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Those of us in the snowy north like to think that playing in tough weather makes us better competitors. But does that compensate enough for the fact that y'all in the south (and west . . . Hawaii . . . sigh) can play more often?

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i live in colorado...i dont know if the snow makes me a tougher player but
it does make me a safer player. it forces you to make fewer mistakes
which pays off down the line when you face tough condition.
Check my videos for some examples of playing in the snow. In one scene, i'm not in the picture, but my boot got hung up on snow during a sidearm drive and I tweeked my knee pretty hard. Paying the price for that one.
very true. You think digging through bushes for your disc is tough, try a snow bank. Keep it straight down the snowmobile tracks. Too far left or right and it's in deep.
I dont think you can compensate for playing golf 12 months a year under normal golf weather conditions by throwing some rounds in the snow up north. Places like Florida and San Diego provide perfect weather year round for golf and have compeditive tourneys almost every day of the week.

Its not just disc golfers that realise this either, just look at the ball golfers names that come from the same areas.
There's no substitute for quality practice. Is practice in snowy or frigid conditions really quality practice?
what does it prepare you for? Maybe for Ice Bowls, but when the "season" rolls around, what kind of conditions are you playing in?

The more practice you get playing in the conditions that you actually compete in, the better you will be competing in those conditions. There's no doubt that Northerners are going to have an advantage in snowy or frozen conditions. I'd be surprised if the advantage isn't reversed in mild or hot weather.
yeah its winter golf, the air is heavier, its harder with many layers on and sometimes the footing is crap
but most times its just golf with some snow layin around...
its really just on drives where the footing is an issue for me- when Im tryin to put some a$$ into it, other than that I do alright with mostly standstill ups and of course putts, so when we have dry teepads Id say the quality of golf is mostly equal to any other round we play...
seems contrary to say that continuing to throw isn't going to help you continue to throw
yesterday we went to a course w/no teepads and it was very tough to uncoil on a drive while pushing off snowcovered ice, but ups and ins were still pretty similar, so it was 66% kwality with a constant wind...
seems like it all just serves to input info into the encyclopedic musclememory... and it gets me outta the house!
well terry here in south alabama it's true we don't get much snow, but it does get very cold at times.. heck, this past weekend it got really cold, i'm talking 44 for the morning low... LMAO..... i love mobile,alabama.....
I have played in the cold in INDIANA,but currently live in FLORIDA.I find the heat down here can be a challenge also.You can only take so much clothes off.
I've always thought playing in the cold with the layers of clothes on makes my game better when the warm weather comes back and my physical movements are not as restricted.
I think those that play in the northern regions have a advantage over those who dont learn to play bulked up and cold .first point is driving on a teepad that is pure ice teaches you that slow and smooth release. 2nd point mental toughness how many from tx or fl can say they have been excited to go play in 0 temps with winds blowing, 3rd point discs fly different in the cold ,they dont flex and drawing a disc right can be a real challenge when your discs are freezing cold and your fingers are cold. .4th point throwing with 3 layers and a thick coat and bunny boots(they weigh about 3 pounds each) teaches you to adjust your form while throwing. so that when it finally warms up you feel very light and free of motion and can let the disc rip while keeping smooth
Im a big loser and I will not be playing in the winter. Its just not as fun for me. It turns into more work than fun. I will be waiting for no snow.
70 is not cold ...that is our usual high temp in the summer ,stick your discs in the freezer then throw them and you will see what a "cold " disc flys like ....70 and my disc are cold sheesh get a clue

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