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What is your favorite sidearm driver(s)??

I am very fond of the:

Star Destroyer HUGE distance!!

171-175 grams - the lighter ones are very flippy

Star Wraith just a sick disc.

171+ grams - Sweet distance, great flight - mostly straight with a predicable hyzer out.

Star MAX Great hyzer disc! VERY Predictable.

175+ grams - Almost impossible to flip, but I have a nice beat one that I can flip if thrown with a large anhyzer. New ones won't flip.

XCaliber coming soon! :)

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Pure Distance: Star Destroyer (still finding it too flippy..375) / first run ESP Crush(farthest drive recorded w/ this is 450)
Turn over: Star SL/ Champion beast(275)
Point & shoot: Star Max (310)
Mid Range: Z Wasp (altho getting flippy in a headwind can stil hit 250)
I have to admit that I use backhand for most of my drives, usually sidearm for midrange and approach shots, but if I drive, than Dx TeeRex is my sidearm choice most of the time.
Three drivers are all I ever use for sidearm:

Destroyer: for a long straight flick, with a sharp fade at the end.

Firebird: for a fast quick flick for the short doglegs

Banshee: Best sidearm disc ever as far as I'm concerned. Very very very controllable flick disc.
I love the sidewinder I always have at least two in my bag and backups in the car. Not for every hole but so very dangerous on the right shot..Good turn over and awesome S pattern...other wise for very straight shots I use a Viking easily my second favorite disc and for distance a Flash...For those magnum Hyzers the Max is incredible. Only use it on certain shots but for those shots its the most valuable disc in my bag, very predictable...Retired hole in one discs include a Max a Flash and a Tee Bird......other discs I use from time to time are the Tee Bird and the Wraith ......Upshots and putts (unless tricky) I convert to back hand It gives a lot softer landing with a lot less chance of zooming past the basket and way more accuracy for putting.
I have been throwing Sidearm/forehand since I started playing (6 years ago)
I have also learned to thow Backhand ( you just need to). Sorry.

The disc's I started with for Sidearm were

Champion Banshee- 175 Great disc for newbies , as we all we're at one time!
Firebird 172-175
Champion Orc -175 - This is still in my bag now.
DX Viper175- For Hazard shots

-New Sidearm disc's-

Star Teerex 172,175,175
Star Wairth 175 ( The Black or red one's seemed extra grippy )
Star Destroyer 168 ( With a small tail wind... WOW)
Star Max 175- Great for Sidearm for a hard Hyzer at the end.

I throw a Roc or Champion Banshee for a midrange if I can only throw a sidearm shot. *Happy Discin'*
Just My 2 Cents,

Gr8ful John
great disc line-up john.
For me, on non windy days I prefer a Flash or a Surge. On windy days, a Reaper or an Orc. I without a doubt get my best distance with a Surge., anywhere around 300 to 350. I don't have the biggest arm, but arm accuracy with both the Surge and the Flash are pretty right on.
Firebird is my main disc. I have been using Destroyer alot lately. I also use touch flick with mids and putters.
Just banged a blind 90 degree turn shot with a Buzzz LHFH anhyzer from ~ 100 out in dubs last week for 2 on hardest hole at Grand Woods #13.
Yeah I forgot to mention I use a self developed pinch grip. No finger under flight plate, just squeeze rim between forfinger and thumb. Smooth release and less flip over, unless I want it to.
I just got a couple DX Whippet-X's... and fell in love. I can throw one of these so straight it's scary. You'd think that a disc with so much fade would just fly out of the hand and immediately cut right, but thrown with just enough anhyzer, I can pretty much make this disc do whatever I want it to. Made a 200 foot par 4 birdie yesterday with it, glided right into the chains.

I've also started toying with a DX Starfire, and love it too. I haven't thrown it on a course yet because the only course open around me in the winter is completely wooded and I don't want to ding it up just yet. But in field tests it's straight and really far.

My normal forehand drivers are my Star Destroyer and DX Wraith.
The best sidearm disc is a first run Firebird. I can pop that chunk of plastic 350 feet with a perfect fade every time. Besides that I use the destroyer, teerex for headwind, wraith for tailwind, or xtreme for extreme situations. Did you notice they are all overstable?
i cant believe you didnt mention the teerex and the firebird.These discs were made for sidearm in my opinion. lol


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