanks for the interest....It makes me think this is the right thing to do for more people than just disc golfers and I am just as frustrated with this process as you beleive me!!!

At some point when I get a pdf converter I will post my RFI for all to see..
Stay tuned...

Just got off the phone with the PDGA and we should have this project up and running very soon! I expect the data sharing agreement to be finailized and executed with in 2 weeks....let the fun begin!
Scott - contact me once you are ready to roll and need QA help. My son and I disc golf road trip a lot and we (he) spends a lot of time with Google Earth, etc. fine-tuning lat/lon coordinates for our trips. I concur about the problem with first tees as waypoints - we have had some strange routings by MS Streets and Trips because of it.


Can't wait!!!
I just got a Garmin 750 for Valentines Day and looking for the latest and greatest Points of Interest (POI) map of all the U.S. Disc Golf courses. I went to some POI sites but haven't found any latest updates.

I'm new to all of this..and have the Garmin POI Loader I just don't know how to customize newer courses installed around the area withing the past year. Any help would be appreciated. I figured I'd bump this thread up since Sat/Navigation units are getting cheaper where a lot of people can afford them now days.
Mike welcome to the wonderful world of navigation with a Garmin!!

A few updates and non updates.

1. Still have not had any luck with the PDGA....so on the plan B..which means we will have to do it ourselves...arrgghh
2. In traveling back and forth to KC these past few months I am going to build a travel guide for the worlds...Courses, Hotels, Restaurants, BBQ, Family fun, Vendor shops, Bars, specialty shops, adult clubs...just about anything we could need for the week in KC...I already have Rick and crew searching out their spots..in fact Rick is thinking about getting some sponsorship from of few places...This I think will open the eyes to the PDGA in giving us the file...

What is Plan B you ask...well here it is..

If any of you could take the state your living in and create a CSV file. This way we can get the ball rolling..Also maybe we can start getting a standard into the names...

So for examples:

Courses: Set the coordniates to the parking lot or general meeting area. Most coordinates are for the 1st tee on teh PDGA web site which is no good for driving directions.

Calvert Road Park - DGC
Bayville - DGC

Clubs: I usually have set these to the courses that represent that area.

Club - Ann Arbor
Club - Mile High Disc Golf

Retail - Dog Leg Discs
Retail - Wright Life

So if you want to help let me know (PM me or email) and I will send you a template (Excel) that we can start using for the project!

Thank you all for the help!
I have been working on one for the Oregon state area, great idea. I searched hi and lo for this kind of file before making my own...
Seeing most of the GPS units have minimal memory, breaking it down to states (so you can load whatever state your in) would be awesome. Mine tops out at 100 "Favorites", which is how I am formatting mine.

If it could be a POI (Point of interest) location, that'd be great.

TomTom somethin or other....
You do realize you can export the KML file from this site and create one?


Also on the first post I have put the the web pages for the POI factory..they have allot of advice for creating these..I have also started the discussion about Frisbee there too?

I curious about your 'minimal memory' piece? I over 25,000 Points of interest in my files...so maybe your loading them wrong? Again spend some time on the POI site and see how others with your unit are creating these...

D.aM.agE. said:
I have been working on one for the Oregon state area, great idea. I searched hi and lo for this kind of file before making my own...
Seeing most of the GPS units have minimal memory, breaking it down to states (so you can load whatever state your in) would be awesome. Mine tops out at 100 "Favorites", which is how I am formatting mine.

If it could be a POI (Point of interest) location, that'd be great.

TomTom somethin or other....
Well... I don't travel much so I'm not sure if I could get one for all of North Carolina. I've added a new course that's in the Cary area after I posted on the this forum the other day. I thought it was going to be more difficult but it wasn't bad at all. I also updated Zebulon Community Park. That one was off too. I just used that U.S. Disc Golf file that was on POI factory.
Mike - Where did you update this info? One thing that has me concerned is we have all this info in many places and no one source of truth so to say...The info on the POI factory file is from the PDGA and the coordinates are for the 1st tee which again is wrong if we are creating driving directions...sop please use caution when using and updating...

Again I would like to be the gate keeper for this file and to create the files with help from people like yourself..if you PM with your email address I will send you an excel so we can all start getting the right info out there for all to enjoy!

One thing that I use is Google Earth to check the coordinates...so even if you do not travel but are familiar with the course (parking lot or street to park) then you can adjust the coordinates accordingly...

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