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Hudson Mills this year has started making players pay to play. It costs $2 a round, or you can purchase a bag tag for $50 annualy. This cost is in addition to parking passes that cost $4 dollars for a day or $20 annualy. Was wondering if any other parks are also starting to charge just to play Disc Golf. Also I am pretty torn on the issue. I think that it is good and inevitable for the image of the sport. But also Disc Golf is gaining more and more popularity in part due to its affordability.

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I said over time, reading comprehension is an important skill. All of the courses in Huntsville ARE maintained by volunteers for that reason. Now the State Park course is $2 per car, but that's park entrance fee, that's fine. The volunteers and city maintains the rest. That's the way it's been since well before I got into this sport, and that's the beauty of the sport. When things start getting more and more exclusive, then that's when it's no longer a sport that anyone can play and enjoy.

Right now on the vast majority of courses a bum can find a disc and enjoy themselves doing a healthy great sport. That my friends is a beautiful thing. No matter what your budget you can afford to play. I just don't like how a lot of country clubber types are starting to play and want to make the game more like ball golf. I hate ball golf because everytime I've played I paid out of the nose to play, they told me how to dress, and there is always a group of Country Clubbers that catches up to you and starts hitting into you because you aren't going fast enough.

No thank you.
It's 2009, the economy is in the crapper, and some people just need a POSITIVE outlet that they can enjoy without paying for it. I live pay check to pay check, sometimes I don't have 2 dollars to spend to enjoy myself. With Disc Golf I don't need it. Sorry I don't have your paycheck!

If people want Country Clubs or to spend money, go play ball golf, they'll take every dime they can. Part of the draw of disc golf is low investment long term healthy enjoyable sport. We start moving away from that, then the draw goes away. You may pick up some snooty Country Clubbers though. If that's what you want, go for it.
our local pay to play is 3 a day or 20 a year. but everyone who uses the park has to pay , they call it a trail pass and it gets you unlimited access to the dog park and mountain bike trails too. its worth it, i buy my pass every year, unfortunately its in the middle of nowhere.
How much $ I make...and it ain't much...has nothing to do with my point. If you truly think charging people a couple bucks to play disc is going to turn it into a "country club" sport...well, to be blunt, you don't have much of a clue. The point is people complain about the condition of course and/or the amount of play on busy courses...charging a few $ would probably help w/ both situations.
I have no problem with pay to play. Everything is pay to play. It's just a question of who pays and who plays. There is no reason why my daughters' grandmothers should pay for our disc golfing through their taxes. If I lived closer to Hudson Mills, Kensington or Stoney Creek, I'd buy the season disc golf pass. If the state parks go pay to play, since i live closer to Holly, I'd buy their annual disc golf pass.

Here's an idea: Ask someone who loves you for a season pass for Christmas. If that does not bust their budget, let them know about my season ending sale too.
Actually i would rather my grandmas tax dollars go towards my disc golf courses than for health care for an illegal immigrant, or towards welfare for some lazy woman who would rather pop out another unit than get a job, or AIG, or never ending unnecessary road work, or a so called elected officials bonus or raise and the list goes on for miles. but that is a little off topic and probablly better left for another thread or different site altogether.
$70 a year is less than $1.50 a week, hardly outrageous. I agree with Tim, there are many courses in my area I would gladly pay $1.50 every weekend to play.
This is always my issue- if every park within 30 miles of me charged 70$ a year, it'd cost me over 2,100$ a year in passes.
The other point, Hudson doesn't charge 2$ to walk your dog on the miles of cement paths they plow and salt every winter, but don't even clean our tees.
My course is free, more people should come check it out! It was a great round today.
good point.
This guy sounds like a ball golfer, Doesn't he?
cheesey points!!! woot woot.
There are currently 4 courses in the vicinity of San Diego. Morley Field ($2.50 during the week/$3 on weekends & holidays/$35 month/$350 annual) Sun Valley golf course ($5 for 18 holes) Emerald Isle golf course ($5/$8 after 4pm weekdays/weekends for 18 holes) and Montiel Park (free) 9 holes with dual teepads

And some of you are complaining about $70 a year!!! Makes me sick just thinking about it.

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