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What is your favorite sidearm driver(s)??

I am very fond of the:

Star Destroyer HUGE distance!!

171-175 grams - the lighter ones are very flippy

Star Wraith just a sick disc.

171+ grams - Sweet distance, great flight - mostly straight with a predicable hyzer out.

Star MAX Great hyzer disc! VERY Predictable.

175+ grams - Almost impossible to flip, but I have a nice beat one that I can flip if thrown with a large anhyzer. New ones won't flip.

XCaliber coming soon! :)

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Star Destroyer FTW (For the Win)... Wheres the Star Teerex, come on Bob. Destroyer is sidearm disc of choice. I've been throwin sidearm my whole life, i've tried every overstable disc looking for the best flight path and distance, the Destroyer tops all other drivers in regards to sidearm shots.
I love the Destroyer, though I do have mine stashed away until the snow melts.

I used to throw Wraiths like mad, but after using the Destroyer the Wraith has become very erratic. Probably because I'm trying to throw it as far as I do the STD.
Learned sidearm because of knee surgery.
THROW 50/50
Favorite sidearm discs, star destroyer, star max, star firebird, star orc...
Well, I probably don't have to Distance as you guys do, but I throw forehand unless I am putting.

It seems like we all have the same disc. in the bag...I love my Teerex, Firebird, Destroyer and Wraiths....
well i guess i am the odd one out, i as well throw the destroyer forehand some when i want a controlled hard cutting shot or on windy days, same with the firebird and z flick, but for distance i throw my sidewinder nose down so i can get a long sweeping s turn and my gummy beast for a little more controlled s turn shot, i guess ive found i can throw under stable discs forehand with better results as well on narrow fairway shots, since you dont have to have as wide a sweeping flight path that it requires to get distance out of over stable discs, and i find it takes less effort to get long shots out of under stable discs thrown with a anhyser, than it takes to get distance out of over stable plastic, but im not a big arm thrower, my max distance consistently, throwing forehand on level ground is around 350 feet and backhand is around 325,

i am as well equally comfortable throwing forehand and backhand, but i will not even try to putt or approach with a forehand shot unless i absolutely need to do to circumstances such as a long hard hook leave that would force me to use a rh backhand shot to the right, which is not my strong point, then i will use a forehand but only as last resort do to the risk of that nasty forehand skip !!!

i just got my flx drone and have been throwing it forehand some for a more controlled up shots, i think its going to be the bomb for this !!!the drones my first successful venture into throwing mids forehand, read some posts about folks using mids for more controlled landings and i must admit first impressions are this could definitely be true, but mids i have tried in the past have seamed to turn over to easy and to hard to control, i know what your thinking, hello !!! you throw a sidewinder for a driver, i know its weird, but under stable discs for upshots seam to be a problem, for drivers no problem.

well basically thats my forehand game, seams among the people i play with i am kinda the odd man out just using a forehand, allot of players think its to hard to learn and throw and some think its to unpredictable, me, i think when thrown right its a thing of beauty and used equally with the backhand shot, is a definite asset to have in the bag of tricks !!!
thanks chris

Forehand putting is obsolete. backhand putting is a must, even turbo, but forehand putting is just too inaccurate.
ya Cilecia, I have noticed in my DG career that forehand, especially driving, requires a specific flight and disc. usually overstable or under.

I think a lot of more progress can be made by new players throwing forehanbd/sidearm opposed to backhand, when seeing and learning what others throw.

On a side note, I have also noticed backhanders having issues with some of what I consider "forehand/sidearm" discs, such as the destroyer, max, teerex... backhanders... some like, but for most its just too much disc or not quite right.
I throw a star wraith, but since the ones I have stumbled upon all seem to be white, and Wisconsin keeps dumping on the snow, for the moment they have been put on the bench. I also would rock a star teerex, if both of mine hadn't found a magnet on the bottom of a couple of water hazards before they froze over. Therefore at the moment I have turned to discraft for some help and have been sidearming a surge for the last few months and it has been getting the job done.
Distance: Star TeeRex (400) / Star Max (375)
Turn Over: CFR Starfire (300) / Champ Leopard (250)
Control Hyzer: KC PRO Banshee (300-350)

Farthest recorded forehand throw - 463' with a star TeeRex
Forehand putting is just like any other skill, practice it to master it. Its a touch shot. I wont do it unless i have to, or unless my backhand putt is hopelessly off and i'm in the middle of a tourney round. 25' and in i'm equally confident forehand or back hand any farther our ill find a backhand route. I simply developed the skill because i spent years parking holes and missing 10 footers.
Heres the secret to side arm putts.....
dial in your feet so when you flick your point just to the right of the center of the chains
point at the spot you want to release at with your off hand
release on an anhyzer line when your hands meet and watch it glide in.
easy as pie
Pure Distance: Star Destroyer (still finding it too flippy..375) / first run ESP Crush(farthest drive recorded w/ this is 450)
Turn over: Star SL/ Champion beast(275)
Point & shoot: Star Max (310)
Mid Range: Z Wasp (altho getting flippy in a headwind can stil hit 250)
I have to admit that I use backhand for most of my drives, usually sidearm for midrange and approach shots, but if I drive, than Dx TeeRex is my sidearm choice most of the time.


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