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First of all, I am a chef and Fri, Sat and Sun are the most important days for me to be present on the job in that order. It just so happens that Saturday is the MOST popular "single day" tournament day followed by Sunday. Furthermore this being an a sport that has people from all walks of life and profession, it seems as though some of us are not in the best situation to play tournaments on the weekend. If there was ONE tournament SOMEWHERE within 2.5 hours of my home in my state in the MON-THURS realm, I would be there. Is there anyone else who shares the same turmoil? Derelicts unite! LOL.

At minimum I think people from each area in the restaurant, public service or any hospitality business should have somewhere to play a sanctioned tournament at least once a month. We should make some of these 9-5'ers take time off to play a tournament instead of leaving our responsibilities on the busiest time of the week. So if it takes a different breed of blue collar, hospitality job having, disc golf loving, devoted players willing to take the reigns of setting up a new kind of tournament during the week then so be it! Please express your feelings on the matter.
Thanks for reading.

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I just dont know how many disc golfers would be able to play a tourney on say a Tuesday morning? I think it would take someone working your kinda hours to run the tournament on a weekday to see how it goes (im not sure how many people would play, unless it was during school/college/university holidays). I suppose you could join your local club, propose it to the committee and offer to run it, and see how it goes?
Honestly I'd play any day of the week, I work third shift. Convenient for me I guess but none-the-less if I didn't have good hours, I'd share the same feelings. I live in Michigan where there are hordes of disc golfers. I'm sure if I put on a tournament of some sort on a monday, I bet i'd have all sorts. I would take Hootie's advice and talk to a local club. There's bound to be a few derelicts that could put something together if there would be a 30-40 player turnout. If you are ever in Kalamazoo, drop me a line and we can play for plastic any day of the week. Good luck with your M-F dilemma!
We've had a "slackers" league here in the Twin Cities every Wednesday at 11am for several years that has 8-20 players come rain, shine, wind or snow. Of course, this is a major metro area so it may be tougher to get that turnout in smaller markets.
You're right Mark, I was primarily talking about pdga tournaments, but a slackers league is a great idea.
Chuck, I live in the Detroit Metro area so it is theoretically possible to get a decent turnout.
The good news is that the PDGA is planning to offer sanctioned league play at some point, possibly sometime next year, but no official plans or timetable yet.
I noticed in the park were I play at ... there are always parents/grandparents with kids at the near-by playground. If you have someone talking to those people, good way to form a day league maybe... in the nice weather anyways... you might get a few die hard discers to get to other events to...Ive seen some stollers being pushed around our course this summer.
the heck with hooked on phonics..hooked on plastic is better lol JUST KIDDING haaa!
hey now,with you on this problem.Retail sucks when you want to play tourney's on weekends.Rec playing is that shot in the dark,get with your disc league at your local course to try and set weekday play.Good luck,Peace
I definately believe that in the detroit metro area you would be able to hold a league as well as a tournement per month or so and have it be successful. All the college kids, third shifters, hospital workers, not to mention how many people are laid off right now around there and the hardcore golfers that would probably play hookey for a day of disc golf. If it was advertised all around this state you would have good players show up and I think it would be a fun event. Don't let all the weekend worriers put you off.
i would love to play a tourney during the week and would for sure becuase my job involves the worst hours ever so acully during the week is better for me since i usally get stuck with thrusday firday satruday sunday shifts, shitty hours but great pay on week ends
I would love to have weekday tournys! I work Sat-Wed and all the tournys around are Sat, Sun, or both, so I have to take time off to go play. It's starting to piss off my co-workers, luckly winter is coming up and I won't have tournys again till spring, or unluckly depending on how you look at it.
I know it's tough for some as they work weekends too !!!
I'm in the same boat; I'm a chef and restaurant owner. Unfortunately for me I live in a small market.
BUT I would gladly drive 2-3 hrs. to play a one day or two day event if it were on a Monday/Tuesday.

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