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Hey all,

I thought it would be kind of cool to post our scores of the day somewhere like this. This site will continue to grow and this would be a fun way to keep up on your friends progress. What do you think? For those of us that don't travel to tourneys, it will be cool to see how current SD DG'ers are doing.

I'll send out reminders each weekend for the next month or so and if no one is interested, I'll turn the forum off.

1. Positive vibe. No using this forum to dig on others
2. Score plus a few highlights?

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You should also contact the TD, if you haven't already.
We're also playing 4 more holes per round that many players will have never played. Additionally, more groups are playing some of the longer pads than in the past, which may slow play a little.

Are you not able to get enough sleep to start at 0-dark-thirty? Comes with the territory, Daddy-O ;)
I can guarrentee you that the 57/59 would not have led to a messy anything, as it was my wife's score card that had the problem. :) The only issue about getting it corrected was that Steve Loken wanted to see the actual scorecard before he changed a score on the leaderboard card, and he didn't have the round 1 scorecards at Horseshoe because they put the scores up over at the other course and only sent the leaderboard.

It seems kind of silly when you have a player telling you that they should have a higher score, but then again I can see his point completely in not wanting to change the leaderboard without seeing the scorecard. He was going to check them Saturday night, but then he called over to the other course and had Brayton verify the correct score and then it was changed.

It was just kind of weird and understandable, but defintely not a problem!
Good luck in Sack-town next year!
10:00 AM start for EIEIO?

I don't know, I'm not a big fan of one round sacntioned tournaments. :)
I didn't know your wife had it happen too. I was talking about a player in the Intermediate division. His 2nd round wasn't so great so it becomes a moot point. I can understand wanting to verify the score before the round starts but I haven't seen this type of thing happening at any other event (this is only my sixth PDGA tournament, so it's a relatively small sampling I know.) It is strange that your wife's score was changed but not the Intermediate player's.

Regardless, that tournament is over (save for the final results posting) and I am now looking forward to playing the EIEIO. I have had a good time playing EI over the course of the last month and really want to do well at the tournament.
You know what? Laurie shot a 69 and was scored 67 on the leaderboard, not 59/57. Duh.... :) My bad.

But...that kind of stuff happens. Laurie can be pretty persuasive, and she didn't want to let up on Steve until he changed it. She was good with the "I'll check it tonight" promise and then she started helping write the scorecards for round 2 since no ElDo locals stepped up to help, so maybe Steve decided to make the phone call as part of that.

Did the Int guy's score get corrected before the Sunday round? Did he mention it to Brayton, the TD, back at the main course Sunday morning if it wasn't? Brayton was the official TD and should've had access to all the prior round scorecards, so he was the guy to talk to if things weren't resolved.

Stuff happens. Was it really a big deal or just a simple mistake? I think that sometimes players have unrealistic expectations.

We rocked the PPA El Dorado Open with First Place in Open, Advanced, Advanced Women, and Advanced Masters.
Way to go Aces. Conditions were windy and the temporary horseshoe course was technical.

1st - Carlo Pelg
2nd(T) - Micah Dorius
12th(T) - George Spracklen
14th(T) - Dave Parnell
23rd(T) - Miguel Ramos
25th(T) - Mike Lust
DNF - Willie Lister

3rd(T) - David Devine (playoff???)
3rd(T) - Kona Kaufman (playoff???)
9th - Joe Graham
12th - Dan Shorkey

1st(T) - Snapper Pierson – Lost playoff to take 2nd
5th - Glenn Trimstra

Senior Grandmasters
2nd(T) - John Tallent (playoff???)
2nd(T) - Bill Richards (playoff???)

1st - Kevin Gomez - taking the field by 8 strokes.
2nd(T) - Adazm Nash - Lost Playoff
8th(T) - Side Arm Dave Roper
10th(T) - Daniel Big D Lichtman
15th(T) - Jake Wills
20th - Carl Beanieman Renda
23rd - Eddy Spracklen

Advanced Women
1st - Kayleen Boyle
3rd - Megan Stroh
4th - Laurie Stroh

Advanced Masters
1st - Greg Olsen
2nd - Randy Wylot
3rd - Rhett Stroh
5th - Mike Kvasnicka
6th - Danny Zwolenski
8th - Dave Clapp

5th - Tom Millard
7th - Ben Rutherford
8th(T) - Brandon Coates
10th - Paul Stevens
14th - Evan Taylor
15th - Paul Morgavo
16th - Robert Martin
17th - Boyd Turner

Intermediate Women
3rd - Rita Nash
4th - Sofia Martin

I don't think any Rec players were from San Diego...

Way to go Aces. We showed up in numbers and played well.
Sorry if I missed your name, I’m trying to remember San Diegans from memory.
7th - Ed Bible
13th - Mike Valli
1 over at the big moday challenge. had 44 and that was the best tag there. 20 out of 25 tags were red. where oh were did the blue tags go?
Everyone who has one is hiding. Just kidding. :) There are now 200 bag tags, so most of them are going to be red. Plus the pros get the yellows and generally hang on to them until an am gets lucky.
I know Willie had #5 and even took a side bet with me at ELDO. I've got #14, but you gotta take it from my sidearm calloused hand. I should be at Morley either Wed or Thu and I'll give you a shot at lil blue.
I'll be there. I'm hoping to figure that course out in time for the EIEIO.

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