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Looking to hear what people have to say on this topic I'm fairly new to this sport and haven't picked out a driver as a go to driver. I have several to choose from that i own. the ones i have narrowed it down to that i currently have are


How should i pick one?

What do you suggest to use as a first driver and why?

would like to learn controllable distance

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hands down... throw the XL it will give you a good "starting center" when learning new drivers in the future. but at the same time throw the Eagle (if its DX plastic) all over the course. let it hit trees take a second drive with it. let that get good and beat up (hell even throw it against your fence from about 60 feet) once its beat you will have a "go to" driver.
The XL is a great recommendation. If you are looking for something a little faster try the SS Avenger. It's also a great beginner driver.
the leopard should be everyone's first driver.
leapard is a great driver for someone learning how to throw a back hand but for a forehand i would go with the beast.
I concur with the XL recommendation. Plus, as your game develops, it will probably remain in your bag. Even after you move on to high-speed, max-D drivers, it will still have a place as a fairway driver and for straight tunnel shots.
gazelle and eagle
beat to hell were my first drivers i got good Distance with them and they threw hella straight
but i would just expeirament with them and figure out what you like
im not sure about the leopard... innova first introduced it as an "ultra long turning driver" so it says on my pro plastic leopard which is in my bag (big hyzer shots ( righty back hand hard left turn) the beast is only a good starter disc if it is a light weight 165ish gram star plastic disc. i used to throw a beast a mile. innova changed the mold and now i throw too hard and it flips over (found that out the hard way twice in long grass ...never saw them again) gazelle's are fantastic. i carry 2 in my bag and for good reason. they are great starter discs but once you get the hang of drivers and start throwing further they will become fairway drivers... beat them up and they will start turning over on you... i carry one new one beat to all hell. i have given away several arc angles and my beginner friends seem to like them. but throw what you like and feel comfortable with, ask your friends to try out a driver on a hole. you can never throw too much. anyway... you dont always have to throw at your local course. hit up a soccer field or a school to work things out and look online for tips ...if your not too sure after all this send me a message and i have enough "beat in plastic" laying around ill send you something...... sorry for the novel :)
164 valkerie
xl or leopard....two of the easier to throw discs as
a beginner.
imo, everyone should master "easier" to throw plastic..(midranges or slow easy to control drivers). i see way to many beginners trying to throw what the pros are throwing, and then they wonder why it just turns left real fast... ha ha....my first discs were sharks and aviars, cobras and stingrays...very easy to throw!!
I agree the Xl is a good driver, however taking someone else's advice about what driver to use is not always a good idea. What you should do is take all your drivers to an open field. Throw them repeatedly over several trips. This will teach you how each one differs from one another. It will also teach you how to throw better. I personally don't use just one "GO TO" driver. Each driver I carry serves a different purpose. Some drivers work great in the wind, some are for severe hyzers or anhyzers, some fly straight, and others just can't be thrown in the wind at all!!! It's all up to you to decide what works best for you. Taking others advice will only set you back. One persons favorite disc is another's worst!!!!!!!!
I like the Leopard for a first driver, especially for women. The XL is great. The Beast might be a bit stable....if it's always tanking left for you on a right-hand backhand throw try something slower like a Valkarie. A few other good ones are the Ace, Stingray, or the Avenger SS (super straight).

Whoever suggested taking all of your disc to an open field and throwing them to learn what each one does in your hand is totally right. If you want to improve quickly do this often. Also play catch with a friend using a soft putter. This will help with your accuracy.

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