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I've been so frustrated lately with the discrimination I have to deal with just because I am a female! I've only played for 6 years, I usually play advanced, since that's where I should according to stats nationwide, and what was also determined at Worlds for two years in a row. I run across problems continuiously with finding enough women to practice with, let alone enough to form an appropriate division! Most of the doubles tournaments our only chance to really have an opportunity to play is in a mixed doubles division. I know, I know, lots of you guys just can't stand the thought of it, for some reason I just don't quite understand. This is really a selling piont if you think about it, lots of females get pulled into disc golf by their significant others, and if they get to play with them for their first tournament-it's kinda like baby-steps into the sport. It is a good bonding time for couples and opportunity for disc golf couples to meet other couples that share the same sport. It's kinda like the co-ed softball thing, it's a more friendly environment, the pressure isn't so intense. It has been my experience to see several females get started exactly this way, through the mixed doubles divisions. Then we have the tournaments all the time where there are not enough females to make a full division, that's always a bummer too, because then we usually become combined into the junior divisions and become babysitters more than golfers. I suppose that's probably something that will never change since usually they may be our own kids. I just don't think the juniors can benefit from women "the girls", as much as they would from the rec.or novice. I know that would never happen, but I can always dream!! Ha! Dream on, I know.. Then there's the days when I want to play in a local mini, in my town, there's really no point to play because I'm just giving my money away. There's no way I can physically compete in an entire round of golf with the guys, and make a profit, and they all know that. Yes I get lucky every now and then, but not for the whole round! So, again, how does this promote women golfers?? I would really like to know. I have the same problem with the promoting golfing to the juniors too. But, I've rambled too long already. It's just a bad deal for women. I have nobody in my home town to team up and play with, so our upcoming tournament I have to play "boy", I'm just looking at it as hopefully I will still have fun, even though it wont really be fair, I have to find some guy to take me as a handi-cap to his game and let me play with...just not very promotional in my book. Who knows, maybe I'll chill and drop this whole disc golf thing tomorrow, highly doubt it, but you never know...So, tell me what you think..kinda scared to hear about it, but here we go!!

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By the way, Neil with LSDiscs has so kindly offered to be the poor guy to take me as his partner! Imagine that! Someone from a different state even, encouraging me to play regardless of the no mixed division!! Thanks Neil, you LSDiscs guys are all good for the disc golf world!!!
I know where you are coming from Shel. I have been playing disc golf for about 5 years now. When I first started out, my experience was quite like yours. I would get frustrated playing the mini tourneys because I always felt like I was giving my money away as well. And I always shied away from playing doubles because I didn't want to be "the girl that so-and-so got stuck with". However things have really started looking up over the past year or so. Here in California, at least where I am, there seem to be a lot more women getting involved. Almost every tournament I play, there are at least 4 women in the advanced divisions with me. I played one tourney with 16 women! Also once all the locals got to know me, they started encouraging me to play doubles more. I may not have quite the distance, but I can accurately keep a disc in the fairway and I can putt well! Also my local club started a handicap system in the mini tourneys. (I'm still the only women that plays in the minis.) However, I've actually gotten 1st place 3 different times and have taken down all the money from at least 20 men. (Although my handicap keeps going down as I get better haha). This is really encouraging, because I can participate and feel that it's equal for everyone. If you are involved with a club or even the next time you attend a mini tourney, perhaps if you can find another woman or even a junior to voice your concerns with. Tell your club you are interested in promoting women to the sport and if you can find a few other women to agree with and stand behind you, you may be able to change things. You could suggest a handicap system or even look into running a handicap system yourself.
Mahn i would love to play a doubles tourney with all woman, and be the guy that ladie got stuck with... Anyhoo that sucks you feel like your throwin' your money away. This is my first year playin tourneys and i have a blast givin my money away to the locals and all that noise. Keep playin its to fun to stop... I heart woman disc golfers.
I know in most of the tournaments here in Michigan, the womens division(s) have great payouts to try and encourage more women to play in them. Also, there are women only tournaments within the state, such as the Femills Open at Hudson Mills. I think there need to just be more (guys) that are willing to take the time and practice with/encourage women to compete and give them the same respect they would give any guy they might disc with. I personally wish that I would have had a female to compete in the mixed doubles at Worlds this year, but I didn't...because, there are so few women that are willing to play in that competitive format. Most I talked to were worried about their skill level, but they won't play in tournaments because they are worried about the guys not wanting them there or somthing I guess, from what I have heard from them anyway. Well, anyway, I really hope that in the next few years the womens divisions at tournaments and leagues grows along with this great sport.
Women disc golfers rock! If your trying to get more women to try disc golf in your area, try putting up flyers at local gyms, parks and community centers aimed specificly for the ladies, Ads in the liesure section of the paper are sometimes free.

Im not sure if your schedule allows it or your able to, but maybe offer a free DISCover disc golf lesson for women , and let them know you are wanting to form a Womens League.

Kijiji.com is a free online classified ad service, a few post for your area might help introduce our great sport to women.

I hope this may help you in getting more women out.

On a personal note: I play AM3 and our group is usually following the ladies division, all I have to say is WHAT A GREAT VIEW :))

Shoot it up!

Hardcore Hyzers.com
We need more some really cute teenage disc golfing girls ;)

I wouldn't mind being stuck as their doubles partner, we could lose and I'd still be smiling :)
hey shel you know your just talking crazy when you say you your thinking of quitting, cause no one who plays disc golf as long as you have can quit ! i am pretty sure this is a scientific fact, because it is an addicttion, an addiction i think we are all glad to have, heres my story from two weeks ago, one of our local courses put on a bring your own partner tourney, last minute i decided i was going to play in it but didnt have a partner, i showed up hoping someone else would show up without a partner, the only other person that didnt have a partner was jessica, she came with her boyfriend who wanted his buddy for a partner ( i think i would dump his ass ! but anyway ) i honesty didnt care as i could tell from the way the davisions were getting divided up there was alot of sandbagging going on, so i was as they say " just happy to be there " my hope was just not to be last place, i soon reallized after we started playing that jessica had skills ! now this is something i hate to admitt but here we go.....there was times she was outdriving me ! it was the craziest thing, she had no runup she would just stand in place and snap monster drives, she said she didnt do runups cause she felt she had more accuracy with standing in place, i can only imagine how far she could drive with a runup, i think we used about 50 percent of her drives, her aproach and putting were not as strong, so i was able to contribute and keep my pride intact, and out of 8 in our division we took fourth, not bad, especially considering her boyfreind at the end of the round complained they had not put him in the division he had supposedly requested when they signed him up, and the guy running it dropped him back to our division and they took first, still a little torked about that, as how do you not reallize something like that till the end of the tourney, they should have told him to go pound sand !!! oh well, so hey my experience with being teamed up with a lady was a good one, and i would gladly take her as my partner again. besides, i just think disc golf chicks are hot ! lets face they can be a 5 on the hottnes chart, but if she plays disc golf that takes her to a solid 9 ! so dont give up shel, as this sport continues to grow, i am sure more wemon wil get involved in it, try to get your friends and coworkers into it, push pull or drag them to the course, thats how i got a couple people into it, good luck and keep playing :-)
On behalf of Juliana Korver, I am honored to announce her inaugural ladies-only disc golf event: Juliana Korver Presents La Vie en Rose.

This unique event will take place February 14-15, 2009
at The Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park in Live Oak, FL.

In Juliana’s words:

"Are you curious why this disc golf adventure has the name that it does? Literally La Vie en Rose translates to “the life in rose”. The English equivalent to this is “life through rose-tinted glasses” or even “life is rosy”.

If someone looks at something through rose-tinted glasses, they see only the pleasant parts of it. It is a way of life. It is an attitude that I aspire to maintain.

La Vie en Rose is a disc golf event that intends to combine many of the pleasant tournament aspects that we have experienced over the years as well as present new ones that will create a wonderful, memorable and rosy weekend.

This event is about warm fuzzies, feeling good and friendship. I hope that you all can experience the weekend through rose-tinted glasses and perhaps even take the attitude home with you to help you appreciate all that is good in life.

This will truly be a unique weekend that I hope and expect you will love."

Juliana has made the initial event announcement in person at the U.S. Women’s Disc Golf Championships and on the PDGA discussion board. For lots more information visit the tournament website:

Shawn Harrigan and I are the Co-TD’s for this event. We’d love to have your input, assistance, and sponsorship. Please e-mail mritner@yahoo.com if you are inclined to help Florida welcome the ladies of disc golf to a wonderful weekend of competition and comradery.

Yours In Flight,
Mark “Denny” Ritner
mritner@yahoo.com Delete Comment
Shel....I understand where you are coming from. I play a lot with the guys in local tournaments. When I do play with the guys, most of the time I play in the Novice division. I have taken first once and most of the competition is not rated too much higher than myself. Most of the time I prefer to play with the guys because I feel like I play better. We have several women in my area but all spread out in different divisions. Most of the time we have to travel a couple of hours to different tournaments to play with more women. It'll get better but know your not in this boat alone. Don't quit.
form a guys perspective, even I feel like I am constantly donating. I've yet to win a mini in my division. but I cant blame it on being a man, I just suck :)
I think it's a catch 22 for the women as well as new players and juniors.until you get more of each in a class to compete your gonna be stuck, and if it's not fun and you dont play then when others come into it they dont see anyone else and same thing happens to them.
it has to be fun enough to stick around and encourage others to get into the sport, be it women or juniors or anyone else.

nice toons on your page BTW. and good job Neil :)
Speaking as a TD, I don't care whether more women play. Play if you're going to have fun. You'll probably have more fun if you recruit some friends to play. When you get good enough, you'll probably have more fun if you play in a larger division of similarly skilled players than if you stick to your threesome of similarly gendered players.

If you're looking for larger fields of women, you're going to have to travel. Juliana's thing in Florida this winter. Femillz in Michigan in early summer. Worlds in late summer. Women's Nationals in September.
Start a womens league at your local course. Approach your local club and ask them to set aside a small amount of club funds for discs that can be used as loaners for new women to the sport. Advertise it at any local gym, college campus, or even just a coffe house as a fitness activity. Make sure that your league is handi capped to encourage all women players of every skill level to play. As your womens only league/mini grows, so will the womens division of your local tournements. The key to this is being dedicated to really wanting to see this work, and be willing to take the time to show and teach the basic skills required to play.
One of our local women and my roomate is doing just that...she is just as you said, got into the sport becuase of her boyfriend, but has since dominated the nor cal series and made a terrific bid for am worlds. She shares the same frustration but is taking the inititive and doing something about it.
Take a look at discraft sponsored pro Danielle Vargas, she started the Ladies of Live Oak DGC to promote the sport for women. Look her up, im sure she has some great insight.
Theres lots of things that you can do to be pro active here, its just a matter of deciding if it is something you want to dedicate some time to. If all we ever do is wait around for someone else to take the inititive, then nothing ever happens.
I love that over the years ive seen more and more women of all ages enjooying and competing in our great sport, but you are absolutely right that almost all the womens divisions are small and the compitition gets centralized around a handful of the same players. A womens league is a great way to promote the sport locally and help your club develop some top notch competive women. Good Luck!

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