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What is your favorite sidearm driver(s)??

I am very fond of the:

Star Destroyer HUGE distance!!

171-175 grams - the lighter ones are very flippy

Star Wraith just a sick disc.

171+ grams - Sweet distance, great flight - mostly straight with a predicable hyzer out.

Star MAX Great hyzer disc! VERY Predictable.

175+ grams - Almost impossible to flip, but I have a nice beat one that I can flip if thrown with a large anhyzer. New ones won't flip.

XCaliber coming soon! :)

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The Boss Is My D Driver. Used To Be The Orc With About 350' But I Can Get About 400' With The Boss. And That's With The Sidearm.
A Star Orc for me. I don't like having too much stability on my forehands. I can hit an anny so easily, I don't need the disc to help me. Perhaps it's just my throwing style.
I throw my star wraith a lot but, if i am going for distance then the boss is what I throw.
I can get 450 out of my star orc if I don't flip it. I use a star destroyer when I am out in the open, about the same distance as the orc, I just need more room for it to work.
I like the Star Destroyer too for long range shots. My favorite though would have to be the Raging Inferno, the unique curved inside feels great when throwing forehand. It's also fairly overstable which makes it very easy to control; will never get away from you.

Guess I am way off from everyone else here.

Disc I use (All Champion Plastic):

1. Groove - Distance Drives. The Groove is the baby Boss. Speed 13 disc that comes in 165+ weights. Great disc and very over stable.

2. Monarch - Accurate Driver - Monarch is pretty stable disc but easy to turn over a bit and throw flat.

3. Sidewinder - Turnover Driver - I see a lot of people throw the Sidewinder. I use it for driving to the left.

For approaches and upshots I stick to the Teebird.
my discs of choice =D :

Driver: beast and destroyer, sometimes starfire
Mid-range: banshee (all time fav disc xD)
and of course......

THE ROC, but thats for approach and putting, i putt all three styles about evenly
I throw Champion Beast got about 380 ft. Champion Monster about 350 ft. On approach less than 50 ft. I have to go backhand the target seems to close to forehand.
Champion Boss -maximum distance, use slight anhyzer, some hard skip at end
Star Tee-Rex - straight line favorite, also use for uphill S, long approach tight shots
Star Xcalibur (1st Run) - overall favorite, multiple shots, hyzer, anhyzer S, great distance
Champion Tee-Rex X - favorite stable, good for long straight drives
Elite Z Flash - Still testing, great distance, not a headwind driver
Elite Z Surge - favorite narrow shot for slight understable turn, S back for long ranges
Champion Starfire - reliable medium-long range overstable driver, good for headwind
Champion Destroyer - Newer disk for me, still working in, overstable
Star Boss - Brand new, testing
Star Destroyer - My favorite before I lost in hole 1 at 2009 Memorial, Shelly Sharpe Park. Got a new one at EIEIO testing.
Im about throw backhand prob 85% of the time but have a pretty strong forehand when I need it and I love The Xcaliber you can do any shot needed with it, its a great long distance driver as ive went well over 400 with it multiple times but if I need sumthing for a shorter straighter shot my FL and CE firebird are perfect
My Star Excalibur had proven its worth the other day. I threw a lefty anhyzer S-shot releasing at head level shooting over 40ft trees and as it started to S-turn back, it skipped off a paved road for another 100ft forward turning slightly left to land 45ft past the basket for a 475ft shot, my longest drive to date.
Star Orc and Star Valkyrie or Beast, 175g each


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