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Hudson Mills this year has started making players pay to play. It costs $2 a round, or you can purchase a bag tag for $50 annualy. This cost is in addition to parking passes that cost $4 dollars for a day or $20 annualy. Was wondering if any other parks are also starting to charge just to play Disc Golf. Also I am pretty torn on the issue. I think that it is good and inevitable for the image of the sport. But also Disc Golf is gaining more and more popularity in part due to its affordability.

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The Michigan Metro parks have definitely put money into Hudson Mills & Kensington over the last year. Two bucks/day or 50/year, for me personally, I can't see complaining about that but I know people who don't like it at all. Play is definitely down at Hudson Mills which I believe is a combination of the fee and several new free courses opening up in the last year in the area. Many of us have played 100s of rounds at Hudson Mills, it's only natural to want to play some different courses.
they just got a whole bunch of obama bucks, how can they be shrinking? Besides that i would rather have 1000 people pay 25 bucks then 100 pay 50 or 60 wouldn't you? the main problem with pay to play as i see it is the money the course raises doesn't go back to the course, it gets put in a pot and split up among all kinds of activities. at our local pay to play there are 5 times as many people paying to golf then to use the bike trails or dog park, but they get equal funding and preference when it comes to overlapping problems.
Yes you just made us glad we don't live there. You should move.
Fort Custer Recreation Area (Augusta, Mi) is $6.00 per car to enter. Since its inception, Fort Custer disc golf has been going through changes, which make it hard for players... coming out... to follow around a direct 18 or 24 holes. I should apologize for that. But my schtick on this discussion would be... if you are going to a pay to play course...the course better be in excellent shape. Hudson Mills IMO is in very good shape and I do not mid paying $6.00 for my round.
Isn't Hudson Mills in the Metro Park chain? So as long as one has there payment braclet affixed...can't they play at the other Metro Parks (free of charge) by showing that bracelet? Sounds like a deal to me.
But as long as there are excellent free courses around...I will play them as well. (smiling)
Disc nut,
I have played Token Creek. You are "right" on with your comment.
Does anyone watch the news here?

California is out of money, the US Gov't is running out, Banks are not giving it away either.

Does your park system have any money?

$2 ouch! Well can that $2 buy a gallon of gas, milk, juice, soft drink, cigarette? NO

A disc golf course, too funny?

Send us your impoverished disc golfers.
I would prefer that pay to play courses be destination courses. All the free courses are like the slip and slide you use in your back yard. They can be fun, but it's in you back yard, though it's free to use when you want. Courses like Fort Custer, Robert Morris, and others for me are places that I would pay money to go to, like a Disney Land or Cedar Point. I wouldn't pay the bucks to use a friends slip and slide in his back yard like I would to go to Cedar Point.

Pay to play isn't evil, as long as I have some free courses to. I am a fan of season passes, they make great gift ideas.

No I haven't been drinking yet.
Stoney Creek, in Macomb County, charges the $2 fee
It is amazing that you disc golf players don't think anything of it, when you go the urnial and pizz away those 3 and 4 dollar beers, or spend $6.00 or so for your cigaretts. But to give someone 2 or 3 bucks to play a game that you are supposed to like enough to help support where you play. I can remember back in 1996 and the World's was in South Bend, Indiana. A player there took me to Niles, Michigan. There was a charge to get into Bertran Park, and a charge to play, and they rented discs and sold discs, and charged for league play. That was 13 years ago. Did the players there quit playing, I think not. Going to a ball golf course that has disc golf, they charge to play and to rent the cart. Most players chose to even pay extra, to use the golf cart instead of walking. Instead of whining about the money, why not find out how you can get involved to make things better where you do play. Quit leaving your ciggy butts, and those empty beer cans and what ever else that some disc golfers leave on the course. Instead of crying about things, take some effert and make things better yourself or with your group. Keep em flying.
That's one of the Huron-Clinton Metroparks, like Kensington and Hudson Mills. An annual pass at one works at all three. I am not sure if a day pass at one works at all three, though. Anyone know?
What it gets to be is if every course is pay to play then 70 to play one course and have to pay to play another course or another 70 for another course theres 140 and so on and so forth. Free or CHEAP.
its a couple dollars. disc aren't free either, but you would buy millions of those.

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