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I've been throwing more and more of my buzzes, ace race 08's, and drone lately which makes me wonder what kind of proportion most people keep of midranges to drivers in their bag. Thinking about getting a meteor because I don't have any understable midranges (or putt/approach). I keep 4 midranges in my bag and around 12 drivers.

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6 or 7 drivers and just as many mid-range.
I have a variety of midranges. I have a few fairway drivers. I get to much of a stall on a long range drivers. Not to mention I throw mids about as long as my drivers.
If my cobra is a mid. then I carry 5 mids.I carry 8-13 drivers(less with bag-more with cart)
2 putters UV challengers
2 buzzes 1 zone 1 drone 2 comets
2 forces 2 surges 1 crush 1 pulse 1 stalker
currently in my bag.....
11 distance drivers
3 fairway drivers
3 mid-range
3 putters...

be good
have fun
5 Drivers, only 3 molds (Leopard, Beast, Destroyer). One overstable leopard for accurate straight shots that need a little fade, one beat to hell one for sick annys. A single Star Beast that flies just how I like it for long S curves. Two destroyers in about the same state of wear for forehanding, max distance, and shooting into the wind.

1 Mid range, a 180g Glow Roc which I plan to get more of. :) I tried the Buzz but the Roc just seems to fit in my hand better, the glow plastic has a great grip, and beautiful straight flight plan with a nice fade at the end.
1 beat flat top ching roc
1 new dx roc
1 12x kc pro roc
1 2006 champ roc
1 z drone

and about 7 drivers
as of now i have:
DX Wraith
Champion Viking

DX Shark
Elite Z Buzz

Aviar P&A

but i hoping to replace the aviar, and shark with a drone, core, and ss wizard then from there work on getting drivers after my form and technique is down.
3 Mid ranges
Drone (FLX)
Torque (ESP)
Buzz (ESP)

6 Extra Long Range Drivers
3 Predators ( 2 Elite Z, 1 ESP)
2 Trackers ( 1 Elite Z, 1 ESP)
1 Venom (ESP)

4 Maximum Distance Drivers
2 Pulses (ESP)
1 Avenger (Elite Z)
1 Force (ESP)

2 Putters
Challenger (FLX)
Zone (ESP)
I've got 4 molds for drivers: (2)Champ Starfire, (2)Star SL, (2)Champ Valkyrie, (2)Champ Teebird. One mold for midrange: (2)Star Skeeter. One mold for putter: (2)Star Aero.

I just started using the Skeeter and I'm lovin' it. It has great glide, and will hold any line I put on it. I have to get used to the right touch for my throws. It has more glide than my previous midrange (Champ Panther) so I'm sometimes going to long on my approach.
for me - 12 drivers, 3 mids

176g, 177g, 180g Star Shark
172g Star Eagle X
170g, 171g, 171g Star TL
171g, 171g, 172g, 172g, 172g Star SL
171g, 171g Star SL
171g Star Firebird
7 mids, 3 buzzz's, 2 wasps, Flx drone and a comet. 15 drivers 2 surges, 4 forces (esp and Z) 2 crush's, 2 flicks, 2 nukes, 2 preds, 1 stalker. I carry so many because I throw forehand, backhand and overhead so each disc has a certain purpose in life plus I like carrying back ups


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