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…alternate title of this forum discussion is…Jackasses Who Don’t Yell Fore in Time…

My girlfriend has always supported my DG outings, tournaments, practice sessions, etc. She has walked with me while I was playing DG several times and has thrown a few times, but never a full round. She prefers to walk with me when I am playing alone so it is just her and I. It is a good time to talk and strengthen our relationship.

Recently, she has expressed the desire to start playing DG. So yesterday we drove out to a beginner course here in Tulsa (Chandler Park) to play. She got par on the first hole (yea). She put in a 15 foot putt (she has been practicing putting with me for a while now in the back yard on my portable basket). We both were having a good time.

The course was not real crowded, but we did have a few groups ahead of us and behind us. Those behind us were catching us (‘cause she wanted to throw several times to get more practice throwing distance) so, we let the groups catching us play through after we finished the hole. We never did slow down play since we always had a group in front of us and she was quick about throwing her second shot.

The last group to catch us was a couple of high-schoolers who were moving fairly fast (they were only carrying a couple of discs each). We had a group in front of us at hole 6 and had to wait. I did not want to throw into anybody; the hole is only 170 feet or so through a few trees. After finishing hole 6, we starting walking to the 7 tee (which is about a 200 foot walk that is perpendicular to hole 6’s fairway and slightly angles back to the 6 tee…so we were never more than 170 feet away from the 6 tee). We were half way to the 7 tee when we heard FORE from the 6 tee. I looked up immediately and saw a disc about 4 feet off the ground about five feet from us and coming fast…we did not have any time to react, all I could do was say LOOK OUT! She had turned towards the 6 tee when she heard the errant-shot-dude yell. She did not have a chance to get out of the way and the disc hit her square in the stomach…right across the belly button. My reaction was to yell back at the errant-shot-dude; “Yell earlier next time.” She did not yell out in pain and took the hit in stride (at that time). The errant-shot-dude did apologize when he caught up to us (we decided to let them play through at the 7 tee). Well, she welled up from the pain while we were waiting for hole 7 to clear. I asked her if she wanted to go home and she said no, she wanted to finish. I asked her several times while we were making our way back to the parking lot (when she was doubled over in pain) if she wanted to go home and the answer was the same, no. She toughed it out ‘cause I guess the desire in her to play DG is strong. She was a bit mad after a few holes of play and told me that she should have picked up the disc that hit her and kept it. Of course I told here that she couldn’t do that, I guess she just wanted to vent. She made several more pars. I was very proud of her.

Currently, she has a 5 inch long welt across her stomach and is fine (no internal damage). I am not asking anyone on here for advice; I just wanted to share this story about a newbie’s first experience at a full round of DG and to see if anybody else has a bad experience their first time playing DG. I just think that it was real crappy that on her first time to play a full round she had to experience this pain. I know that the young are impatient. I am sure that they wanted to get around us and quickly finish their round. But c’mon, they couldn’t wait another ten seconds to throw?!? We had planned on letting them play through (they had just caught us). I guess I am the one venting now… She has told me that this experience has not soured her on taking up DG; again I am very proud of her. I really enjoy this game and want her to get involved. I am heading to Horseshoe Canyonfest in Jasper, AR to play in the tournament in a few weeks and of course she is going with me.

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Mike Inscho said:
it might be a joke, but getting a shot of her stomach while she's sleeping equals death. posting it..... Not worth the risk dude..... not worth the risk. LOL.

No worries Mike...I wasn't planning on doing that, if you do see a bruised stomach pic posted by me...rest assured that it will be from some off-the-wall internet site... :-)
Well told story by Skinner. Casual players (everyone who does not play tournaments) are dangerous folk. They don't understand courtesy, cannot control their shots, are slow to figure out where their shots are headed and don't know to call out warnings early enough. It is not so much that they are bad people, they are just limited by their lack of experience and knowlege of the game. This story-and a hundred others- is a warning to all of us of the dangers we may not give proper respect and caution.

Tournament players are dangerous folk as well. They throw much harder and have too much confidence in their limited control of those hard frisbees. We also don't expect the scud missle and no warning from them but it happens, too. I have less patience with tournament players since they should know better. But of course, our sport is crazy safe compared with motorcycle racing and a thousand other hobbies (baseball, basketball, football, cross country, amateur dentistry)

At dinner tonight I ordered Arabic Coffee. It came in a cup slightly larger than a thimble. I will be awake for most of the night. So in honor of Arabic Coffee, I have two disc smacking stories.

I was playing a tournament many years ago and was waiting on a hole with a big backup. On the right edge of the fairway there was a big swampy pond. Another hole played back along the opposite side of the same pond such that trully shanked shots could end up crossing over each other. The hole design was not that bad. Any decent shot would not come close to the crossing players but a terrible shot in big wind could. We had big wind. So there were a few groups watching as the soon-to-be-carnage unfolded. Our teepad was elevated with the pond well below. The next drive shanked and flipped with big power. It went screaming hard to the right in the direction of an edge of the pond. As we followed the flight of the disc, we eventually saw two players from the adjacent fairway searching for a disc in the tall, thick reeds next to the pond. As the scud missile went careening toward the unsuspecting players we started yelling fore. They were so far away from us they either didn't hear or didn't think we were yelling for their benefit. At the last second, one player looked up and jerked his head out of the way. The other player also looked up but couldn't see anything, his view being blocked by the other. The disc shattered his nose. We heard the impact and his cry of pain and surprize. You know, facial injuries bleed a lot. He looked like he lost a knife fight.

I like the next story better. You all know how casual players will often throw a drive then walk foolishly ahead in the fairway even though others in their group are driving behind them. Well one day at Kensington (Milford, Michigan) there were several couples playing in a group and teeing off from hole #1. I was with several buddies waiting to play behind them. One couple looked like the classic pair comprised of the captain of the football team and the homecoming queeen. He was big and athletic and she was gorgeous. It looked like he had played a few times before and she was a first timer. So he threw a marginal drive that didn't go very far or very well, then started walking down the middle of the fairway. When she didn't throw soon, he paused and looked back and encouraged her to try. He was only about 20 feet in front of the tee pad. One of the ladies' friends advised her to throw with a forehand motion and mimicked the motion. The boyfriend started walking back to give her advice but then, for whatever reason turned and looked down the fairway away from the teepad. The homecoming queen threw a forehand rocket down the fairway. It had to be beginners luck but it came off her fingers pefectly. It hit him in the back of his head and gave that sick sounding hollow thud. He pitched forward and did the full face plant. He was evidently knocked out. He didn't even block his fall with his hands, just pitched forward like a sack of flour. Well that took care of that group. They eventually poured him into a car and drove off.

I know I could have taught that chick how to throw a mean forehand. Of course, Oddjob, in the James Bond 007 movie had a pretty mean throw as well.
mark ellis said:
Of course, Oddjob, in the James Bond 007 movie had a pretty mean throw as well.

aaaaahahahahaha. he sure did.

keep some ice on it and rub her back, that always makes them feel better.
Thanks for the good stories Mark.
I had a friend get smacked in the face one time with an ultimate disc. Of course we were just playing recreation toss back and forth. We had beers by the sidewalk ( probably what did it ) I caught the disc and quickly flicked it back..... as quickly has he went to chug his beer real quick, the disc was already there to meet his nose. We yelled "WATCH OUT"...but his stiffing up to take the shot, put his nose right in front of the disc. He didn't break anything but bled a lot. He halted away from having his beer on the ground while throwing. Now he sets it up hip height so it's easily accessible. ;P
That made me Laugh, Mark
The only time Ive ever hit anyone was on earth day back in 89 or 90 and thinking back it was really stupid to have a mini at the park that day as the park was packed with people. luckily my errant shot skipped off a tree before it hit the girl scout in the forehead. she barely had a mark on her and I felt really bad.

I agree with mark in that the tournament players frustrate me the most, they really should know better. I was playing veterans yesterday and a group of 3 in front of me had just finished a "sight-unseen" hole, so I yelled "is hole 10 clear?" and got no reply. which then leaves me the choice of yelling Fore and just throwing or having to walk up to double check.
A couple years ago I spent one Saturday morning cleaning up the broken glass and litter around a tee box at my local course. It was a beautiful morning and I was enjoying the weather and having short conversations with the disc golfers who passed through as they played the hole while I was working.

One group thanked me as they played through.

A few minutes later, that same group welted my wife in the back of the head as she walked on a path through the park near another hole.
wow...that had to hurt. im inpressed, cause i wouldve went and kicked em, then threw the disc back at em. but thats jsut me. we have a course around here, the last tournament i played there my cousin was a hole behind us. well, almost every hole, his disc would find me, and i actually jumped over a disc one time to avoid my leg being shattered by it. but i hope she keeps playing!! we need more lady disc golfers!
And they say Disc Golf is not dangerous !!! Seen this guy get 24 staples in his head after he was hit with a spike hyzer !!!!! He was hit with a Champion Valkerie while putting. The person who threw the disc , didn't even yell FOUR !!!!!
ROFL, nice thread. Gutsy women!
Wow! Does she have a sister or cousin who's single. What a tough DG Chick for her first time she took it like a champ and like a real golfer she finished her round, THAT'S HOT! Glad to hear that there are chicks out there that are willing to get hit in the navel on her first round out and still want to come back for more.
And by the way you showed alot more restraint than I would have if some A$$-Hole hit my girl with a disc, props on that.
Keep Hucking (and keep your girl hucking)
-Chris UPDGA# 0001
Grace Rose said:
wow...that had to hurt. im inpressed, cause i wouldve went and kicked em, then threw the disc back at em. but thats jsut me. we have a course around here, the last tournament i played there my cousin was a hole behind us. well, almost every hole, his disc would find me, and i actually jumped over a disc one time to avoid my leg being shattered by it. but i hope she keeps playing!! we need more lady disc golfers!

Well 10 minutes after it happened, she got mad...and basically said the exact same thing as you. She is determined to keep with DG...we are both heading to Jasper, AR in about a week and a half for a weekend of DG.
Sounds like she's both a tough chick and a keeper.

Man, I'd love to see a picture of the 5 inch welt. I've always wondered what that would look like.

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