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Hey all,

I thought it would be kind of cool to post our scores of the day somewhere like this. This site will continue to grow and this would be a fun way to keep up on your friends progress. What do you think? For those of us that don't travel to tourneys, it will be cool to see how current SD DG'ers are doing.

I'll send out reminders each weekend for the next month or so and if no one is interested, I'll turn the forum off.

1. Positive vibe. No using this forum to dig on others
2. Score plus a few highlights?

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Man, I miss morley field. I haven't been there since before the loss of the shoe tree. maybe later this summer. my best score there was either a +2 or +4.
There was a bag tag challenge at Emerald Isle today. Vincent put EI tag #1 on the line against Jared, AJ and myself. Final score were Jared (-5) takes tag #1, Vincent (-1) gets AJ's #10, AJ (E) takes my #13, and I finished (+8) to take #15. Aces and SoCal bag tags remained with there respective holders. Jared's uncle, Rich, played EI for the first time and made some good shots along the way.

I played pretty poorly but I finished strong with 2 birdies from 20 and 35 feet. I just have to learn how to avoid the greens and the water (DOH!) Lost two discs on back to back holes. Not smart.
I can't tell you much about the El Do open results because I didn't stick around long afterwards. I do know this: Carlo Pelg won Men's Open, Kevin Gomez won Men's Advanced and Kayleen Boyle won Women's Advanced. So we had 3 division winners, Adazm came in 3rd and Roper came in 8th. Don't ask me how I did or what I thought of the tourney...
Oh, and congrats to Brittney Breed for winning Advanced Women at the St. Patrick's Classic in Orangevale!
Carl - stop trunk-slammin'!!! Even if you play poorly, you should stick around to support your friends and fellow club-members! Friendly advice...
I played 9 holes at Montiel on Sunday in pretty stiff winds and shot 2-over. Yikes!! I had a putting meltdown on #5 and my lefty hyzer tee shot on #7 went OB in the street. I think I belong in the "B" pool...

Then Monica and I played ball golf at San Luis Rey Downs. I shot 108 from the whites. I think I had 6 lost ball strokes. On the positive side, I had four pars and was very accurate with my low-to-middle irons. :)
I did stick around and congratulate Gomez on his victory and to see how everyone did. I just didn't stay for the awards ceremony. I hated the tournament and how it was run. I could give you a laundry list of reasons why, but I don't think everyone wants to hear me whine. Just know you did 10 times better with the SM Ice Bowl. I played terribly and that was because I got in my own head, i'm not trying to blame the tournament.
I think it's unfair to accuse me of trunk-slammin. I am usually one of the first people to congratulate everyone and usually one of the last people to leave. I make a point of trying to keep everyone pumped up so they play well and I am supportive of all of my disc golfing friends all the time.
Also, I have to add, that I have heard a lot of things said about me, that I have taken in stride. I know I can't please everyone. But if I continue to get blasted for this, it is going to be hard not to take things personally. I work out of town 4 days a week and often am out of town on the weekend as well for sanctioned events. So sometimes if I don't go home instead of hanging out after an event, I don't get to spend any time at home. Yesterday I got back in town at 4. I will have to leave town this morning less than 24 hours after I got here. I haven't spent 2 days at a time at my own house for more than a month. It definately is not the easiest thing to do and I would hope people would understand the sacrifices I am making in my life to follow this dream of mine and possibly think twice about blasting me on message boards for trivial things. I don't believe any of my friends that played the tournament were offended by how I left.
I didn't think they did such a horrible job of running the thing, but then again I only played kinda bad as opposed to terrible. :)

I guess my card got done early so my hamburger and hotdog lunch on Saturday were great. But when Laurie got done 30 or 40 minutes later the rush was on and they were handing out some pretty raw meat patties, so that was a "not great" thing. I think it's better to make people wait, even though that sucks too. That was the only bad aspect I experienced, except for not being able to play Horseshoe in the wind. :-\

There was a little confusion about the awards ceremony, with some of the staff saying awards at 3:00 PM on Sunday, but they went ahead and started at about 2:10 because it had already been a long time after the finish of the round. Not great, but no so bad, but then again I was hanging out waiting. I might've thought otherwise had I gone somewhere and come back at 3:00 to find everything done.

Other than that, I thought they did a pretty good job with everything. There was plenty of time between rounds on Saturday, even though the last cards came in a lot later than others. It was good not to be rushed. The 10:00 AM start time on Sunday was sweet.

I thought they did a pretty good job with it. What was the problem?
Rhett, I could go on for hours about it. I'm not trying to air it out on the web. I will e-mail you some of my concerns if you really want to hear them. Let's just say next year i'll either take this week off after Vegas and Memorial or go up and play St. Patricks. 10:00 on Sunday was a good idea, i'll say that much.
I agree about the wind at Horseshoe. It reminded me of the SoCal Bag Challenge at Riverside. Also it was nice being able to walk off the course after round 1, grab some food, relax and still have time to head to the other course.

Although, one thing I heard was that there were issues with scores not being entered correctly. One player I know of stepped forward and stated their score was incorrect (scored 59 instead of 57), it was ignored. Had this player gone on to win by one or two strokes, things may have been messy. Fortunately, this scenario didn't play out.
A couple of replies, then I'm done:

- You did not stick around for awards at the SVO, Wintertime Open, Montiel Ice Bowl, possibly the Sun Valley Ice Bowl (but I'm not sure on that one) and then this weekend. Each of these events you did not finish "the way you wanted to." I was not aware of your personal schedule issues, just commenting on my observations.

- If you don't like hearing criticism you should back off on some of the smack talk. You put yourself out there challenging other golfers by name, so I (and others) assume you're fair game. That's the way the world works.

- I enjoy playing with you and enjoy having you in the mix around here. I like to rib people, but only if they see the fun in it (e.g., Gomez). I'll back off.
How would we possibly finish before dark? Haven't awards been handed out in the dark the past two years?

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