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I am a dominant sidearm player and I throw an assortment of disc that I have been able to make work for me. I would like to know what do other sidearm players throw.

These are the discs that I throw sidearm if the option is available.
DX Wraith, DX Destroyer, Champion Beast, Champion Valkyrie, Champion Tee Bird, Champion Viking, Pro Leopard, DX Eagle. These are not all in my bag on one day but all are used depending on the course and how Im feeling. All are between 166 and 175g. And I have multiple of many of these.

Let me know what you prefer for a sidearm shot. Thanks.

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168 Valk for sidearms- My Right Rotor Cuff is pretty Chewed and its the Lightest Disc in my bag.
I am looking for a lighter disc than this, a FLICK or a Helios might be on the Christmas list. 150 Class.

Ordinarily I use my Backhand Shot with 176-180 wt discs. DX Beast is my best shooter to date.
when i throw side arm, it depends on the hole, how windy it is, how much distance i want. mostly i drive with (depending on conditions) an ESP flash, Z crush, ESP force, Z flick and for forehand approach shots i use an ESP zone. all 170ish but my crush, i thinks its like 167.
175g Star Destroyer 350+
176g Elite Z Wasp for 250-300ft
170+ flick or even an Excal. but mostly just use a flick for my occasional sidearm shots, as a predominantly forearm thrower.

but I think any good Frolfer should have a decent sidearm shot. they do come in handy.

I just couldn't get the 150 class to do what I wanted in a forearm shot. but that's just me.
I throw a 175g Xcaliber for my sidearm drives, i throw anhyzer and let the disc flip back and fade to get a nice helix.
Generally I use stable and heavy for sidearm throws.
175 boos or destroyer. even throw a wraith every now and then.
Hootie said:
I throw a 175g Xcaliber for my sidearm drives, i throw anhyzer and let the disc flip back and fade to get a nice helix.

This is my preferred way seems to work the best for me as i'm a waste up thrower people that tend to throw from the wast down are generally throwing under stable discs i presume...But could always be wrong.
My bag consists of???

Champion Boss 175 (temperamental BIA***tCH seems to be sweet for big anhyzers that need to glide but never flex back well maybe some times still working on this one)
Star Xclaiber 172 sweet love it thrown same as hootie goes far. looking for a CFR Xcaliber...
Star Max 175 just does slightly different than the xcaliber so it sits beside the X in the bag ( I line my discs up as to how they fly) also use this disc for rollers...
Star Teerex 175 beat up goes left (I throw right hand sidearm)
now for the discs that do other things that work for me and i have a bunch of these for pretty much the same shot just variances. more of a mid waste release for these below
Discraft force 175 nice long tree weaver always comes back right
star destroyer hot pink 175 easy to find in woods flies like a wraith but further
star stamp destroyer 172 same as above just maybe newer
star stamp destroyer 174 " " " " " " "
CFR champion destroyer 175 flies the same goes far just new and a different plastic.
To each there own I'm as recreational as it gets I'm just 1/2 owner of a store and run the stark county disc golf association... and some club events and if i get lucky i get a few rounds in...I know I'm never going pro but to those with the drive to do so best of luck the sport is blowing up...
OH my and I forgot one more it is made by Quest and was until they changed the plastic the only super over stable max weight driver that floated i had ever found but again for some reason that really sucks they have changed the plastic and now it does not float but this thing was always guaranteed to come back never flip over look out for old quest double D's 175 gram floating driver monster over-stable
Force and Predator - Drone and max Buzzz for midrange.
Im tempted to try a new Venom esp, and a 150 flick for thumbers
Any decent driver works !!!!

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