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Some players with perfect form and balance can throw with power and control on a sheet of ice (Al Schack and Joe Giebel). The rest of us tend to slip, slide and occasionally face plant. As a forehander who throws bent over and low to the ground, I have almost perfected the face plant. The key is once you realize your plant foot is slipping out don't fight it, just tuck your shoulder into a barrel roll. This saves the shot and most of your skin.

But, of course the better solution is to somehow keep grip on your plant foot and stay on your feet.

The best solution I have found is sheet metal screws. Drill them into the bottoms of your boots.

I use the half inch screws and a power drill. You can install them in minutes. We have been using them in Michigan for many seasons and they are now common amongst experienced tournament players. The screws will eventually fall out or wear out so they need to be replaced periodically.

The greatest advantage is that you can take most shots and be confident about your footing.

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Is there a certain kind of boot that allows a decent range of movement or good / bad qualities in a boot for putting screws in the sole?
The first time I put screws in my boots, they were a pair of Merrels that I had pretty much worn out and had no traction left on the sole. I had no problems. Just about any shoe other than really thin soled running shoes will work fine. I don't know why anyone would be playing in running shoes in the winter anyways.
i use weatherized shoes with spike like traction on the bottom. get em at farm and fleet for about 55 bucks, high and low top.
as far as you having perfected the face plant, please provide video evidence... maybe you could do an instructional clinic?
Along with the face plants ... I think most of us would like to see some of Marks greatest out takes to on you tube... so if any of you boys from discraft read this ... lets see it lol

Im gonna have to find and old pair of boots a give it a try, how many screws are you using, and where are you positioning them, like the other type of golf, golf shoe??
Don't let mark fool you i played with him for most of last winter and only saw him slip once and he wasn't even taking a shot the screws work great as watching him is proof for me
I recall using Football cleets with the metal cleets instead of plastic. They were interchangable. I wonder if they would work??
Here in Canada where Snow and Ice are common elements we have Crampons.

These are like rubber OVERSHOES that you place over your regular footwear but Crampons have metal chains or studs attached to them to prevent slipping. They are readily available to FLY FISHERS (Something I do when not Disc Golfing) and can be found in most Outdoor Sports catalogs. (Orvis for example in the USA)
I have a pair of "Snow Walkers" a cheap imported brand and the beauty of them is that they slip off your feet getting in and out of your vehicle.

The local mailman may also have similar devices.

watch marks get better faster video, some of the shots to his partner were not what they were meant to be so they edited the footage to show him at a later date throwing to someone. Watch for the leaves one the ground during some shots and they magically dissapear when all the people are there.


I just wanted to say thank you for all the how to's and write ups you do. Granted im not gonna put screws in my boots, im just gonna get a pair of yak trax cheap and saves a good pair of boots.

But seriously thank you for your write ups.
I did that last year, Mark. It worked just great. Even used them at work to keep from falling.


we use them here in maine and they are the best thing we have found.
yak trax look awesome; i wonder how they're so cheap...do they last? anyone think screws are that much better than these because I don't want to have to change my boots before i get in my car outside in the freezing cold all the time.

beatz said:


we use them here in maine and they are the best thing we have found.

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