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I am a dominant sidearm player and I throw an assortment of disc that I have been able to make work for me. I would like to know what do other sidearm players throw.

These are the discs that I throw sidearm if the option is available.
DX Wraith, DX Destroyer, Champion Beast, Champion Valkyrie, Champion Tee Bird, Champion Viking, Pro Leopard, DX Eagle. These are not all in my bag on one day but all are used depending on the course and how Im feeling. All are between 166 and 175g. And I have multiple of many of these.

Let me know what you prefer for a sidearm shot. Thanks.

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I generally use a champion Wraith 166, campion Leopard 168, star Valkarie 168. I believe I will begin to use heavier disc for my side arm throws as they are starting to turn over to much and no longer going where I want them.
Champ Wraith, Star Destroyer, Star and Champ Orc.
For a while I used a star xcal, but I really like the flat top and rim on the ESP Venom and it's a little more overstable than the xcal but I can still get it to turnover and come back for a nice "S" flight in needed. If it's slightly shorter, more to the right, or a headwind I go with a Z Flick, which is crazy overstable. So...

ESP Venom (very underrated disc) and
Z Flick
It does depend on how fast you throw, but i like my 175 star Xcaliber for a nice 'S' and a 175 champ Boss for a straighter predictable throw. Because the rim on the Boss is soooooo big, it is a little harder to throw consistantly.

For shorter shots, the 170 pro Teerex flies well.

Tomahawks I use the Xcal and thumbers a star destroyer.
I throw sidearm %99 of the time off the tee. I mainly perfer my Predators, ESP and Elite Z (171 & 167). When I flip them up they will always finish back to the right. Two Trackers, both Elite-Z (167 & 171). The Trackers is for shot super tight or when I really want to go straight at it. I also like my Pulse for max Distance (171). And a couple Avengers ESP and Elite Z (both 171). I also use the Z Avenger for a nice thumber shot if need be. I have also been working with a ESP Venom (173 I think). If I put and anhyzer on it it can go a mile, but you really gotta throw your guts out with it, it is SICK overstable. I feel that the Venom also takes alot of space right to left to really complete the flight pattern, throw it in the wind and it has been adding even extra distance. Midrange sidearm i have been throwing a Pro-D drone. I think that i would really like to get my hands on a Elite Z Drone though.
while im not the furthest sidearm thrower yet! i think the pro-D crush and the champion Viking are the best sidearm discs for me both very predictable
i think a lighter weight ....lets say a 158 . 163 wraith would be an exellannt choice. for a new be , possiby female 150 g
i use a z force 174, star destroyer 170, surge x 174, x2 elite z 168, also a esp venom 173 the fat rim helps me keep better control of the disc and gives me that nice s to finish out all always in my bag i use each one depending one the hole and amount of hyzer needed to complete the hole

i agree the esp venom is a very underrated disc i shot my first ace with it and i know it will be there for them dependable finishes to get me another
the champion viking has been my choice for many months now i think the weight is 175g
i prefer a destroyer, whippet, firebird, leopard and my favorite is the talon. Hope this helps
I am liking the Groove for sidearm right now, but I will keep ya posted when I develop any reliability with a forehand, lol.. At least the groove is hard for me to flip and send straight into the ground.
I use 175g Star Max and Star Xcaliber. I've been wanting to buy a Z Flick and try that out. I prefer max weight on sidearm drives as I get a lot more spin and have a much higher chance of turning a disc over in lighter weights. I use the most overstable discs I can find for sidearms, I don't like discs with any turnover for sidearm drives. I get plenty of snap/spin on my sidearm drives. I actually find that I turnover max weight Maxs and Xcalls now that I"ve got my technique more in tune.

I use 175g DX Viper and 175g Pro Whippet for sidearm approaches. Haven't quite figured out (practiced enough) with Rocs or Buzzzs for approach shots.

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