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I've been throwing more and more of my buzzes, ace race 08's, and drone lately which makes me wonder what kind of proportion most people keep of midranges to drivers in their bag. Thinking about getting a meteor because I don't have any understable midranges (or putt/approach). I keep 4 midranges in my bag and around 12 drivers.

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Kyle Jacob Smalling said:
Whats the pig like for putts?

I use KC Pro Aviars for putting normally and won't be using anything else. However, with the VERY high winds we were having last weekend ... the Pig was great for short putts that had to cut through that wind and stick to the chains. There were many times when I just had to get the disc under (and I mean close) to the basket. The Pig is very good for this and it doesn't "float" like a putter. It tends to grab whatever it hits. It was great for upshots, short or long, in windy [or not] conditions.
I've been thinkin about those kc pro aviars..

Are they much different than normal aviars?

My new putter choice was between them and a gateway product

Not sure If I wanted to try a discraft putter or not
One Midrange, Two putters, Fourteen Drivers.
Kyle Jacob Smalling said:
I've been thinkin about those kc pro aviars..

Are they much different than normal aviars?

My new putter choice was between them and a gateway product

Not sure If I wanted to try a discraft putter or not

Picking a putter is such a personal thing ... I honestly can't say anything bad about any putter.

I think the Aviar mold has proven itself. You either like it or not. No, there is nothing different about the KC Pro mold. It's a big-bead Aviar in KC Pro plastic. There are different KC Pro plastics, and I like the 10x because that's what my Rocs are mostly.
Fact ... it's a good putter.

Nothing wrong with Gateway Wizards or other Gateway putters ... that's for sure. And Magnets, Challengers, Rattlers are all great putters. I've tried them all.
I only keep 3 different mid-ranges. One of them is a pro-d challenger and that's for anywhere between 100 to 200 feet, then a buzz is on the high end, possibly on a sharper turning shot, for ranges from 150-300 feet. My bag is comprised of mostly drivers because of the possibility of wind and hard turns on a given course.
176g Screamer (long shots - my #1 driver)
172g Raging Inferno (long hyzer shots)
173g XL (long straight shots)
176g #1 Helix (beat - rollers mainly)
168g Stingray (anhyzer drives)
175g Bomb (anhyzers - also for having fun at airports - "Guess what I've got in my bag???")

Dunno (2004 Ace Race disc, super for long-ish upshots but it's a cr@ppy color - green)
176g Roc (my "go-to" upshot disc)
Breeze (forehand upshots)

Soft Challenger (putter) (parkay) (putter!)
Try to narrow it down to just a couple. Takes alot of guess work out of shots.
Mid Buzz

150 flick
2 Star Roc's light and heavy
1 Star Kite for the left to right
1 Champ Spider
1 Star BB Aviar Driver--GO TO DISC
1 Crystl Buzz for long open shots
1 LE Comet for the straight ones
1 Pro HUKLAB Rhyno

2 star wraith-- heavy and light
1 champion ORC
2 Champion Sidewinders
1 Star Firebird
1 Star Excaliber
1 Champ Monarch--Just got it
that really depends on the course and wind. a typical tournament bag would have

3 challengers one z one pro d and one soft

5 mids 2 buzz one wasp one buzz ss and a esp zone

6 drivers one first run z tracker, one elite z tracker, z XL, z reaper, z surge and a z glide
irwinje said:
very interesting lists from everyone. Seems a lot of people carry a lot of discs with them all the time. My bag is always rotating plastic in and out depending on the event, course and time of year. Depending on when you get me, I may have any of the following in my bag. I try to say under 15 discs + 2 putters.
Putting: Wizard/VooDoo/Magic
Mids: Wizard/Squall/Cro/Demon/Pig
Drive: XCaliber/TeeRex/Wraith/Orc/Sidewinder/Monarch
I always have the (M)Wizard and Squall for midrange shots

When I play practice or casual rounds I [almost] always carry less than 12. Usually one putter, 4 Rocs, a Gator, a couple of teebirds and a couple of long drivers. Mids still outnumber the drivers.
i toss a buzz, xd putter, challenger, meteor & stingray (have added a champion classic roc, but cant decide if it can stay in the bag or not). i have 11 drivers.


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