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Hudson Mills this year has started making players pay to play. It costs $2 a round, or you can purchase a bag tag for $50 annualy. This cost is in addition to parking passes that cost $4 dollars for a day or $20 annualy. Was wondering if any other parks are also starting to charge just to play Disc Golf. Also I am pretty torn on the issue. I think that it is good and inevitable for the image of the sport. But also Disc Golf is gaining more and more popularity in part due to its affordability.

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Hudson Mills is the pilot test for all of the Huron-Clinton Metroparks. If it is successful there, the others will add it in 2009.

There are a handful of pay to play courses around the US. My guess is that a lot of eyes in the Parks & Rec world will be on Hudson Mills. If this is successful we will see more of them.
Yup I was there today too, had to shell out 2$ more than last time I went there..really can't be doing that, many courses closer and free,
i have questions about this....
1. is this a state park?
2. how well is the course maintianed?
3. is the course lighted to allow for later playing time in the fall & winter?
4. for $70 you have annual unlimited access, is it worth the price?
I'd happily pay $2 to get better or more plentiful courses in my area. I just played a local monster of a course (Four Mound Disc Golf Reserve, Spokane, WA), and had to pay $5 per car. That was probably the best $5 I've ever spent. Other than the occasional ancient abandoned car frame, there was hardly scrap of trash to be seen, or a single cigarette butt. Three 18-hole courses, and every one is as big or bigger than anything in the area. I can't even begin to describe how cool this course is, and how savage. I'll save the raving for another post, I'm just saying I'd be happy to have another pay to play in the area.
We have a course on a muni golf course and it's 8 dollars a day for ADGA members 11 for non members and goes to a whooping 13 for non members on weekends .The course is well maintained ,they mow our greens and the fairways are a rollers dream.I have heard that this is one of the most expensive pay to play in the US .I get my season pass for 140 and i feel i get my moneys worth in the fact that we tend to have the course to ourselves (no idiots throwing on you) the long distance of the holes keep the non serious players away (they play 3 holes and are running to their cars rubbing their shoulders) the shortest hole is 3 ft shy of 500 (its a par 3) and the longest is over 900 (par 4) .its my home course so i dont mind paying for the privacy ,non rushed exclusive club like atmosphere.
Token Creek is $5 for the day and worth every penny. No garbage on the course, no worn spots its like a ball golf course nice!
1. Its a multi county regional park- there are numerous parks in the system that span at least 5 counties
2. The course is very well maintained in my opinion. nice cement tees, nice signs,-older baskets but what can you do.
3. the course is not lighted for night play, are there any that truly are-besides a light on a basket. but when i last lived in that area the park did not close until after dark to allow for glow golf-
4. If you play enough and live close enough i believe the $70 is worth it. 2 24 hole courses with long and short tees on both courses. The monster course also has about six or so champion/long basket placements.

Drinking is allowed, the course is mostly set up for its own so not many pedestrians. There arent many places you can go that offer 96 combinations of holes to play at one site. 96 doesnt even include the long basket placements.

$70 seems well worth it if you were able to play there once a week or more. lets say you played just once a week. That would be $1.35 a week. dude i cant buy crap in this world for a $1.35 a week.
Oh jeeze, I can just see over time a buncha stuffy people in charge of disc golf courses making them all pay to play. What's next, requirements to wear polos and slacks on the course and only the wealthy or extremely talented pros are truely welcome? Country clubs? Asshole preppy people with stick in their butts? Exclusive clubs?

Disc Golf should never go Pay to Play, if it does then screw it. I don't play ball golf because it's too expensive and the rules to play on most courses (Collared shirts, slacks, blah blah) are friggen retarded. Those of you trying to turn disc golf in to ball golf need to stop, you will ruin this great sport for those of us that love it for what it is.

Greedy people make me livid! Now people are seeing $$$$ in playing Disc Golf. GREAT!!! Allow greed and money to screw it up just like everything else. Shove your "Exclusive club" where the sun don't shine!
Jeff, that's over board....the sport is no where close to anything you claimed. People taking care of courses won't do it for free. unless you want to.

If the course is maintained and with the prices I see posted here I would have no problem paying to play. It's still much cheaper than any sport I know.....and lots more fun!
I think 2 bucks isn't bad for a round. But when its 4 to park 2 for this then 2 for a damn round thats stupid. Flat price 5 or less for the day or I wont play. I still opt for free courses. I dont mind pay to play just as long as its not expensive 70 for a year is outrageous 25 for a year is much more reasonable.
$70 for a year is "outrageous"????? Folks complain about two or three or four bucks????? This is a generalization...but it amazes me how frickin' cheap most discers are. Do you think baskets just magically appear? Are mowers and gas free for disc courses? It's 2009 and a bunch of you are complaining about pennies, basically. Geez.
for sure. you can buy an annual pass for $40 bucks too. great course and very remote considering it's proximity to madison

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