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Locally a big thing to do is sign baskets after an ace here in Greeley, CO. I was wondering if this is just a local thing or if it is common place around the country? Do you think this is a good idea or a bad one?

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for sure man.maybe it is a michigan thing but everyone does it.thats the first question asked after the ace,is do you have a marker?
Yeah.. I think it would be a cool thing to come back to a basket a couple years after the fact and still seeing the information about your ace but If I DID... it'd be on the inside rim of the basket not visible to people walking by. It'd be like the Stanley Cup with years and years of Ace information. It's a big deal when you get an ace and not everyone will see your history on the back of a personal disc. I agree senseless tagging on the pole holes is just plain retarded but if it's a tradition where you are.. so be it. Put it up in your rules for the course at Hole 1 if you feel otherwise. I could go either way on the decision. I wouldn't be upset if it got painted over if it was on the basket. I see the point about the look of the course. It's a tough one. Good Topic Eric
I have no problem with people signing post or baskets. I enjoy being able to see who aced a hole and when. What bothers me is all the other stuff that is written throughout the course. My local course(Cass Benton in MI) has the most vandalism I have ever seen at a course and 95% of it consist of blank is a whore, smoke pot, or beer is cool. You will find variations of each of these at every bench, table, and sign. I have no problem with beer or pot, but I don't see any need to write my feelings on the course.
I'm in the don't tag it camp. I personally don't give two craps who got an ace on this hole or that hole. And besides, if I wanted to know, I'd rather hear the story from you than read your name on some post. The story is always more interesting anyway.

However, I do believe in recognizing aces in some manner. We keep a list of reported aces in the pro shop at each course, but I know most courses don't have pro shops. Another course near here keeps a special sign at the tee for players to sign which is exclusively for noting aces. Yet another course I know of has little plaques added to the tee sign for each reported ace. Both methods are much more pleasant and orderly to look at than a bunch of scribbling on a basket or tee sign. I can't count how many tee signs I've encountered that were obscured with scribbling of not only aces, but "eagles" and even "birdies"...to the point you couldn't make anything out of the map or distance on the sign.

It just looks ugly, and I don't care what tradition is. I'm sure it's gang tradition to put their "signs" all over walls and train cars, etc. Doesn't make it any more pleasant to look at. Maybe I should start a tradition of tagging every building I enter with "Josh was here" right on the front door. Everyone can do it. I'll start with the grocery store I plan to stop at on my way home from work, and maybe the bank too. Could be fun.
I can't imagine why ANYONE feels the need to simply state "Beer is cool" that is ridiculously pointless. But yes I have seem stuff as idiotic as that at Cass, not to mention the physical course damage and trash.

It is not OK by my standards to cover up and tee sign or hole # information with an ace marking as JC says he has seen and I have to. That is vital information.
we sign the tee post next to the tee off here in Oshkosh, Wiscsonin. i think most of the people i disc with carry a sharpie or some sort of permanent marker in their bag in case of an ace. we write our name down and the date and time and usually put "uwo disc club" under that. then the witnesses sign the disc that was just aced and then the person either retires that disc our continues using it.
I like the idea of a special plaque or sign to recognize aces, maybe next to the course rules, then the 187 foot hole that gets aced every week wouldn't be that big of deal but the 460' hole that's only been aced twice in ten years would get the recognition it truly deserves, which is why I don't like the idea of signing the basket, far too often it's a short hole that's pretty open and just covered in ace posts and makes it look like a railcar at the local train yard
Don't need to mark basket

Maybe make a sign for aces...?

Good idea?
i know that our one local park has many ace runs under 350 ft and have been marked several times. a board of some type would be nice but getting funding from the parks in our town is near imposible. Great idea if you have the funds i guess but most courses dont have that option.
In Fort Wayne, In we just sign our names on the tee box signs.
im gonna sign the wire forms that make up the basket so its not noticeable
i sign the bottom of the pole for the basket. that way i got my mark and its not that noticeable.

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