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i have finally learned to get some snap was only letting drives fly around 300ft now im closer to 350ft (all with drivers) but the problem is that now im turning every mid i have over except for the super roc (180)

i have a brand new ontario roc 180g and it will turn over faster than my beat to hell and back sanmarino

i feel like im throwing the same

do i need less snap or arm speed more hyzer what do i need to do


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I've found that with increase in overall power and snap and distance with drivers, the approach discs can be flippy as you have experienced. In most cases using a significant decrease in snap and slower arm speed really helps with consistency on approach shots. While still propelling the disc forwards its almost like "Floating" a freestyle disc, so your not cranking on your mid range. Also the Roc isn't the most over stable mid range available, you should try the Discraft Drone or Wasp or the Innova Gremlin and others; Gateway/Quest has some nice over stable mid range plastic. Cheers!
yeah man mid range shots are different then drives. slow down your arm speed and snap because rocs glide and float alot more then drivers.
I assume that the problem is Off axis torque! Anyway i had this problem back in the day and changed my grip from a power to a fork/fan on mids which helped a lot.

Myy best advice would be to go out and throw your putters and then go back and the mids will be easy.
Changing discs will just mask the problem and will make it ten times harder to fix in the future. Way too many newer players start with fast discs and unfortunantly for them the discs keep getting faster which makes it harder to learn good technique than when I started in 2000'.
well i went to a fan grip and shortened up my reachback and now they are flying pretty straight and getting out there a good ways around 250 to 275ft and that was with a slight head wind

thanks for the help
I couldn't agree with you more. I fan grip all of my mid range discs and putters ,whether it is an approach or a drive that i am attempting. As far as the comparison of san marino vs. ontario rocs, in my experience the ontario roc was less stable with a little more glide. For a reliable stable approach/short drive disc, I LOVE the JK aviar.
Try taking some power out of your snap. But there is nothing wrong with a turn over throw. With that said, if you are throwing right handed, aim a little to the left and let the disc glide to the middle. You can also throw with more nose. Don't get this confused with throwing the disc higher. Keep it your throw level with a little nose. From there you can adjust your speed.

Good Luck!

-Steve Thomas-
There is something wrong with turning the disc over if it is due to unwanted torque. Once you get rid of that you will be able to get more consistant distance too.
Z buzz, and Drone will fix that problem... (-: Less snap would be good, too. You need touch on your mid shots, unless you're driving w/ your Roc on shorter shots...
I'd have to agree. a disc that is at its maximum overstable or a disc that is at its maximum understable will ALWAYS tend to do certain things.
but working on your form/grip/style will become a constant that can be applied to many discs .
If you are flipping the heck out of your mids you are doing something wrong. You don't have to throw every shot hard. You shouldn't throw every shot hard.

Say (hypothetically) that you consume beer from time to time and a nice cold one is in front of you-you don't have to chug it. You could sip it. You could savor it. You could nurse it. And sometimes it would the right thing to do. Having a bit of control is not a bad thing.
But the fact is that if you are doing it right you could throw it 200% and it would flip. I had the same problem when I was like 13 and was trying to get some mids in my bag. Not only could I not throw Mids for beans I also couldn't throw a putter very well either.

Changed my grip from a power to a fork/fan and went out and threw only mids and putter (not an overstable one just a fairly straigh one like a Buzz) until I finally figured it out. Now for the past few years my favorite disc to drive with is a putter and after that it is definately the Buzzz.

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