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…alternate title of this forum discussion is…Jackasses Who Don’t Yell Fore in Time…

My girlfriend has always supported my DG outings, tournaments, practice sessions, etc. She has walked with me while I was playing DG several times and has thrown a few times, but never a full round. She prefers to walk with me when I am playing alone so it is just her and I. It is a good time to talk and strengthen our relationship.

Recently, she has expressed the desire to start playing DG. So yesterday we drove out to a beginner course here in Tulsa (Chandler Park) to play. She got par on the first hole (yea). She put in a 15 foot putt (she has been practicing putting with me for a while now in the back yard on my portable basket). We both were having a good time.

The course was not real crowded, but we did have a few groups ahead of us and behind us. Those behind us were catching us (‘cause she wanted to throw several times to get more practice throwing distance) so, we let the groups catching us play through after we finished the hole. We never did slow down play since we always had a group in front of us and she was quick about throwing her second shot.

The last group to catch us was a couple of high-schoolers who were moving fairly fast (they were only carrying a couple of discs each). We had a group in front of us at hole 6 and had to wait. I did not want to throw into anybody; the hole is only 170 feet or so through a few trees. After finishing hole 6, we starting walking to the 7 tee (which is about a 200 foot walk that is perpendicular to hole 6’s fairway and slightly angles back to the 6 tee…so we were never more than 170 feet away from the 6 tee). We were half way to the 7 tee when we heard FORE from the 6 tee. I looked up immediately and saw a disc about 4 feet off the ground about five feet from us and coming fast…we did not have any time to react, all I could do was say LOOK OUT! She had turned towards the 6 tee when she heard the errant-shot-dude yell. She did not have a chance to get out of the way and the disc hit her square in the stomach…right across the belly button. My reaction was to yell back at the errant-shot-dude; “Yell earlier next time.” She did not yell out in pain and took the hit in stride (at that time). The errant-shot-dude did apologize when he caught up to us (we decided to let them play through at the 7 tee). Well, she welled up from the pain while we were waiting for hole 7 to clear. I asked her if she wanted to go home and she said no, she wanted to finish. I asked her several times while we were making our way back to the parking lot (when she was doubled over in pain) if she wanted to go home and the answer was the same, no. She toughed it out ‘cause I guess the desire in her to play DG is strong. She was a bit mad after a few holes of play and told me that she should have picked up the disc that hit her and kept it. Of course I told here that she couldn’t do that, I guess she just wanted to vent. She made several more pars. I was very proud of her.

Currently, she has a 5 inch long welt across her stomach and is fine (no internal damage). I am not asking anyone on here for advice; I just wanted to share this story about a newbie’s first experience at a full round of DG and to see if anybody else has a bad experience their first time playing DG. I just think that it was real crappy that on her first time to play a full round she had to experience this pain. I know that the young are impatient. I am sure that they wanted to get around us and quickly finish their round. But c’mon, they couldn’t wait another ten seconds to throw?!? We had planned on letting them play through (they had just caught us). I guess I am the one venting now… She has told me that this experience has not soured her on taking up DG; again I am very proud of her. I really enjoy this game and want her to get involved. I am heading to Horseshoe Canyonfest in Jasper, AR to play in the tournament in a few weeks and of course she is going with me.

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Ok, this happened a few years ago when I was having a frustrating round and it seemed nothing was going right. So my friends and I headed out for a round. When we got to hole #8 I think I was about 5-6 over,and pissed. I had missed a lot of easy up shots and putts. Sure enough, my drive hit a tree about 100' down the fairway. Shot two squirts out of my hand to the right and hits another tree. Third shot is a tester about 50' or so, with a down-slope drop behind the basket, and a tree 4-5 feet in front of me. I decide just to lay up and take my 4 (safe shot right?) Just an easy anhyzer. TREE! At this point, I take the Z Avenger I just picked up and flick it sidearm real quick in anger at the basket. Simultaneously, my friend walks out from behind a tree 20-30' in front of me and looks straight into a fast flying Z Avenger. The disc hit him right between the eyebrows! It sounded like it hit a tree at full speed. Oh, I felt like such an a$$!! That was the last angry errant shot I have ever taken. I couldn't believe he didn't punch me in the face for that (I gave him the offer). He didn't even act like it hurt that bad, he just said he had a headace. He had a horizontal bloody imprint on his head the rest of the round. I never want that feeling again.
I agree with the others, she is definitely a keeper.

As for horror stories. I was working in a sixth grade classroom and started teaching a bunch of the kids how to throw. There were eight kids throwing in a field, so I had them in a line, asking them to stand behind the thrower and take turns. But, if you have ever worked with sixth graders, you know they don't follow directions well. Sure enough, one kid takes a step forward, and another grip locks. Champion leopard to the forehead from five feet. He went down like he was shot and started bleeding all over the place. The kid got six stitches and for his pain I gave him the leopard. He thought it was great. He referred to it as the disc that tried to kill him. Didn't do much field work with the class after that.
Man thats a pisser. I would have had a problem keeping my cool with those kids. Good show sir. She is actually lucky in my opinion. I was on the TADGA (toledo) site and there were some pictures of a disc golf wound there. The guy had been struck in the side of the head with an overhand throw. He got 21 STAPLES!! Holy! I always warn people of the possibility of awry discs. The pictures are vivid in my mind and ever since I am attentive to the other golfers on the course. Thankfully I've never hit anyone or been hit. VERY close calls, but never a hit. Lets just try to teach good etiquette huh?
Discussion resurrection…

Yesterday I woke up early, made some coffee and sat down at my computer to finish up an overall map for a new DG course in town. On my keyboard was a note from my girlfriend that said…

“Wake me up…let’s go throw. :)”

I fell asleep early the night before and she had stayed up late working on her computer. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised by this note. I let her sleep a little (due to the temperatures outside were still in the 40s that morning) and then woke her up and then we went to a local course to play. I am proud of her again (as I was when she took the hit across her stomach from a disc…the original topic of this discussion). I have the best DG girlfriend on this planet!
This was an accident. It doesn't appear that anyone was trying to hurt anybody (on purpose) so anger is out of place here. If we don't know the intent, why make stuff up in our head to keep the anger going ("I know that the young are impatient. I am sure that they wanted to get around us and quickly finish their round"). We have been hitting people with discs (on accident) since we first started throwing them at the beach for fun. A flying disc does not always go where it's supposed to. If I'm at the mall, I don't expect to get hit by a disc. If I'm at a disc golf course (or the beach), I need to be aware of my surroundings. If I'm at a beginner course, I better wear a helmet haha. It must feel awful to lose control of your disc & actually hit someone. Think about it.
Having said all that, your lady is really special. I don't know that I could go on playing after taking a shot to the gut with a driver. And she didn't quit! Is disc golf addicting or what? What a trooper!
I know that my wife has been hit at least twice on a course. Once because someone was dumb and couldn't wait to throw, the other she walked in front of the person throwing to look for her disc. luckly she did not get hurt either time. She is still out there playing with me during the nice months.
Ben hit Sheila with a drive a few weeks ago. She was standing off to the side of the pin on a hole we are developing for a new course and walked over to the pin as he drove. It smacked her on the thigh and gave her a nasty bruise - and it was from 450' away!
I have thought about it and the guy is still a jackass in my mind. He could have waited till we were clear of the fairway, but chose not too. As to your praise for my gf...yes...my gf is one of a kind…definitely a keeper…
Good on her! Chandler is a tough course with all the young folks and the tight holes. While I've been playing since I was 7 my bf recently picked it up again and we had a similar experience in AR. Except dude throw the disc in an area which there was no hole and almost hit me. My bf snapped at the guy and thought it might have been intentional. I had to explain that nah...you just get careless joes out here but for the most part everyone is chill. I think he now understands the vibe on the course a little better and isn't on the defense as much. Those careless joes will soon enough learn the etiquette if they want to be respected anyhow.
you have aan awesome GF Skinner, keep her, i wish my girl would at least play...
Kudos to both of you for the way the situation was handled. Coming from a guy who has a wife that does not care for the sport that keeps her husband away from the house for hours on end, You've got a keeper.

I also wanted to share that one of our friends walked in front of a putt his first time out and caught a disc with his face.
Then get a ring on that finger son! What I do though is if it is younger players and I think they could use some tips I usually hold the disc till they come up, hold the disc in front of them but not in a way as to say they can have it back yet, and say something to the effect of "just wait till the hole is clear next time k" and then maybe ask them if they know how the flight paths work and maybe explain it to them and send them on their way. If they're crummy about it I'll handle it differently.

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