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So here's my current bag

3x Wraith - 1 Pro, 1 Champ, 1 Star - My distance drivers
2x Champ Beast - 1 that's really broken in is used for long turnovers. The other is used for hyzer flips and straight shots.
FLX Avenger - Roller (still learning how to roll) and shorter turnovers
Leopard - Straight Fairway
3x Buzz - All in different stages of wear
And of course, a couple of putters

My main question is that it has been very windy for the past month where I play. I find that none of my drivers are too good of headwind discs. What do people suggest for a good headwind disc that will hold the line its put on?

My second question is, does anyone see any gaping holes in my bag? I feel like I've got all the shots taken care of, but it's always nice to have another opinion. I'm really getting into competitive disc golf for the first time, and would love to have all types of shots at my disposal.

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I used to live in NC and moved to TX. I rarely play a round out here without windy conditions. I have added a couple of Star Maxs' to the bag. Some guys out here use the TeeRex and TeeRex-X for headwind shots.

I would say you should try throwing a Destroyer as a distance driver in addition to the Wraith. Most people that throw the discs you have in the bag are throwing a Destroyer too.
You left out one detail on how your throwing into the the wind. Back or forehand? I throw a mix of shots now depending if I need accuracy or distance. I just recently played a tournament where the wind was 30 - 40 mph at times. I used a TeeRex a bit and the wraith a bit as well. The wraith was a 175g and my teerez was 171g. A few grams for me makes a big difference on my throws. 168g Teerex witht he wind I might as well leave at home 171g I can manage the 175g wriath worked great for me. I have a monster which is suppose to be good for the wind I used it once because I had no luck at all with it.

As for what you have in your bag if you know your disc and they cover every shot in you may come across on the course no need to get anything else. Just more options to make a simple game more complicated and more weight to carry around. When I first started playing I had 3 disc 2 of them where valks and I could throw any shot I needed with them, and my game was a lot better back then.
I like heavier champion destroyers for long head wind shots
i'd recommend going for something stable like a firebird, destroyer, max, or monster that you know is going to turn hard in the wind. good luck
Gotta rep the discraftr plastic,
Predators will fly a mile into a strong headwind, and can fight a strong cross wind to go straight depending on how you throw. (forehand/backhand) Otherwise a Pulse is a little less stable and a little longer then a Pred in lighter wind conditions. For tailwind shots try throwing your turnover beast, or a lighter/ beat up buzzz, they'll fly way straighter then your use to, and wont hyzer out fast like your stable plastic will down a tailwind.
You have gotten some good advice here. There is a probability that whatever big stable disc you get will get the best of you. I picked up the Teerex when it first came out I could not tame it. After a few months I picked it back up and fell in love with it. My crew throws allot of them. Forehand especially. I don't like the Teerex-X champion however. It is one of those disc that doesn't fly like they say it is supposed to. If you throw it hard enough it flys like a big beast. I would chk out both the Teerex and Destoyer for your headwind issues. Also, don't forget the headwind upshot...what to throw. I would recommend only two disc...either the Drone FLX or the gator Champion. Good luck!

P.S. the Champion Viking is dominant in a tail wind!!

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