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It seems that lately with more and more new members on this site the discussions, pictures, and videos have been getting more interesting and more views. However, with the new additions lately I have been seeing more rude comments, and poor language being used. This site is a family oriented site, and disc golfers are known to be like a big family. When you are on here it is your choice to view pictures, videos, and discussions. People place tags on things for a reason. If it dosn't look like somthing you want to see than don't view it, if you do and dont like it, why waste your time leaving a bad comment just move on. Let's keep this site cool and friendly like a disc golf course is supposed to be. If that's not your style, then how about representing disc golf and the people who play it how we want to be seen by outsiders. It would be nice to someday talk about disc golf to people who don't play, without them thinking that everyone who does is a worthless piece of trash.

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I could not agree more Mike. I think camaraderie is a central part of disc golf and I can't stand when I see people acting otherwise. Good discussion post, its important we remember what kind of community we are and want to be. Anyone starting fights on the course or talking trash beyond joking around on here should recognize that kind of behavior is not welcome in our sport that many of us have a strong allegiance to.
sweet blog
A friend of mine was at the USDGC and put up a horrific number in the second round (99). those of you who were listening to Maceman.s broadcast or where there deffinatley heard about it. Still he was walking around, smiling, having a good time and still being respectful of others players, officials, etc. I guess what Im trying to get at is its a real fun game, and yes there are some serious players out there, but ITS A GAME, be respectful to other players, even if your having a bad round, day or whatever ... Im sure we all started this game having FUN!! :)) Shoot it up!

PS.... People are going to bring the yellow rope to every tourney he's in from now on lol.
Nicely said....
Well Put.
It comes down to a lack of maturity in some people... It's sad. A lot of teens or .. in small cases adults don't realize that, until we get awesome forum post like these. Does the site need to step up it's forum administration?
I'd rather not step up forum moderation, folks. Please deal with rudeness and inappropriate stuff *first* by sending a message to the person involved. Nearly every time I have done so - and *every* time when it was someone who had not just joined in the past day or two - I have been respected by the person I messaged. So, start by approaching someone about an issue *privately* - then escalate to notifying me. Let's not get into public back and forth arguments!

We do want this to stay family friendly. I don't want things on here that make potential members uncomfortable. Before you post, think of that mother of that 14-year-old Junior competitor and how comfortable is she going to be looking around the site. Remember, for example, that an edgy photo can be posted in such a way as only you and your friends can see it, it doesn't have to be fully public.

"On the Internet" does not equal "In your face" and I am very proud of the folks on here for keeping the tenor pretty cool.
terry is the man!
Its a shame when anything turns ugly. We are in this sport for the enjoyment I believe. Of course we are from everywhere and have all been brought up in our own unique ways, but the point is "brought up". Now we are mature and respectful and should behave accordingly. I love to party, am tattooed up and live for disc golf but yet, I am a Supervisor for a County law enforcement agency (go figure). There is a time and place for everything. But rudeness and and immaturity just waste time. Live and love drama free and rely on karma! What you give, is what you get back.
I guess that's why they make chocolate and vanilla ice cream.
dont get me wrong, im the most sarcastic dickhead ever, but i do know when and where its appropriate. i think some people say stuff that they shouldnt of, but then agian, i think some people need to lighten up and laugh alittle in their life....
that is the best post yet
well said

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