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I've been so frustrated lately with the discrimination I have to deal with just because I am a female! I've only played for 6 years, I usually play advanced, since that's where I should according to stats nationwide, and what was also determined at Worlds for two years in a row. I run across problems continuiously with finding enough women to practice with, let alone enough to form an appropriate division! Most of the doubles tournaments our only chance to really have an opportunity to play is in a mixed doubles division. I know, I know, lots of you guys just can't stand the thought of it, for some reason I just don't quite understand. This is really a selling piont if you think about it, lots of females get pulled into disc golf by their significant others, and if they get to play with them for their first tournament-it's kinda like baby-steps into the sport. It is a good bonding time for couples and opportunity for disc golf couples to meet other couples that share the same sport. It's kinda like the co-ed softball thing, it's a more friendly environment, the pressure isn't so intense. It has been my experience to see several females get started exactly this way, through the mixed doubles divisions. Then we have the tournaments all the time where there are not enough females to make a full division, that's always a bummer too, because then we usually become combined into the junior divisions and become babysitters more than golfers. I suppose that's probably something that will never change since usually they may be our own kids. I just don't think the juniors can benefit from women "the girls", as much as they would from the rec.or novice. I know that would never happen, but I can always dream!! Ha! Dream on, I know.. Then there's the days when I want to play in a local mini, in my town, there's really no point to play because I'm just giving my money away. There's no way I can physically compete in an entire round of golf with the guys, and make a profit, and they all know that. Yes I get lucky every now and then, but not for the whole round! So, again, how does this promote women golfers?? I would really like to know. I have the same problem with the promoting golfing to the juniors too. But, I've rambled too long already. It's just a bad deal for women. I have nobody in my home town to team up and play with, so our upcoming tournament I have to play "boy", I'm just looking at it as hopefully I will still have fun, even though it wont really be fair, I have to find some guy to take me as a handi-cap to his game and let me play with...just not very promotional in my book. Who knows, maybe I'll chill and drop this whole disc golf thing tomorrow, highly doubt it, but you never know...So, tell me what you think..kinda scared to hear about it, but here we go!!

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I honestly wouldn't say that women would have to travel. I would just say, if the women that are playing in tournaments want to have competition, they cant rely on other women in their area to show up. they are either going to have to contact them to make sure they show up to have a division or they are going to have to recruit their own friends. It's not going to be like a man's division where you can just show up and the division is already there for you. Needless to say, you're going to have to start somewhere, and it may not turn out as great at the beginning but keep inviting your friends and it'll start getting better.
The ladies only tournament, La Vie en Rose, is in north florida close to the border around I-10 and I-75, so it's accesible from GA, MS and AL as well as FL. Event is Feb 14-15. There is camping available at the park.

The tournament, the Orlando Open, that I just TD'ed last weekend did not have any advanced women but we did have 4 pro women and one junior.

I agree with you Shel my wife is just getting hooked and when I try and talk her into going she always says how many women are going to be there. I reply lets find out? Well the problem is there is one or two and thats it. She enjoys the game but like you she can't compete with the boys all day. She is getting frustrated with the entire deal. When she has played with the ladies she has had the bad luck of getting really intense women golfers who are taking the game so serious that they don't appear to be having any fun. She said after the last tourney that she will just play with the guys just to avoid such situations. I think mixed groups would work. Heck I have played with the ladies before and it actually helped my game that day! I also agree with you that they should not stick you with the kids. Thats bs. My son is 8 just itching to play and I have already decided that when I take him I will ask the TD to put me on his card as so we can play together and no one else will get stuck watching him. Will most likely do the same for my wife if I can get her to go again. Don't give up!
It's fun playing with the guys. Especially when you beat them. As soon as you can beat 1/2 the guys on your course, and other courses, your level of "fitting" in rises to a new level. It's no longer the "guy-chick" mentality, but the "disc golfer-disc golfer" mentality which can lead to some pretty amazing rounds!

I'm currently running a bagtag challenge and have 59 guys signed up. There are 2 women signed up. But we kick butt.
It's fun.
Try playing or organizing a handicapp league or tournament. In handicap play all players have an fair chance to win while competing against other players of all abilities. I was very fortunate that my first year of playing disc golf I was introduced to a handicap league in Cedar Rapids. It was great knowing that if I played well on any given week, I stood a good chance of beating top pros.

Try DiscGolfU for more information on holding an event. http://www.discgolfunited.com/

Of course top pros don't like handicapped league because then anyone can win and there goes the gravy train.
I find that women pick up the sport faster than a guy...so keep it up ladies
Throw Like A GIRL!

I brought my daughter up to be nearly as competitive as my son. She was being bullied in Public school so I signed her up at the YWCA for Judo. She has never looked back. She took great pride in flipping her little brother around.
She built confidence and from there she put herself through University (with Dyslexia and Diabetes) to become an executive at an Old AGE HOME. Just in time for me to move in! (LOL)

I see "Girls" playing from S CAL and UBC Ultimate Frisbee sports. Perhaps its because the SOCIAL aspect of TEAM PLAY attracts younger women I do not know. I figure if Half of them would Play DISC GOLF someday that would be NICE.
But woman as you know have the responsibility of Family. And it is here I believe that women spend the best healthy years of their life dedicated to their Children and its HARD to change that. Do NOT Quit- MENTOR! Maybe even provide MINI BASKETS for KIDS at events so Parents can grab a round knowing someone is providing child support within sight of them in a Gazebo or someplace safe nearby.

We have a league here in Campbell River were we have no handicaps, we divide the good players and give them a plating card and the other players pick a card so consequently the teams are always close and lots of time the ladies win money.

Dan Walker 11321
Love playing with the ladies !!!! They seem more happy !!!
When I first started playing I wouldn't play doubles because I didn't want to be the guy someone got stuck with. The local pros were the ones who convinced me to play, even thought it could have been them that got stuck with me. Play anyway most people won't mind being your partner. I prefer playing with women. My experience is that a women approaches the game differently and probably can teach their partners a thing or two. You may not be able to drive as far, but when his drive goes a long way the wrong way you will be playing from your short shot in the middle of the fairway.
This is a great idea, actually the guys do allow me two holes to throw am tee pads, but that's usually only where money is not involved. They don't allow handicaps anymore either, they use to do that, but I think they are too afraid to have me get close to them. I think it's kinda lame that they should feel threatened, or have ego issues over it, but oh well. It's okay, I know it just makes my game stronger, and I will get better, by playing with them anyway, I think it just hurts my feelings more than anything," 'cause guys, I'm still a girl!! " : (

Victoria said:
I know where you are coming from Shel. I have been playing disc golf for about 5 years now. When I first started out, my experience was quite like yours. I would get frustrated playing the mini tourneys because I always felt like I was giving my money away as well. And I always shied away from playing doubles because I didn't want to be "the girl that so-and-so got stuck with". However things have really started looking up over the past year or so. Here in California, at least where I am, there seem to be a lot more women getting involved. Almost every tournament I play, there are at least 4 women in the advanced divisions with me. I played one tourney with 16 women! Also once all the locals got to know me, they started encouraging me to play doubles more. I may not have quite the distance, but I can accurately keep a disc in the fairway and I can putt well! Also my local club started a handicap system in the mini tourneys. (I'm still the only women that plays in the minis.) However, I've actually gotten 1st place 3 different times and have taken down all the money from at least 20 men. (Although my handicap keeps going down as I get better haha). This is really encouraging, because I can participate and feel that it's equal for everyone. If you are involved with a club or even the next time you attend a mini tourney, perhaps if you can find another woman or even a junior to voice your concerns with. Tell your club you are interested in promoting women to the sport and if you can find a few other women to agree with and stand behind you, you may be able to change things. You could suggest a handicap system or even look into running a handicap system yourself.
I will just get back to you later about this issue Mr. Mark Stephens!! ; )

Mark Stephens said:
I am struggling to see where you are being discriminated against...

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