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Hudson Mills this year has started making players pay to play. It costs $2 a round, or you can purchase a bag tag for $50 annualy. This cost is in addition to parking passes that cost $4 dollars for a day or $20 annualy. Was wondering if any other parks are also starting to charge just to play Disc Golf. Also I am pretty torn on the issue. I think that it is good and inevitable for the image of the sport. But also Disc Golf is gaining more and more popularity in part due to its affordability.

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that sucks. glad i dont live there.
they're lucky to have any grass to roll on as it's alaska
So I live about 75 miles north of San Diego and there are 5 courses within an hour of me that charge to play that aren't listed in the thread a couple above this one. The sixth one is further away, but in Southern california.

1. Hemet disc golf ($5/$9) for either 9 or 18 holes. No annual pass
2. Riverside disc golf ($7/$12) for either 11 or 22 holes. No annual pass
3. Yucaipa disc golf $5 for a week day or $7 for a weekend day. Annual pass $120 or $60 for disabled
4. Wrightwood disc golf $5 for the day. Annual pass $20.
5. Huntington Beach $2 dollars for the day. I don't know of a Annual Pass
6. Ventura disc golf $10 for a week day or $15 for a weekend. Annual pass $100
So you would feel it necessary to get an annual pass at all of them??????
I have seen this issue, before and everyone has seemed to talk about it a lot. I just think that even if you have to pay the fee to enter the different courses because they are a state, or metro, or county park, if you shell out for a $50 bag tag it should be good at every pay to play course in the state, whether it be a state, or metro, or county, that way you at least get your $50 worth, I think a lot more people would be willing to pay the $50 if it was pay to play other places and it was eligible at all courses.
Pay to play is here. For a $50 annual you get a lot of golf. That equals one 18 hole round with cart at most golf courses
I would still pay to play if 100% of the courses in Kalamazoo were as such. However they are not and only a couple courses here are pay to play. They are GREAT courses. Indeed 90% are high quality enough to have to be paid for to play. The problem with pay to play isn't the pay to play. It's WHY they are pay to play. Vandalism is probably the #1 cause of pay to play. Those of us good doobies take with us what we brought to the course, or make sure it ends up in a trash receptacle. Those of us who don't seem to deposit trash everywhere and make it so the signs are either not legible because they want everyone to know how talented they are with paint markers, or demolish the sign all-together so it's hard as hell to navigate for first timers. THUS ruining the beauty of someones design and disturbing the powers that be (parks systems, cops, etc). Pay to play keeps the crowds at the free to play drinkin/smokin courses so those of us who really want to play a civil round of disc golf anytime, because that's how it should be, can. It's golf, not beer pong.
Now have to pay to shoot hoops at the local gym facility.
$3 a pop.

With money tight everywhere, this is the future.
Talked with a co-worker from Hungary. They pay 45% of their paycheck in taxes to get things FREE.

Hmmm, $2-$3 does not sound so bad.
yeah but this aint ball golf, and pros dont get paid like ball golfers, why should we pay the high prices? are they reseeding the greens? i like the idea of pay to play just make it cheap.
I agree with no pay to play @ city parks. State parks are different. Your local taxes are used in the city park not state, so in a way you already Pay. Keep the pay to play out of Idaho please we have one of the nations best kept secrets Ann Morrison park. This park is mowed twice a week beautiful green grass everywhere. 20 cement tee pads creeks and ponds on every other hole AND ITS FREE.
County and city parks here like the disc golf courses. Gives people something to do and keeps the unwanted out of the park. One city park here let us put a course in the location they did because it had been a non violent crime area, the crime stopped.
I doubt there will ever come a time when all courses will be pay to play.
• Just to clarify (Bruce Brakel did mention this earlier), this thread was started last year when the $50 annual pass was for Hudson Mills only. This year, that same bag tag gets you in to Hudson Mills, Kensington, and Stony Creek. I’ve heard the course at Willow does not require a day or season pass.

• It is too bad that so many courses in Southern California are pay-to-play. That would require real decision making on my part because I would not be able to justify season passes for all of them. However, it doesn’t surprise me. Real estate values (and generally, the cost of living), even in a down market, are going to be higher in SoCal than most other places. The more that is true, the more you’ll see pressure to make even public real estate ‘productive’, or at least pressure to mitigate costs.

• Finally, I was furious about pay-to-play when I first heard about it coming to Hudson Mills and I complained to the park system a lot. Now, I’m a reluctant believer. It’s easy to nit-pick about course maintenance and other issues, but overall, I have found the courses better kept up and less crowded with casuals. Whether that’s due to actual effort from the staff, or the fee has kept more out that are likely to litter/vandalize, I don’t know.

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