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What a great group of folks you guys are, a nice sharing of democracy in action here. We have a winner in this voting contest, DGRUS will be paying for Wobbly Bob's 2009 PDGA membership . . . he shared (page 9 of the comments, below) that he voted for Ralph Nader!

Okay, special contest. Log in here and tell us that you voted - and do it some time on November 4 - and you're entered into a special drawing for a free 2008 PDGA membership.

You can tell on my own "My Bag" page where I stand, but no matter who you vote for, just vote tomorrow - then tell us you did on this forum.

Random draw from VOTERS will determine who gets the free 2009 PDGA membership - renewal or brand new, Am or Pro!

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haha... OBAMA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Voted last week actually. Good luck to him tomorrow. I'll be up till 12- 1 o'clock watching CNN.
I hope everyone Votes !!!!
I am a convicted felon (DWI) so cant vote or own a gun right now (possible in future..maybe) and it seems America doesnt want me to have a job regardless of weather I paid the price or even caring what the felony was for...(do i sound angry,why yes.. a tad ) so umm.. yeah. go Obama. but I hope we get some reform making it easier for independents to qualify for campaign funds in the future.This will be the second year the right to Vote has been kept from me. and let me tell you this, when the people at 2 seperate government workforce places made jokes with me about how I should go out and commit more crimes (having no clue what my felony was for) because maybe then I would qualify for the RIO program to help get a job, and you've been lied to by several PO officers and other state agencies trying to get help for depression/suicide and wanting to do the right thing, I dont need a handout (was that a big run-on sentence or what?!)just a little help, then yeah.. you'd be a little angry too.

on a side note. I hope he makes it a full term without getting shot and killed.
Just got home from voting.
Acoustic_Carnival said:
Justin the Coastie said:
I voted for Dr. Thomas Stevens/Alden Link. They are the objectivist party candidates and are not on the ballot in every state. Being military I was able to turn in my vote a little early. I'm a subscriber to the Ayn Rand philosophies, hence the choice.

So your vote doesn't really matter (affect the outcome of the presidency). I dig the Ayn Rand reference. Selfish Rationalism. The Fountainhead is considered by most to be the best book ever written. Too bad it's a 2 party system... for at least another couple decades.

Isn't it weird that voting for your beliefs is in some cases like not voting at all?

It's too bad that not every one realizes this.
I can't vote due to the laws that say I'm a bad person because I have a felony.
I will be voting at precisely 9:00AM for Obama.
Lots of people over here in Oz are hoping Obama gets into office, as am I.

Go Obama!
Voted early in TN. Let's hope this election is not stolen :(
Obama and Mccain are both playing for the same team. I don't care what petty crap they try and find as differences, I know they both want to drag the country in the same direction. I for one will not welcome our new socialist overlords. I would have voted for Baldwin if he wasn't such a crazy religious nut, and since Barr didn't see the problem with giving up our liberties before he signed the patriot act I could never vote for him. I will be voting for Cynthia McKinney. She has the most against the grain attitude of all the tools that are running this year.

Remember a vote for the lesser of two evils is still a vote FOR evil.

Michigan voters Vote YES on 1 and 2!!!!
I voted Democrat and I am a Republican. That's how bad I think the McSame candidate is!!


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