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How is being a realist being negative ? Please explain that one to me.

I openly invite you to go to any course in America (non state funded park) HEll im sure you could even see it in some parks. Do a survey or ask people to search them. Think the majority of people you talk to will have some kind of narcotic or "beverage". Lets be honest with yourself and those that play this sport. The majority or discers are out there to get high or drunk. The minority are the people on this site or the ones that go to pdga events. Go clean up a course and see how many go right behind you and break a bottle of beer that they just finished.

Dont make it sound like im some negative guy because i tell it the way i see it. Ask anyone in the State of Maine or anyone that knows me. I do more for this sport then some disc golf companies. WIth helping at well over 20 tournaments this year cleaning up 5+ courses, sponsering atleast 15 ctp prizes in the tournaments and helping organize one hell of a fundraiser for a disc golf brother im sure i have made some improvements to further the image of the sport. Fact still remains, no matter what image we try to sell to the olympics we are still the minority.
Also, not to be negative but I would guesss entry into the Olympics will be a function of money and political influence, not petitions.
Good points beatz, you are right we are the minority..I just wish that would change. But lke they say wish in one hand and s!@$ in the other and see what one fills up quicker. It is nice to know that the people on here are a lot of the ones like you and I that do help clean up our courses and try to promote the sport in a positive fashion. Good discussion.
Beatz, as always, thanks for the invitation but I do not think violating a persons Civil Rights is a good way to prove your point.lol But if you want to feel up people, go onto a ball golf course and perform the same experiment and the results will be the same as stated and this is what the "clean up the sport" group wants as the model for DG. That is what I do not understand and what I am tired of hearing. Move on. Next. Been there, done that. New discussion. Come back with something with a little more substance and I will listen. I'm a patient person.

I don't think people are being negative when they voice their concerns about cleaning up the sport, it is their opinion but it is not the only opinion out there. It is however the majority opinion of the PDGA. We can agree to disagree as we have in the past. I just think the "blame game" has not advanced the sport to the next level judging by the stated opinion that the majority of DGers are out there to party and not play DG.

Now, when the Olympic committee looks at adding a sport they have to look at all of the participating countries and determine if the sport will be fair to all or most countries. Here in the US, we have lots o' money to pay for training, training facilities, travel and on and on. Smaller countries may not be able to afford to fund all available Olympic sports simply due to costs. It costs quite a bunch of money to pay just for travel for example so some countries have to be very selective with the sports they chose. If by some miracle, DG was added for the next Olympics then at most the only countries that would participate would be countries that already have a DG environment which would limit participation as well as viewership.

How about a "Worlds" tournament held outside of the US?

As always, a healthy discussion.
Frankly, and im not trying to be rude here.

I dont care if you listen to what i have to say. Its an internet discussion everyone has their right to say what they want, In all honesty im not that worried if you hear what i am saying, Im a selfish disc golfer some may say. I worry about the appeal to people in my state only. What happens on other courses outside of Maine it concerns me none. WHy is that ? Because I can be part of the solution in fixing up courses around here. I can give 110% to what needs to be done around my state and feel good at the strides and improvements i have made to the appeal to the people who dont fully understand what disc golf is really about.

Funny thing happened awhile back, i was playing a course made by the man himself. Granted this course was made back in the mid 70's, im sure you can imagine that its heavily overgrown now. Well a kid about 19 walks up to me with his girlfriend after i finish my first round and says "what ya doin". To make a long story short he called me last week cause i had my name and number on the discs i gave him and his girlfriend, he and his girlfriend now play almost more then i do. He went out and bought 5 discs the weekend he got home from his camping trip. His only gripe about disc golf ? The pot, He drives trucks for a living and has drug screens a couple times a year.

Im not saying people shouldnt smoke weed or drink on the course, hell i have done it all and when i say it all i really mean it all. It comes down to is if the person doing such action has the courtesy not to do it in plain sight of children or peoples with their families. Trust me anyone comes walking up with a spliff while im on the course with my little cousin or nephew expect something to be said.
this would be a great olympic sport
Maybe in our life time but not 2012...good luck though I signed
nitegolfer said:

How about a "Worlds" tournament held outside of the US?

Yeah Canada, New Zealand, Japan etc...
Jay and January@Just-Disc-Golf said:
nitegolfer said:

How about a "Worlds" tournament held outside of the US?

Yeah Canada, New Zealand, Japan etc...
They haven't wanted to do it yet and have been asked. Canada (Toronto) did host one in the 80s.
wow lots have changed since the 80's though my satellite radio station dont. Why is it that they have not wanted to???
Jay and January@Just-Disc-Golf said:
wow lots have changed since the 80's though my satellite radio station dont. Why is it that they have not wanted to???
Not enough quality courses located close enough. Lack of financial resources available, especially since Pro Worlds loses money without sufficient local sponsorship and lots of free volunteer efforts. Even though Am Worlds does OK financially, they don't have much amateur tournament play overseas yet. Japan would require 150 class discs only which probably wouldn't be approved for Worlds. Weak American dollar reduces potential attendance when most players would come from here.
Look at skiing.

beatz said:
I have a hard time believing people actually think disc golf will get into the olympics . Some discers are so glad that this sport is a "underground" sport so they can partake in extra activities while on the course. Untill the image of a stoner alcoholic hippie is shed from the sport it will not be in the olympics.

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