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The other day, I was out throwing some discs with my daughters and my 12 year old was practicing her putts. She was about 15 feet away from the basket and I was on the other side about 30 feet away. She threw her disc and missed the chains completely and it landed at my feet. I picked it up and kinda of tossed it back to her... just enough on it to get it to her so she could catch it. Well, she didn't realize I was going to throw it and didn't try to catch it. She had her Innova Deluxe bag on her shoulder by then. (Here comes the part you have to visualize...) from where I was, about 45 feet away, the Aviar flew over to her and landed flat on the top of her bag, bounced slightly up on end and slipped right down into the bag!! Right into the space where she keeps her freakin putter!!! That was almost like getting an ACE!!

A couple years ago, I was playing in a group and we were probably on hole 14 or so, when a girl in my group attempted a putt from about 30 feet away, up the side of a hill, and she hit the yellow ring on the top of the basket. I was on the other side of the basket about 15 feet on up the hill, bent over, laying my mini down. It was at that point that her freakin putter landed ON MY BACK!!! Her bounce off the yellow rim landed on my back!! Don't know the rules for that sort of thing, so I just stayed bent over and let her take her putter FROM MY FREAKIN BACK!!!!

Anybody else have weird stuff happen to them on the course??

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thats funny. one in a million right?
if you want to see something weird check out the video on here title 'one in a million'.
Yeah, I was playing Chavez Ridge yesterday and went to find my disc on #18 - it wasn't hard to find because it had a ROCK - the size of my fist - sitting directly on top of it. Nobody else around playing games, must have dropped out of the sky or something.
We have seen a few similiar shots made. Can't recall the bag on the shoulder into the right slot though. Great shot!!! Did she pay you for the ace...haha!

Now on the weird note....about a year ago we found several of our baskets and parts of those fairways in that area......the scene of some kind of Santeria ritual/gathering....feathers, flowers, cigar ashes, candles, sticks forming various symbols. No sign of any animal sacrifices though.

It was entertaining to taunt each other to go near and cross the plain......Spooky.
All I can say is this, thrown from the pad, disc came to rest 40ft away and 14ft off the ground. AMAZING/WEIRD!!!

To bad it wasn't me who Ripped it!

Had a wedgie today.
Playing in a field, one of my friends grabbed one of my drivers from the field and threw it up to my bag from about 250 ft. out and the disc landed right in my bag.
I was on hole #7, and I wormburned my drive about 100 feet or so in front of me. At the exact same time, a squirrel bursted down a tree, straight into the direction of my disc and BAMM!!!! The squirrel did a few rolls, and gone, as fast as it came. The funniest thing I probably will ever see in my entire life. And I threw the disc!

I hit this putt from about 15 feet and then it wobbled on the edge about 3X and flipped over onto the knobs. Gotta love Cass Benton Park!
not that weird but cool nonetheless...

http://s119.photobucket.com/albums/o153/wilburg2/oakway/?action=vie...;"/>Photobucket' />

Oh, I've seen something cool!

This kid was playing our course, and he had a bad throw. The disc goes up like 40 feet in the air and goes straight into this disc shaped hole in the tree. And then it just popped back out. I didn't even know that hole was there.
So we are out playing yesterday and to my disbelief I was present when this happened again. Disc Taco

Want some hot sauce with that taco?

Jack Davis said:
All I can say is this, thrown from the pad, disc came to rest 40ft away and 14ft off the ground. AMAZING/WEIRD!!!

To bad it wasn't me who Ripped it!

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